Immediately I entered the house, I knew it wasn the place for me. Everything was fancy, too fancy. It was like living big again. I walked in and my supposed new dad addressed that I would be staying in the second guest room, which was no problem considering I assumed wouldn be like the other parts of the house.

But I was dead wrong. It wasn just bigger, but also better than all the homes and hotel rooms Id ever lived in.

As I entered my room, my new mom proceeded in saying that she and I would go shopping the next day so that I could toss away the ”RAGS ” I was wearing as clothes.


And after she left, I laid down on my new king-sized water bed, thinking about what my new life had in store for me when I heard the call for dinner. I checked the time and it was 7:32 pm already (I arrived at 5 pm).

Before I headed for the dining room, I immediately had a thought and decided to pick the pair of X-pod I usually carried around as well as a fresh pair of earbuds I found on the desk in my room. For some reason, it felt like it might come in handy so I gave in to my intuition.

Once I opened the door, I was immediately met with a girl approximately my age. She had her hands on her hips as she grinned at me like a disappointed teacher.

My new sister.

But unlike the others I had barely gazed at, this one had a lot of makeup on. A bit too much for homestay in my opinion. She also had dark red hair(unoriginal, of course).

Just by appearance alone, I immediately labeled her as the ”Ooh, Im like tots fab right now ” kinda gal. And I was right.

I thought to myself what to do, as her gaze almost became frightening. So I decided to switch to the defensive method I had learned before based on the situation and stayed quiet and completely still. Thank you Animal Planet.

But the predator didn budge one bit, so I gave up and spoke to it.


Ash: Hello to you too.


Ash: Its okay, I can tell you
e shy.


Ash: Okay, fine. Whats your name?


Ash: Oh I get it, no English. Kon
ichiwa? Bonjour? Ola?


Ash: Uh, new dad, I think shes broken.

Girl: Oh but hes not your dad, is he?

Ash: So she speaks?

Girl: Listen, WEIRDO, I dunno what you intend to do here in my house, but this isn your real family and we are not related. So stay out of my business and I don want anything familiar to do with you, got that pal?

Then she stormed off, heading towards the dining room.

Ash: (smiling)Nice to meet you too.

It was sort of the kind of intro Id expected from one of them, especially her, so immediately I saw her outside my room, I secretly plugged in the earbuds to my ears and played a bit of loud music while interacting with her. Guess my hunch was right.

Eventually, after the meeting, I went to the dining room and as expected, it was amazing. You could almost literally smell the money invested in the house.

Though, as I arrived, everyone seemed surprised by my presence for some reason.


Mom: Oh, you
e here.

Dad: Hmm, I sent Evie to check up on you and she said you decided to skip dinner (which explains why a witch was in m

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