The Oracle Paths

Chapter 4 The Oracle System part 2

re of Status, Knowledge and Skills.]

Jake immediately swallowed back the words on his tongue. Damn, it really looked like a game. Did this Oracle also have the ability to extract and tidy such a mass of memories?

”I have many questions to ask, but I will wait till the end of your explanations. ” He decided with a firm expression.

[I am delighted to hear it. I will now proceed with Knowledge and Skills explanation.]

[This is the second feature of Status. Every skill or mastery that the Oracle System deemed proficient enough will thus be represented in your skill list. Knowledge or Skill that you look favorably upon will also be displayed, even if you have almost zero knowledge about them.]

[Here is your skill list:]

Another huge amount of data engulfed his mind. The discomfort soon receded, but what he saw after that almost made him throw up. His skills? Fuck yes, they were his, for sure. This wretched Oracle was far too meticulous for his own good. They needed to talk about privacy after all this.

[Knowledge and Skill Masteries:]

[Procrastination: 53241 points (Normal human: 28 points). Grand Master proficiency. You procrastinate like no other. You can powerfully put things into perspective and postpone the urgency of every task, duty or chore.]

[Masturbating: … Do I really have to explain how high the level of mastery coming from a nerd with no girlfriend like you could be?]

After x numbers of shameful skills, all more useless than the others… At last, actual skills and masteries he could be proud of appeared in the listing.

[Informatics: 76 points (Normal human: 8 points). Youre not at the Novice level anymore.]

”… ” Jake sighed. ”You do realize it is what my bachelor is all about, right? ”

The AI ignored him.

[Cyber engineering: 51 points (Normal human: 1 points). You are not a Novice anymore.

[Communication: 4 points (Normal human: 10 points). Being solitary for too long gave birth to social anxiousness. You can barely talk with your workmates and clients. Your body language and word choices rarely convey your true intention. You also dont have the confidence nor the oral skills needed to perform a public speech or holding a conference.]

[Back-flip: 50 points (Normal human: 0 points): Not bad, you do know some stunts to amuse the crowd.]

Jake chuckled seeing this skill. It was one of the rare accomplishments he was proud of. He remembered having passed entire days trying to master this move on a trampoline. To impress some friends at school, he finally succeeded to do one on hard ground. However, one failure was enough to put an end to his enthusiasm. Just once, he didnt leap with a good enough footing. As a result, he smashed himself on the secondary school playground in front of all his friends, almost breaking his neck. He was so ashamed that he had not felt any pain. It was the last time he did a back-flip. Who knew that his mastery of this move was still so high!

[Fighting: 7 points (Normal people: 5 points). You didnt practice any martial art, but you have a ferocious side inside you. You dont play by the rules. Should a hypothetical fight break out; the groin, throat, and eyes would be your instinctive targets. Youre not courageous, but dont have any fleeing instinct.]

Another strange skill. He didnt think he had it in him. He never fought anyone, not even bothering with his cousins that loved seizing every chance to give him some hard time. He did not have an herbivorous mindset, but he was quite rational. Should his procrastinating talent kick in, he would instantly find many reasons telling him why fighting was a bad idea. And do not forget, he was a nerd. His self-confidence was basically zero when it came to having body contact, friendly or not.

All the remaining skills at the bottom were common abilities or basic knowledge everyone normally educated should have. Basic actions or specific moves that were considered mastered usually had a skill proficiency of 50. It included basic things like walking or breathing. However, some frequently used skills could have a very low level of mastery. For example, his cooking skill.

[Cooking: 1 points (Normal human: 4 points). You only know how to avoid starving to death. Making pasta or cooking a steak to your liking is not cooking.]

Or this one:

[Bed making: 1 point (Normal human: 5 points). Pulling up the quilts does not mean making your bed well. A well-done bed brings tidiness in your life. Success begins with a first meaningful action.]

If he had not realized by now that the Oracle AI had a sense of humor— and a dark one at that— he could just hang himself.

Now, he just had to learn what was the last function: Guidance.

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