As I looked at the books title [ History of Renasia ] I knew how screwed I was.

Renasia is the Capital City of the novel [The Heavens Chosen] which I was reading before I woke up here .The novel was a fantasy novel with dungeons , rifts , towers , demons , elves, dwarves and many more mythical creatures.

It was a cliche about the hero vs the demon king except the demon king wasnt the the final boss he was a mid boss as the novel had 4398 chapters and I had read up to chapter 2456 where they defeated the demon king when my friends forced me to go partying.

If I really am inside the novel then there is a way to verify

”Status ”

a light blue holographic screen showed up in front of me

[ Status]

Name : Cain Stardust

Rank :G +

Strength: G

Agility: G-

Mana control : G+








Sword Talent




I looked at my status dumbfounded how can I have zero skills even poor people have at least one or two skills and an art as the goverment gives away weak skills and , arts to the poor .

After looking through my status screen I realised something I had a trait , traits are very rare and is something you are born with there is no other way to obtain a trait .I was super excited most traits usually made a person overpowered that was until I saw the description of my trait



-User is more calm

-User can concentrate easier


Is that it ,no this must be a sick joke there is no way I was sent into [The Heavens Chosen]

with such weak abilities I wont last 3 years like this just as I was getting more stressed I magically calmed down I figured it mustve been from my trait.

After Calming down I started searching my room for clues on who Cain Stardust was I hadn received any of his memories and he was never mentioned in the novel on a table I saw a watch , having read the novel I knew immediately what it was a Z -watch after dungeons opened the whole world changed billions of humans died to monsters before humanity adapted to the mana in the air it has been 75 years since it all happened and thanks to that human technology has advanced by a lot cellphones became antiques which no one used as Z- watches are more effecient in many ways.

After putting on the Z-watch I started going through it but as if thus guy didnt exist there were no photos ,no contacts and only one message which went

Congratulations Cain Stardust

You have been accepted into Renasia Academy

Cadet Ranking : 2598/3000

You are expected to show up at the academy a week prior to the opening ceremony on the 27th of February

How the hell did I make it into Renasia Academy the best academy in the human domain and the main characters academy it shouldn be possible with these pitiful stats , Renasia Academy only accepts the elite of society and I was accepted

”Huuh…Now what I dont know how I got here or if I can even return home , Mom , dad I hope you
e doing well I might never see you guys again ”

I said after laying on the bed and falling asleep.

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