His eyes are hooded, and Olivia has had many male clients to know what he is thinking about. She didn know if he would want this or not. So she waited for him to make a move or to say something then she would go to him if thats what he wanted, but he just gets up.

”Im going painting, I will see you when Im back. ”

Lucas comes back after a few hours, he had to his art gallery to take his mind off Olivia, he had wanted her too much. He found her asleep on the dining room table, where he had left her.

He wondered why she hadn gone to sleep in the bedroom or the living room.

He stares down at her white hair and wonders how she would look like with her natural color hair, and what was going through her mind. How he wished she could trust him but that would take a while. Trust wasn something that came easy to most people.

He was hoping she would tell me the truth behind her white hair, but she didn . Even though she asked me questions he could tell that his answers went over her head, it was as if she wasn even listening to him at all.

She also seemed determined but for what? She didn let up easily and now he found himself in a loop. Where was this all going?

He picks her up gently and walks to his room and lays her under the blankets. He goes to the bathroom and changes into his pajamas and comes and lays next to her,

He doesn wake her up nor bother her, he closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep.

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