The Path of a Diviner

Now the Hard Part


Ethan had set the sound of his alarm as a blaring doomsday melody to better help him out of bed. However, the sound of impending doom now only made Ethan more anxious and wary.

Pulling his head from underneath the bed covers, with a fast swipe, Ethan grabbed his noisy phone off his dresser and hurriedly turned off the alarm.

Ethan collapsed faced down onto his bed, worried of the words on the blue screen in all caps as he laid motionlessly.

”What a bad start to the day. Is that person still angry? He wouldn really smite me would he? ”

Lifting his head, Ethan looked out between the crack of the slightly open window shades. Dark gray clouds circled in the sky. A storm was brewing as the wind churned and slammed against his apartment building. The howl of powerful winds could be heard, whizzing through the small cracks.

”Should I just call out today? The weathers in a bad mood… That guy seemed touchy too… I really don want to go outside… ” Ethan was concerned he would be struck by lightning, but he felt compelled to prepare himself for the oncoming disaster seen in his dreams.

”I should get some basic supplies at the very least. This isn going to just blow over. ” Ethan was uncertain when the events of his dream would come to pass, but he was going to try and get himself ready for what was to come.

At least with what he could do anyway.

Using his phone he dialed a saved automated number to let his workplace know he wasn coming in.

Thinking about the things he needed, he ignored the growing storm outside and proceeded to get ready to get out of his apartment.

Following his morning routine, he made sure to bring along a waterproof jacket as he left his apartment. There was a grocery store a couple blocks down the road, and Ethan walked with difficulty towards it as he pushed through the powerful gales blowing against him.

Making it inside, Ethan grabbed a shopping cart and started down the aisles. He grabbed what he thought he would need during the end of days.

Dried and canned goods… Toilet paper and soap… Water containers and tools… Potential weapons like knives and bats… He ended up with two carts full as he waited in line to be rung up.

A song played from Ethans phone as he waited in line.

”Sara. Sara. Ill never find another… ”

Ethan accepted the call right away.

”Hey! Why didn you come in today? Was it due to a dream? Im going to kick your ass if it was! You said youd tell me! ”

Sarah focused on Ethans dreams a bit too much, but to Ethan that was typical of her. He wanted to chuckle, but the dreams were foreboding and nothing to laugh at.

”Hey. Kinda? Im shopping right now, I think you should do some preping too. Theres something bad that… ”

Before Ethan could finish his sentence a blue pop up screen appeared before him. In fact, the same blue pop up screen appeared before everyone on the planet.



System Notification

1 New GLOBAL Message from: ”The Divines ”


Inhabitants of universe 1377.28737.322, a disastrous cosmic event has befallen upon us.

A merging of our universe and yours has now begun.

We welcome your presence, however, we are currently at war with entities from another plane. As our universes are becoming one, you are also now involved.

The Corrosion and the Corroded are a threat to all of creation. They will invade and consume all.

We are working with the divinities of your universe to prepare you for the troubling times to come.

As all creations of your universe are given freedom of choice by your Gods, we will not force our will upon you as we do ours.

Your creators, however, do encourage you to accept. Your Gods would like for you all to make choices that will prolong your lives and existences. We also concur with this notion.

You may decline our assistance, but know that this offer is only given once.

Choose wisely.

[Accept] [Decline]


Ethan heard Sarah talking on the other side of his phone, but he didn hear a word she said.

He was reminded of the events of his dream. Images flashed through his mind, but it was Sarahs screaming voice on the phone that brought him back to reality.

”Ethan!!! Ethan!!! You still there!? Ethan!! Hey!! Say something! ”

Snapping out of it, Ethan responded.

”Hey! Sorry! Im here. The appearance of a blue screen distracted me. ”

”Listen Ethan. Accept. You must accept! ”

”Do you see it too? The blue screen? You see it too?! ”

”Theres no time Ethan! Accept! Make sure to follow and learn as much as you can during the tutorial ok?! ”

”What do you mean? What tutorial? ”

”Just press accept! Trust me! You must learn and try to grow as much as you can, ok? Call me when we come back! Ill beat the shit out of you if you don this time! ”

”What the hell are you talking about Sarah?! ”

Beep! Beep!

Sarah hung up on Ethan.

”What the heck! Whats going on right now? And whats going on with Sarah? ”

Questions filled Ethans mind, but he focused on the blue screen. He re-read it twice, making sure he understood everything correctly.

”Maybe this is how we choose a Diviner? ”

Thinking so, Ethan pressed [Accept]

Another pop up window replaced the previous one.



System Notification

1 New GLOBAL Message from: ”The Divines ”



You have chosen wisely.

The next step is to prepare you for the dangers to come. Unfortunately, we are limited in time and only so much to prepare you all. There will be difficult and troubled times ahead for all of you.

Your Gods and we, the Divines, have determined this is the quickest way to get you up to speed, and at least able to defend yourself, no matter how little that may be.

You will now be entering a tutorial of sorts.

There is one goal.

Grow stronger.

Your lives will depend on it.



Before the tutorial begins, you must first determine an area of learning.

You will now choose a path of focus from nine of the ten essences of creation. We recommend focusing on one of the essences first, and become strong enough to defend yourselves. Your time to train is limited.

Wind, water, earth, fire, wood, light, dark, space, time

As chaos can only be wielded by the Gods, only divines walk the path of chaos.



Think wisely.

Choose what feels most closest and resonates with your being. You will grow quicker to essences you have affinity for. You can learn skills related to other essences well, however, most who choose to do so progress slowly.

Remember your survival depends on your decisions.

Choose wisely.



You will be accompanied and guided by a lower spirit serving a patron divinity, who rules over your chosen essence.

After you have chosen your essence of focus, you will then be shown your available paths you can choose from.

Think wisely. Think of your future. Prepare for survival! Prepare for battle! Prepare for war!


Diverting part of our authority, we can only give you an equivalent of only a week.

Use all your time and grow quickly. Every second counts.

Press below to start your journey.



Ethan slowly read the prompt trying to not overlook any detail. It didn help with his anxiety, but he could only move forward.

He didn want to accept the happenings and continue his normal life, but ignoring the obvious would lead to something worse.

”I guess theres no going back. Lets do this. ”

Ethan pressed [Begin]

Instantly, the world around him grayed out.

All the people disappeared. Everything stopped and nothing moved or could be heard. It was as if he entered an isolated parallel world, mirroring the real world.

”Hey. Pipsqueak. You got the memo right? Ready? ”

A deep growl of a voice reverberated around Ethan. The voice sounded powerful and rather intimidating so Ethan turned cautiously trying to see the mighty figure.

”… ”

However, no matter where he looked he could not see anyone or anything.

”Where are you? I can see you. ”

The spirit was ticked off.

”What do you mean you can see me?! Im right in front of you, you bastard! ”

Ethan felt small kicks to his ankle.

Looking down, Ethan understood why he couldn see the owner of the deep and powerful voice. It was a cute little kitten, furiously smacking Ethans ankle.

”Take that! And that! Can you see me now?! Do you yield, stupid human!! ”

Ethan had a soft spot for cute animals, though he would never show it in public.

He bent down and picked up the kitten rubbing its tummy.

”Oh hey! What are you doing here cutie!? Are you lost?! ”

The kitten was rolling in enjoyment, but it soon caught itself acting so embarrassingly. The kitten gave a dangerous angry glare at Ethan. Irritated, the kitten let out a deep ferocious bellow.


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