The Popularity Tales

The Big Mistake

Immediately I entered the house, I knew it wasn the place for me. Everything was fancy, too fancy. It was like living big again. I walked in and my supposed new dad addressed that I would be staying in the second guest room, which was no problem considering I assumed wouldn be like the other parts of the house.

But I was dead wrong. It wasn just bigger, but also better than all the homes and hotel rooms Id ever lived in.

As I entered my room, my new mom proceeded in saying that she and I would go shopping the next day so that I could toss away the ”RAGS ” I was wearing as clothes.


And after she left, I laid down on my new king-sized water bed, thinking about what my new life had in store for me when I heard the call for dinner. I checked the time and it was 7:32 pm already (I arrived at 5 pm).

Before I headed for the dining room, I immediately had a thought and decided to pick the pair of X-pod I usually carried around as well as a fresh pair of earbuds I found on the desk in my room. For some reason, it felt like it might come in handy so I gave in to my intuition.

Once I opened the door, I was immediately met with a girl approximately my age. She had her hands on her hips as she grinned at me like a disappointed teacher.

My new sister.

But unlike the others I had barely gazed at, this one had a lot of makeup on. A bit too much for homestay in my opinion. She also had dark red hair(unoriginal, of course).

Just by appearance alone, I immediately labeled her as the ”Ooh, Im like tots fab right now ” kinda gal. And I was right.

I thought to myself what to do, as her gaze almost became frightening. So I decided to switch to the defensive method I had learned before based on the situation and stayed quiet and completely still. Thank you Animal Planet.

But the predator didn budge one bit, so I gave up and spoke to it.


Ash: Hello to you too.


Ash: Its okay, I can tell you
e shy.


Ash: Okay, fine. Whats your name?


Ash: Oh I get it, no English. Kon
ichiwa? Bonjour? Ola?


Ash: Uh, new dad, I think shes broken.

Girl: Oh but hes not your dad, is he?

Ash: So she speaks?

Girl: Listen, WEIRDO, I dunno what you intend to do here in my house, but this isn your real family and we are not related. So stay out of my business and I don want anything familiar to do with you, got that pal?

Then she stormed off, heading towards the dining room.

Ash: (smiling)Nice to meet you too.

It was sort of the kind of intro Id expected from one of them, especially her, so immediately I saw her outside my room, I secretly plugged in the earbuds to my ears and played a bit of loud music while interacting with her. Guess my hunch was right.

Eventually, after the meeting, I went to the dining room and as expected, it was amazing. You could almost literally smell the money invested in the house.

Though, as I arrived, everyone seemed surprised by my presence for some reason.


Mom: Oh, you
e here.

Dad: Hmm, I sent Evie to check up on you and she said you decided to skip dinner (which explains why a witch was in my room).

Mom: Im hoping you two would make the best of siblings.

Ash: Surrrrrrre (swallowing up my almost vomit). Anyways, I wanted to thank you guys for giving me a new place to stay. I really, REALLY didn expect this.

Dad: Its good to see you like the place.

Ash: Well, whats not to like?

Soon after, new mom quickly stood up, grabbing everyones attention.

Mom: Ok, introduction time. Im Chloe West, your new mom. Ive always wanted a son but wasn able to, which is why we decided to adopt. And since you
e now a member of this family, Ill make sure to treat you like a mother would. (Even after calling my clothes rags, btw)

Father: And Im Jack West, your new old man. I kinda paid for you so… yeah.

I could tell immediately that I would get along with dad since he seemed cool. Mom then turned to the girls and saw that they were all using their phones.

Mom: Girls, cmon. Put down your phone and say hi to your new brother.

So the one who looked like the oldest decided to speak first.

Lexi: Hi, Im your new older sister, Lexi. Im 21 currently and I hope Ill be of good help to you as a sister.

Lexi seemed like someone who had her head on her shoulders so I was genuinely impressed by her.

Lexi: Oh and I apologize for being on the phone earlier, I was with the company.

Ash: Cool, you work in a company?

Lexi: Oh no. I own one.

Ash: Oh. Wow. Awesome. I guess.

After Lexi, the second one proceeded to introduce herself as well.

Bianca: Hello, Im your soon-to-be favorite sister, Bianca and I hope we are going to be as close as bread and butter in the future.

Ash: Nice to meet you. But isn that phrase a lovers thing?

Bianca: Well, we do love each other, don we?

Ash: (confused)Uhhhh, If you say so.

Dad: And last but not least…

And as I realized who was about to be introduced, I decided to cut in.

Ash: Nah, I think we
e done.

Dad: What about…

Ash: Im pretty sure I know them all now.

Mom: But Evie didn …

Ash: Her names all I need to know.

I didn turn at her, but I could tell that the look on her face was priceless. Soon after, it was finally my turn to introduce myself.

Ash: Hi, Im your new adopted son and brother. My real name is Clay Summers, but I guess the name Ill be using from now on is Ash West. I hope we all are going to get along without being ”RUDE ” to the other (had to make that message clear), and well, I thank you for accepting me into your humble abode.

After the intros, I quickly thought in my head what I would label them as based on my first impressions.

Lexi West, the smart, respectable, and modest one.

Bianca West, the nice, loving, and flirtatious one.

And Evie West, my bitch of a twin-ish sister.

Jack then pointed out that it was natural to pray before eating among the family, which was honestly surprising. But immediately I tasted the food, I began to eat like a wild Evie.

After giving my compliments to the chef, literally, I rushed to my room and decided to lock the doors in case of Eviemergencies (Im killing it with these Evie puns).

And after I laid on my bed, I traveled to a mystical land of dreams powered by Morpheus (Its a greek thing).

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