Olivia wakes up the next morning to find Lucas sound asleep, it must be dawn. She was puzzled at the fact that he was lying next to her, but what for? Did he hope that she was awake, so they could have sex?

Bathing before he wakes up was the best option for her. She goes to the bathroom and the water runs. Olivia undresses and walks into the shower when was the last time she had a hot shower? There were so many soaps, she scrubbed herself from head to toe. It was so refreshing, and she felt the warm water massage her back. After that she walks out, and finds towels that were put out, they were very soft. Today she would solve everything that was bothering her. Which meant trying to shape out her life, she couldn stay here with him forever.

She puts on comfy clothes that Lucas had gotten her since she started to live with him. She walks out of the bathroom and she finds him getting up, his hair is in all directions.

”Did you sleep well last night? ”

”Yes, I did. ”

”You know my name is Lucas. ”

She knew that what his name was, but she was not yet comfortable with calling him by that. ”So, what do I do today? ”

”Today, we will try to find you something to do. ” What did he mean by that? She was never good at anything except for the sex of course.

”Don look so scared we will take it one day at a time, Olivia. ”

She looks at him and he is so sure of it. ”Do you really think that? ”

”Of course, you seem like a bright girl so we will start with something simple and then you can be studying on the side. ”

He wants me to study? ”I don have the means to study. ”

”I already paid for you to study online, so that after work you can sit down and focus on your studying, you just need to find something that suits your taste. ”

Did he really do that for someone he barely knows?

”Why are you looking at me like that? ” as he searches her face for an answer.

”No reason. ” as She turns away. She didn want him to read her more, She couldn play with the one thing she could never give anyone and that was her heart. In her lifetime, she had seen what damage a broken heart could do to one person and that was enough for her to never fall into that trap.

”Im going to bath. ” as he heads to the bathroom. She decides to make breakfast as he had taught her how to make something simple. The eggs were boiling, so it was time to put toast on the table, some butter. Then the orange juice into the glasses. After taking off the eggs from the stove she switches it off.

She looks at the table in satisfaction.

”What are you thinking about? ” She comes back to reality and realized she had zoned out whilst fighting the demons in her head.

”Nothing. ” as she waits for him to sit down, instead he walks around and pulls out her chair. She sits down, and he tucks her back in. Then he walks around, and he sits down.

”This looks lovely. ” he smiles at her.

”Thank you. ” as all her gait is gone. She eats in silence only looking up once in a while to answer his questions with a simple yes or no. Olivia can feel him studying her and after a while, he doesn ask any more questions, but he eats his food in silence.

”Lets go. ” as he gets up.

”Where? ” as she follows him out the door.

You will see once we get there. ” The roads have trees with flowers on them. It was a beautiful sight indeed.

”What kind of trees are these? ”

”Magnolia Kobus beautiful, aren they? ” he replies.

”Very. ” as she is lost in the scent of them. Her window lowers, and she turns to Lucas.

”Put your hand out, you might be able to catch one that is falling. ”

She puts her hand outside and the breeze is amazing. She felt exhilarated and hoped a flower lands on her hand. None falls on her hand, and she tries to catch one but with no luck. ”Relax Olivia, one will fall on your hand. ”

”How do you. ” before she finishes her sentence one falls on her hand.

”I told you. ” as he focuses on the road. She looks down at the flower that is in her hand, it is small yet very delicate. She analyses it and it smells nice too.

”Is that your favorite flower? ” as he turns down a road.

”No Cherry Blossoms are my favorite. ”

”That is a beautiful flower I must say. ”

”It is. ” as she recalled why she loved them.

”Why is it your favorite flower? ”

”But you never told me your favorite flower. ” as she evades the question.

”I don have one, in particular, as an artist I believe there are way too many to be subjective to one, ”

They went the rest of the way in a comfortable silence.

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