Lucas turned around and he started to follow the white head girl who didn seem to care about bumping into him.

She was incredibly beautiful but what was weird about the scenery is how man catcalled her and she would walk down the street and smile, and respond sweetly to them. Some of the things they called her were degrading no matter how you looked at them yet she still responded to them with a smile and winks with a mix of flirtation.

Lucas started to wonder as to why she was alright being called such names and why she responded to them light-heartedly.

He saw her go to a market, it was very fascinating watching her buy her groceries, and look engrossed in her activities. Once in a while, she would look up and reply to the workers at the store with the same flirtatious look that she had a while ago.

Lucas shook his head, what was he doing? He turned and went back to what he was doing, he had to go see Bernard, not this.

It was a bit dark now and he was sure his friend would have a good laugh as to why he was late. He walked down the street. He got to his friends place and rung the bell.

”Lucas, long time no see brother. ” as Bernard embraced him affectionately.

Bernard and he have been friends for seven years and at twenty-six years of age, he was two years older than Lucas. Which is why he considered him as his older brother.

”Bernard Ive missed you too. ” He responded.

”Did something happen along the way because I was expecting you much earlier but you didn show, so I got concerned that they might have mugged you, ”

Bernard said looking worried.

”No Ben, I had a detour along the way, something captured my eye. ”

Ben chuckled ”You artists and whatever scenery, you have to just paint anything that inspires you. ”

Lucas laughed a bit ”Its not the type of scenery you think Ben, this one was different. ”

”Come in Lucas, lets not have a conversation by the door. Its cold out. ” he motioned him into his house. He took off his coat and sat down by the living room. There was warm as the fire was going.

Ben handed him a cup of coffee ”how have you been Lucas? ”

”I have been good, ” Lucas told Ben everything that has been happening in my life, the work, the artworks he has been up to and how well the Art galleries were doing.

”Im glad you are doing well Lucas. ” He looked over at him,

”and you? ”Ben started to tell him how well he has been doing with sales.

”Im doing well Lucas, ”

”But Ben, you know a lot of people in your town right? ”

”mmm I do, why? ”He looked over at him,

”Im trying to find someone, and I thought you knew them. ” Ben looked quizzically at him.

”I might know them, just describe him. ”Lucas looked up from his mug

”Its her. ”Ben looked puzzled

”her, you say. ” as he nodded his head.

”She has an olive skin tone and white hair ”.

He saw Ben freeze the moment he said white hair.

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