Didn she care about her?

They both looked up, and Lucas got up rapidly and he came to her. ”Olivia what happened? ” she brushed him off and she went into her room.

Khloe barged in a minute later, ”wow you are so selfish! ”

Olivia couldn believe the words that had come out of her mouth. ”Olivia, first you take my ex, and you don have the decency to let me have Lucas, let me have a win for once in my life. ”

She turned to Khloe ”Do you even hear yourself? Is that whats really important, do you see the state Im in? Your ex is a monster! ” She grimaced, she was in so much pain.

Khloe came up to her and slapped her. Olivia held her cheek which was burning in shock. She knew she was in no state to fight. ”Listen here OLIVIA, not everything is about you, you just a filthy skank! So get off your high horse! You belong to Modric now, so you can have exclusive clients. ”

She was trembling,she couldn believe her friend held such animosity towards her. ”Im going to buy groceries, and say goodbye to Lucas whilst you at it. ”

After Khloe had left, she had sat pondering and she made up her mind as she got up and started packing her bags. She would run away, Olivia couldn let anyone own her. She heard the door slowly creek open and she sharply turned, it was Lucas. He saw what she was doing and he just got in and started helping her. Oliva carried on because she didn have much time.

After she had packed a small bag of her clothes and valuables, she left.

”Get in. ” as Lucas had opened the door for her. She got in, and he sped off. Olivia didn know where we were going but she just had to leave. After a thirty minutes drive, they pulled up at an expensive place.

The house was huge and there was security at the house. They got out of the car, and he helped her in. She got in and he showed her the guest room. ”Can I freshen up? ”

Lucass eyes warmed up ”Of course you can Olivia. ”

She went and showered for a whole hour when she was done, she found a huge t-shirt and sweatpants, which were Lucass. She put them on and she laid on the bed and passed out.

Lucas got in the guestroom to check up on Olivia, he found her sound asleep.

He had overheard her conversation with her friend Khloe, and he was shocked at what he had learned. It only confirmed his suspicions that someone had abused her really badly. To make it worse, it was her friends ex.

He wouldn press her too much on the matter but he definitely needed to know what happened to her last night.

She started moving in her sleep, and he could tell she was having a nightmare. She would stir, but she wouldn wake up. She mumbled a lot of things that didn make sense. she was sweating a lot so he wiped the sweat off her head.

The stirring got really bad, so he woke her up.

”Lucas you are here ”

”Yes, I am. ” He reassured her.

Panic started to set in when she realized that she didn have any ways to pay Lucas for his hospitality and where was she going to go?

”Hey, look at me, ” Lucas said. ”Everything is okay Olivia, I won hurt you, ”

She couldn afford to pay him as she had kept her savings with Khloe and she was angry at the thought of all her hard-earned money was gone. This was a lesson she was never going to forget, to never trust anyone again. Olivia would suck up to this man she didn know if it meant surviving and getting back to her feet then.

”Then what do you want from me? Because I can afford to pay you, ”

”If you are implying sex, then no I don want it from you. What I want is for you to get a proper job, even if its just watering. ”

”I have never worked in my life! Well, not a proper job in any case. ”

”Then you will learn Olivia, are you hungry? ”

”Yes. ”

He then stood up and she didn know what to do, so Oliva decided to follow him. He motioned her over and she went slowly. ”I will show you where everything is. ”

”Okay. ”He took out placemats, glasses, cutlery, and plates.

”You can go set the table. ”Olivia took the things one by one and when everything was finally set, she went back, and she found the wine. She took it and placed it on the table.

When she limped back to the kitchen, it was filled with an aroma and her stomach grumbled. Lucas gave her a slight smile…

Then he dished up the rice and stew he had made. She sat across him,

She dug into the meal and it was delicious, she didn slow down until,

”here ”. as he handed her a glass of wine.

”Thank you. ” as she sipped it. ”This is nice. ”

”Yes. ” as he smiled ruefully.

”What is it? ”He handed her the bottle and to her shock, it was only five percent alcohol.

”wow thats why its so nice, don you like alcoholic wine? ”

”I do drink it when the occasion calls but besides that, this is good enough for me. ”

”Oh okay. ” she nodded.

”So, what do you do for a living? ” she just didn want it to get too silent as it unnerved her, and he didn seem to mind.

”Im a painter Olivia. ” she started to remember he had told me this before.

”Is your hair naturally white Olivia? ” as he bought her out of her thoughts.

”No, this is a wig and you? ”

”I was born with my hair like this. ”

”Oh, thats cool. ”

”Why did you choose the color white Olivia? ”

”I just like it. ” as she didn want to dive into the real reason why her hair was this color. Thank goodness he didn press her for more because she just didn want him to know more than what she intended for him to know.

When they are done, she quickly gets up and takes their dishes to the sink, then he takes out bowls and a tub of ice cream and strawberries. He dishes for the both of them, the first spoon sinks into her mouth and she moans. She keeps on doing it with the next couple of spoons, when she looks up she finds Lucas staring at her intently.

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