The Readers struggle

Journey to the sword art

After walking a while longer we found a pack of 6 wolves Jamie said hed take care of five while I try to kill one

without am ounce of fear Jamie dashes at the wolves and starts killing them I also dash to them One wolf notices me

”Grrrrrlll ”

It dashes at me the wolf is faster that me not by a lot though as I can follow its movement with my eyes it activates it skill


and starts clawing and me I manage to dodge two claws while one hits my shoulder it causes a flesh wound but I dont mind it and continue I am calm and concentrated on the fight which is probably from my trait after it stops clawing I take the opportunity and slash at its head it dodges and tries to bite me which I dodge as well we continue fighting and I see the wolf is starting to get tired its movements are slower and I am successfully slashing it after 3 more minutes I manage to make a fatal wound and it dies

I look around and see Jamie watching me

”Well Done ”

”Thanks ”

”But you are G+ rank and the wolf is weaker than you , You shouldn have struggled so much ”

”Ya I know ” I said looking embarrassed

We continued on our way as Jamie fought more wolves while leaving some for me to train against he would also give me pointers and help me out


( 2 hours later)

”Ok we are about to fight the dungeon boss this is too dangerous for you so you stay a safe distance while I fight it you should also watch and take some pointers ”

”Ok I will thanks ”

”The dungeon boss stays in a cave as it is easier to get surrounded in the cave it is usually best to lure the dungeon boss out ”

Jamie said

The dungeon boss was a 3 metre tall wolf which is G+ rank as soon as Jamie lured the wolf out the cave I quickly ran into the cave I encountered two wolves there which I killed and continued going as I reached the end of the cave I saw the dungeon bosses resting place I quickly moved its bed made of leaves and there I found a small hole I quickly put my hand in and took out a skill

[Rulers Authority (F)]

– lets the user emit the pressure of a ruler

-skills strength is based on the amount of mana used

(Set skill 1/3)


Usually no one would go through this much trouble for a F rank skill but this skill is special it is a set skill .Set skills are multiple skills which need to be collected to form one powerful skill I chose this because as soon as I get the other 2 skills needed to complete this I will have a powerful S ranked skill which I can use

Most people can use skills of a higher rank because higher skills need a higher mana capacity but set skills can allow the weakest person to hold great power the reason I chose this skill is it wont affect the story too much and once I get the other two Ill have the skill of one of the greatest elf kings

This skill was originally created by one of the previous elf kings for his descents to inherit his power but none of his descents found the skill .All 3 pieces were found by a minor villain in the novel who couldn utilize its power properly , but I can this skill could help me a lot.

I quickly absorbed the skill as it turned to dust and entered my mind

I quickly started running out the cave as I did not want Jamie to realize I had entered the cave

After getting out I saw Jamie still fighting the dungeon boss which was greatly wounded

After killing it Jamie searched it body for a core but found nothing

We left the dungeon soon after , as we got out the dungeon I puked again

I took a train and got home , I still have some time before I have to go to the school dormitories I still need to get a sword art and then go save that person

Today was a satisfying day I thought I wouldve been scared to fight monsters but it was super fun I should probably go to sleep I have a long trip tomorrow

I thought as I went to sleep

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