The Oracle Paths

Chapter 28 Digestors and Dream Aether

eal problem is the way the Digestors appear and multiply. Digestors are born out of nothing, feeding on primordial energy. They take on the appearance of the flora and fauna of the surrounding planets. They start out as small animals or plants, and then when the available energy increases or they have fed enough they move in different directions].

[Some like this mouse just evolve as a predator. More massive, faster, stronger. Others will become contaminators, turning their victims into new Digestors. To do this, the least dangerous will develop a simple poison, such as venom, while the worst will emit bacteria or viruses.]

” Shit… ” Jake swore when he heard the last sentence. ”So, interrupt me if Im wrong, a Digestor out there could make me a zombie in its service just by releasing its remastered version of the Coronavirus?

[Basically, yes.] Xi confirmed his concerns. [These Digestors, however, are very rare and this is an obstacle to their own evolution, since by turning their prey into Digestors they lose access to their food source. Consider that they are not your problem at the moment. Those who contaminate by contact with their claws or fangs, on the other hand, you have to be prepared for that].

[The simplest way is to increase your Constitution and Vitality, or more specifically your immune system. With proper precautions and the right medication, its the safest way to deal with a Digestor infection.]

It made sense, but we were going back to the previous case where Jake was wondering how to increase his intelligence beyond human limits. Xi had told him that he would have an element of answer by increasing his level of Authority.

”OK, Xi. But how do I do that? ” Jake took advantage of the AIs response to change the subject. ”Even if I decide to train my ass off for years, I doubt the strongest athlete can survive or endure a virus produced by an alien species capable of constant evolution. ”

[Youre right. That wouldnt be enough.]

[Earthlings are considered inferior species precisely because you dont know how to use the primordial energy we call Dream Aether or Aether for short. ]

”Dream Aether? What is that? Radioactivity? An elementary particle or radiation perhaps? ” Jake couldnt see what more primordial energy could exist based on his knowledge of physics.

[None of the above.] Xi denied. [ Remember when I explained that the Digestors were born spontaneously out of nothingness? They tap into the Dream Aether. To get enough energy to spawn, on Earth it takes about 22 years…]

”Oh, I see… I guess your alien friends came to help us, but they missed all the eggs the Digestors left as a parting gift. ”

[Thats exactly what happened. Digestors are not born from eggs, this is a very complex matter. If this were the case, the number of Digestors being born would stabilize after a while. This is not the case.]

”Then where did they come from? ” Jake wondered out loud.

[Authority level insufficient. Do note that any area where Digestors spawned from the atmosphere without warning will continue to generate them forever.]

”Holy crap… ” He cursed for real this time.

Their planet was ruined for good. No wonder it was being absorbed into tiny pieces somewhere. Probably the cosmic version of recycling.

”Okay, so what is this Dream Aether we humans are supposedly too stupid to use? ” Jake started the conversation again, hoping to take his mind off it.

[Aether is the cleanest primordial energy you can get. Its abundant, even on Earth, even if its nothing compared to other places.]

”If theres so much of it, why hasnt anyone ever talked about it? ”

[Let me ask you a question Jake. What should be the qualities of an ideal clean energy to use?]

”Mmm, Id say easy to use, not wasteful. ”

[And how do you detect energy of any kind?] Xi asked again, guiding his thinking.

”By an observable effect, heat, light, or movement…] Jake, had finally figured out what Xi was trying to explain.

[Thats right. The perfect energy is undetectable. No waste, no manifestation of its existence. You could be bathing in an ocean of Aether right now, enough to create another Big Bang, and you still wouldnt notice anything.]

[That brings us to the Oracles other notifications after youve upgraded your rank. Your bracelet has unlocked some new features that you wont be displeased with and are specifically dedicated to the management of the Aether.]

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