”Ughh…my head hurts ” I said while tiredly getting up as I looked around the room and realized it wasn mine I wasnt worried at all I was used to getting drunk and not knowing where I was.

Last night a few of my friends had come to my house and dragged me out to go partying as I had been spending all my time reading webnovels.

As I looked around I realised something strange , this room looked a bit nicer than any hotel I could afford , as I got out of bed I realised something as I took my first step , I was taller at least 5 ft 10 where previously I had been 5ft 6.

I stood still confused for a few seconds as I walked to the nearest mirror to see If I could figure out whats happening as I looked inside as if my brain couldnt process what was happening I stared at it for 15 minutes straight.

who am I I thought as I stared at the reflection in the mirror as I looked in the mirror I saw the most handsome person I had ever seen with these looks I could have been a celebrity.

Black hair with white tips and the most beautiful blue eyes which could put the ocean to shame , as I looked away from the mirror and started looking around the room for any clues I walked to the table where I could see a few books scattered I picked up a book and just looking at the name on the cover made me realise how screwed I am ….

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