The stranger drove and they ended up at an expensive hotel, and he checked in. He was tall and good looking which was weird. Why did he want to have sex with a prostitute? Maybe he wanted to try something that he was too scared to try with his girlfriend.

They got into a double bedroom and as soon as he closed the door she sauntered towards him and she saw that he had an unsure look in his eyes. Then he gripped her hands, ”Stop. ”

She tilted her head to the side. He leads her towards the bed and he made her sit and he sat with a decent amount of space between them.

He cleared his throat, ”whats your name? ”

”Olivia. ”

So Bernard was right all along, it is her Olivia.

He smiled brightly ”Mine is Lucas, ”

”But I didn ask. ” she replied.

”Whats your favorite color? ” Lucas went on.

”My favorite color is the same as yours ” She replied.

”But you don even know what my Favorite color is. ”

”Thats the point, ” she responded. Olivia saw him search her eyes for something, ”Im sorry why did you bring me here for? ”

He looked at her calmly ”don worry I will pay you for every last minute of your time, I just want to get to know you. ”

Olivia got more on the bed and she reclined and made myself comfortable. ”what do you want to know? ”

He looked at her eagerly ”anything you are willing to tell me. ”

”Well, I guess we are going to be silent for the whole evening. ” She saw his mind turning, he looked up as if he had a question.

”Why are you a prostitute? ”

”Its because I love having lots of sex with a lot of men, it is so satisfying and fun. ” He looked so surprised, yet it was like he could see right through her answer.

”Have you been a prostitute your whole life? ”

”yes, I have been ”. She responded.

”How did you become one? ” Her heart started racing at the thought of how this had all started. She snapped out of her thoughts and she saw that he was looking at her, still waiting for an answer.

”I just decided to be one. ” she shrugged it off.

”Can we be friends? ” he asked sincerely.

”No. ” She replied, The only friend she had was Khloe and that was it.

He nodded, and he looked for something to ask her.

”Wow you are one of those delusional guys ”

”No, its not like that. ” He replied. He did wonder as to why he was here?

He turned bright red ”This isn the first time Im meeting you. ”

She was taken aback ”What do you mean? ”

He looked at her, ”You won probably remember but you were going to the market and I bumped into you, and you just kept walking. Then I couldn stop thinking about you and here I am. ”

”Really. ” as she dragged out the words.

”Olivia let me take you on a date, and prove to you that… ”

Lucas wondered what he wanted to prove to her exactly, what was he doing?

”A date, you say? ”

”Yes, ” he responded quickly.

”Well, you are going to have to pay me to double than for my precious time. ”

He smiled brightly ”Yes, of course. ”

She turned to him ”You have yourself a deal ”

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