The Oracle Paths

Chapter 2 Global panic

hardly keep himself in check.

A silver metallic sphere was floating in the sky. Mysterious futuristic blue lines of light roamed over its smooth and polished surface. It was also huge. Gigantic enough to cover the whole of New Paris with its shade. But even more impressive, you could catch a glimpse of an even bigger sphere far higher in the sky. If his intuition was right, it was bigger than the moon!

Good heavens! It was a spaceship. A fucking alien battleship. They were reliving Independence Day movie right at this moment. Rapidly, other bystanders noticed the sphere ships. A new wave of screams and shrieks resumed with greater intensity.

However, it didnt last for long. The blue lines of light quickly thickened, becoming brighter and brighter. After what seemed to be an eternity, something sprang out.

Millions of bat-sized silver spheres gushed out, spreading out fast toward the ground. Toward them.

People didnt need more to turn around and initiate the dash of their life. Jake even saw an eighty-year-old hunchback with a walking stick, suddenly throw it away before sprinting like a teenager under steroids. Adrenaline could make a miracle happen. Though, this old guy would surely pay the price of his feat afterward.

Jake didnt run. He had never been especially courageous, but he was not cowardly either. Most of all, he was rational. These spherical drones were absurdly fast, almost breaking the sound barrier, so why run away? These machines would be on them in ten seconds at the latest.

In fact, they were even faster. Before realizing anything, a silver sphere was on him. A blue light scanned him silently. Then the same lines appeared on its surface. A black metal liquid streamed out of them, flowing toward his right arm. The liquid circled around his wrist for a while, each revolution drawing it closer to his wrist.

A few seconds later a new shiny limited Apple watch edition, ahem alien bracelet was occupying his right wrist. Glancing around, he saw many people that had a vacant look at their new ornament. Some fools were still in a full-speed dash, running like there was no tomorrow. They were soon caught up by the drones as well.

The situation quickly settled down. People were snapping out of their fear state one by one. There were still blood and corpses all around them, but authorities could deal with that.

To their greatest delights, the drones flew back to the silver sphere, that in turn soared, vanishing as abruptly as it came, like a fleeting memory. The enormous moon ship also flashed by, disappearing like a spark. It left a bad aftertaste to everyone.

It was their first official encounter with extraterrestrials, a historic date, but it had already ended. It was time to go back to reality.

People that had to write accident reports wrote them, those that had to call their insurance or ambulance called them. Fortunately, in the 22nd century, most vehicles were driving autonomously, and emergency procedures were almost totally automated.

The few car crashes were due to passionate drivers that didnt want to give up their guilty pleasure. Most bus or cab drivers didnt even drive their own car. They were just sitting by, cashing in their customers.

”Vzzzzt! Vzzzzt! ”

His phone vibrated in his shorts pocket, playing some epic tune much more pleasant than his alarm clock. Although smartphones were now powerful enough to compare to supercomputers from the beginning of the 21st century, they basically didnt change much. Waterproof, malleable like chewing-gum, nice holograms, but inherently the same.

He answered the call. It was his cousin, Anya. Three weeks since they last talked.

”Jake tell me youre ok? ” she said with a tremoring voice full of worry.

”The number is not available now, please try again later. ”

”Fucking asshole! ” She yelled enraged. ”Here I was, worrying for nothing, damned idiot! What I am supposed to do with you? ”

”Im fine, thanks. Ill call in sick for today. I need to examine this thing on my wrist. I wont be able to work like this anyway. ”

”Ok Jake, you certainly wont be the only one taking a day off. I need to hang up. Call me if you need me! Bye! ”

Anya calls were always like this. She would check on him and then would end the call just after. They were closer when they were young, but she had a full-time work at the Earth government that took all of her time. Todays event should have put her under even more pressure.

At last, Jake called in sick without issue, then came back home.

The time has finally come to discover what secret this alien bracelet was hiding.

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