The Readers struggle

First Kill and First Skill

Waking up and seeing an unfamiliar ceiling

I remembered where I was before going to

sleep I had hoped this was just a nightmare

but after waking up I couldnt deny it anymore

Im in my favorite novel.

Now what Im in an unfamiliar world where I am alone most would be happy to have been transmigrated but I wasn I had a family , friends and dreams back on earth but now Im im a strange place alone with no idea what to do with my future.

”Im tired ” I dont get how characters in novels who get transmigrated accept it so easily and just move on with their lives.

What do I want?In my previous world I wanted a good job so that I could support my family I also wanted to feel loved but now that Im here what do I want , the only way to survive here is to be strong ,but who would I be strong for ? I have no one I need to protect and I have no purpose moving forward

Well I might not be able to find a purpose now but Ill probably find one in the future and for that Ill need to be strong enough to achieve my purpose

After my self dialogue I started thinking of my future plans I have two weeks before I am required to go to the academy so I should get as strong as I can before then and to do that I need skills and a sword art , going to the academy this weak is suicidal especially with those arrogant young masters everywhere.

I quickly washed up and put on a new set of clothes I havent actually been out of this room since I got here what I do know is that this body is an orphan and this apartment was left to him by hjs parents I figured that out after having searched this whole house and found his inheritance letter.

After checking my bank account I found out I have 15 000 Union Credits(UC) which is enough for a decent G rank sword but even with a sword I wouldn be able to conquer a G rank dungeon as I have no fighting experience

After leaving my apartment I realised very quickly how average looking I was before I thought I was the most handsome man on this planet but after seeing other people I realised how wrong I was everyone looked like supermodels who wouldve been celebritys had they lived in my previous world but in this world they were catagorized as average looking people.

I was stunned by the scenery which looked like it came straight out of a Sci-Fi film flying trains ,teleportation portals after looking for directions on my Z-watch I walked to the nearest train station and took a train to Wolfbeek forest which was where the G rank dungeon was located after paying 250 UC I sat down and waited to leave it took about 30 minutes to arrive.

After getting out the train I went to the receptionist to go to apply for a hunters license so I could enter the dungeon .All dungeons that are handled by the government

require you to meet certain rank requirments they tested my rank and gave me my hunters license after going near the dungeon I saw many stalls selling different things from swords ,daggers , arts ,skills ,dimensional storages and many more .

As I walked past the stalls I was tempted to

buy many things but left them as the hidden

skill in this dungeon is better that anything they can offer .As I kept walking I was looking to hire a F- rank guide who could clear the dungeon for me as I had no fighting experience so even if I bought a sword going in there alone would kill me.

I went back to the receptionist and said ”Hi I would like to hire a F – rank guide please ”,

”Of course that will be 7000UC and all the loot will go to the guide as they will do all the work ”

The receptionist said with a beautiful smile on her face

”Ok thank you ”I said as I paid the fee

Guides are people who guide newbies inside dungeons so they can see what a dungeon is like it is also safe to hire a guide as the government monitors them so a guide cant harm you

That why I spent almost half of my money on one .After I paid the fee the receptionist called someone and a guide came to me he looked to be 17 years old with blonde hair and he had kind eyes.

”Hi my name is Jamie Im a F- rank and will be your guide nice to meet you ”

”Hi my name is Cain nice to meet you ”

”So should we get going ” he said as he started walking , me following behind him the time was currently 11:30am

As we were walking he explained the dungeon to me

”Wolfbeek forest is the G rank dungeon we are going to as you can tell by its name it is a dungeon with wolves as the main enemies there is nothing special about the wolves as they are only a bit stronger and faster than normal wolves their main attack skills are [Claw] and [Bite] and they travel in packs ”

We went into the dungeon and as soon as we got out I felt a wave of sickness come over me as started puking

After I finished puking ,I finally noticed the scenery of the dungeon it was a beautiful forest untainted by humanity it looked straight out of a fairytale while I was shocked by the scenery , Jamie spoke.

”You must never let your guard down in the dungeon as a monster can attack you at any moment ”

I quickly noticed my mistake and put my guard up Jamie had borrowed me his spare sword so I could use

While walking we finally saw our first targets 3 wolves which approached us

”Grrrrrlllll ”

”Grrrlll ”

”Grrrrrlll ”

they started surrounding Jamie they must not have seen me as a threat as they completely ignored my existence

The First wolf pounced on Jamie as he gives it a slash straight to its face the wolf collapsed as it died the other wolves wasted no time as they both pounced at him Jamie quickly kicked one of them in the stomach as he slashed at the other which dodged and stood back Jamie seeing that the wolves were hesitant to attack him again dashed at the first wolf and done a vertical slash the wolf died before it could react the third wolf having seen this turned around and started rinning Jamie quickly dashed to it and killed it before it could run away.

”Did you just see how I killed the wolves you are going to try and kill the next wolves we see ”

”Ok ” I said at first I was scared to fight the wolves bit after watching them fight with tell yhat I could tell that I could defeat them most of my stats were above theirs excluding agility

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