The Oracle Paths

Chapter 20 A new hope

city, but it will be negligible.]

Jake was stunned. 200 points meant so much intelligence that the worlds greatest geniuses would look like a bunch of retards. That equated to an IQ of 2,000. Considering his cognitive faculties were in balance, it was terrifying.

His memory would be twenty times better by default, but so would his concentration and understanding. In reality, this would translate into a much higher learning capacity than that number.

”Fuck, is that even possible? Checking for Paths to become invincible or dominate the Universe, that was the first thing I did. And the answer? Nothing, nada, niet. ” Jake became enraged by this underhanded move from Xi.

[Authority insufficient] Xi responded with the same casual tone.

But to his surprise, it was that hated response that calmed Jake. He had just become aware of an absurdity in the oracles workings.

When I make irrational wishes like developing superhuman intelligence no Path is generated. Instead, if I ask Xi, she sends me back to my insufficient level of authority. Wheres the catch?

That was the crux of the matter. Hed already seen first-hand that the Oracle wasnt infallible. There was at least one wild mouse laughing in its face. So, was the absence of Paths really a sign that it was impossible? Not necessarily. There was still the possibility that the Paths were not presented to him, as they were considered impossible or fatal.

”Xi, the Paths I am thinking of, do they exist or am I wasting my time? ” He asked one last time, just to confirm it once and for all.

[Raise the rank of your Oracle, and I might be able to give you some answers. But remember that sometimes ignorance is a bliss].

Xi had literally just admitted that he wasnt just deluding himself so he could regain some semblance of hope. The depression that had gripped Jake that day, and was on the verge of making him fall back into his old vices, was gone.

He now had only one goal: to raise the damn experience gauge to 100% in order to increase his rank, which was still zero, to rank one. Only then could he start planning his future.

So his first good idea was to get back to work. Jake had long noticed that the Oracle was rewarding him with a fraction of the experience needed each time he reached a milestone in the pursuit of his Paths.

The only downside was that reaching the next rank required finishing almost all the Paths in progress. Going to the end of the Path based on physical training could not be done in less than six months. If he decided to cram all day long, he could probably learn the rest of the books on the list in a few weeks. Unfortunately, 40 plus 30% was only 70%. With the 5% he earned from having fun with Ruby, he was still 25% short.

The only missions he had left out so far were those that were aimed at correcting his social skills and improving his charisma. Not because they were long or painful, but precisely because they forced him to make a type of effort that he found a million times more awful than training in the gym.

Nevertheless, the facts spoke for themselves. Jake could get the 30% in just a few days, provided he was willing to push back the limits of his embarrassment.

Therefore, he decided, it was finally time to go to that bloody hairdresser. It would be the first step to build the image of his brand new self.

These three weeks of drastic training had

at least the merit of completely changing his morphology. He hadnt lost much weight on the scale, but the fat had given way to muscles. Many might have thought of doping at the beginning of the 21st century, but with the technology of the 2100s, it wasnt so shocking. It was still unbelievable though.

His mane of hair was longer and more tangled than ever, but at least physically, he now had a certain bearing. His skin was much clearer, his eyes were brighter, and his body was well defined without looking massive. To be honest, he had never looked better.

Oh, and there was one last detail. Jake was rich now. Instead of getting his money back after three days, as the Path had recommended at first, he had instead taken the trouble to be patient and let his money grow.

The result was what he had hoped for. The impact of a Warp Drive engine was far more impressive than he originally imagined. Investors all wanted a piece of the pie, and his stock price hit the roof in an instant.

With his depressive episode over, Jake realized for the first time that he was a millionaire and a handsome young man with a bright future ahead of him.

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