”Please don tell me you are talking about Olivia. ” Ben looked scared.

”I don know if its her, I haven quite got her name. ”

”I just hope you are not talking about trash Olivia, ” Bernard replied.

”What does that mean? ”

”She is a prostitute, thats why she is called trash Olivia. She probably comes with all sorts of diseases. Makes my skin crawl at the thought of her. ”

Lucas couldn answer Ben, as his mind was churning with all this information that he had received. He looked over at Ben as he got up, ”I better be heading back, I didn come with my car, and I need to head home. ”

”You know you could have stayed over Lucas. ”

”I know, but next time, ” he responded,

Lucas put on his coat, and Ben lead him towards the door. He hugged him and went down the stairs and the road. ”Lucas! ” he turned around.

”I mean forget about her, she is not worth it. ”He nodded and walked down the road, there weren many people. Lucas walked down to the station and got into the train and headed back home. It was a thirty-minute train ride. Which he liked as it gave him time to think. He got home in Queens-town. He got into his apartment and immediately went to his room and changed into his cotton pajamas and sunk into his silk-covered sheets.

Lucas started thinking about todays events and a lot had happened. He met a girl who had moved his heart. Yet Bens warning came playing in his head too. He finally fell asleep. It had been a week and he had immersed himself in work.

Lucas raked a hand through his hair. Painting was his escape, yet he wasn inspired and now it became more of a burden as nothing came naturally to him anymore.

A drive would do him good. He got into his car and drove with the window open and the wind blew and numbed his face. He kept driving and driving.

It was ten at night and Olivia and Khloe were standing by their usual spot.

”Kho try to be early today, don be late please. ”

Khloe gave her a sarcastic look ”I will try just for you Liv. ” as she winked at her.

”Here comes a car Liv. ”

She went to the window and it rolled down, ”want to go around the corner? ”

”Um Yes. ” the guy, seemed to answer as if he was unsure. Olivia got in his car, and she had never seen him before in her life, he had white hair and striking blue eyes.

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