Chapter 12: Fighting the Demon Snake

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The night fell, however, the stars were too scarce.

Lin Yan didn’t have a torchlight, yet he shuttled through the mountains and forests like an elf.

Occasionally, he would stop to pinpoint the direction with the help of the sparse starlight overhead.

Only after the crowd looked at his unhesitating footsteps, the people were now truly compromised with what Teng Gang said.

From the very beginning, it seemed like Lin Yan already knew exactly where the demon snake was.

“Could it be that he had already discovered it in advance when he went over to pick herbs?”

“But if he knew where the demon snake was, why didn't he come earlier.”

“The demon snake is not affected by day and night, but he has a disadvantage at night.
If he came during the day, wouldn't he have a better chance of winning?”



Everyone outside the Linglong Treasure mirror muttered in a low voice.

However, the scene inside the mirror soon shut them up.

Lin Yan had been running in the mountain forest for more than two hours.

And at this moment, he had already gone deep into the mountain forest and entered an area with few human traces.

The surroundings were overgrown with weeds and dead branches.

This made his movements more difficult.
Like a loach, he had to push away the overgrown weeds, and walk through them.




Very soon, a spirit flame floating in the air appeared before him.

Seeing the spirit fire that normal people were afraid of, Lin Yan was not afraid, or rather he was happy about it.

He continued to advance in the direction of the spirit flames and gradually approached a cave.

Then, an astonishing scene of a large number of bones appeared all around.

And these bones were not only beast bones but also included many human bones.

These bones spread out and in the middle of these bones, there were countless colorful poisonous snakes, as well as dark centipedes.

Inside deep mountains and dense forests encountering piles of bones, spirit flames, plus the ground full of poisonous creatures.

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If the ordinary people saw it, they would be so scared and immediately turn around and run away.

Even the crowd before the Ling Long treasure mirror felt a little uncomfortable while looking at this scene.

Although they were great saints, and immortals, they don't want to be involved with this kind of dirty and filthy opponent.



Regardless, Lin Yan didn’t show any reaction on his face and walked through the middle of these bones.

He sneaked through the many poisonous creatures and soon reached a dark hole at the center of the bones.

Though it was not far to the entrance of the cave, a strong fishy smell had hit his face, which would almost be enough to make the people vomit.

Lin Yan's face, which had been calm all the time, frowned inevitably.

But he still decisively went into the cave entrance.

“The demon snake is right here.” The person outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror said and he actually looked a little nervous.

Sure enough, in the middle of this cave full of fishy smell, the first thing that appeared was the molt of a huge demonic snake.

The molt was more than a foot long, thicker than the human waist.

Just by looking at this demonic snake’s molt, one could tell how big the demon snake here was.

And what was surprising was the cave was inlaid with a lot of blue mysterious stone.

With the help of this faint blue light, everything in the cave can be seen clearly, which was greatly convenient for Lin Yan to move.

The demon snake didn’t seem to be in the cave at this moment.

Taking this as a chance, Lin Yan took out the tools he brought with him and quickly set them up around the area.

It seemed like he already prepared a plan to set up a trap so that he could deal with the demon snake.

Watching Lin Yan’s actions inside the cave, many people outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror turned their heads to look at Teng Gang.

Now they were kind of sure that what Teng Gang said before was right.

Although the Heavenly Emperor in the mirror was young, his cleverness and his courage were all top-notch.

Especially the scheming.

They had been watching the Heavenly Emperor's every move and yet, they didn't expect it.

He had actually done so much in a quiet manner.

Not only did he determine the location of the demon snake's cave long ago, he even knew

exactly when would the demon snake leave the cave.

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“Fortunately, the Heavenly Emperor was eventually locked up inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror by us, otherwise, if he had calculated, I’m afraid that we are already dead by now.”

Unknown to each other, the crowd silently muttered in their hearts and continued to look at the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Lin Yan had already used all the weapons he brought with him to set up a trap.

He only had an axe left in his hand which he intended to use as a weapon.

After this, he found a corner, curled up, and waited for the demon snake to return.

Rustle! Rustling!

In the mysterious blue light, a demon snake that was about ten feet long, thicker than a bucket, with scales that faintly glittered with a hint of gold, slowly swam in from outside the cave.

Its abdomen was raised high, it should have just eaten.

When entering the cave, the demon snake was suddenly halted, then its pair of cold-blooded eyes narrowed much like a human.

With lightning speed, the demon snake abruptly rushed directly towards Lin Yan's hiding place.

This demon snake was obviously in The Innate Realm.

As soon as it entered the cave, it discovered the strange aura inside the cave and found Lin Yan's hiding place.

Now that he had been discovered, Lin Yan simply jumped out directly, and his figure quickly shuttled through the cave.

The demon snake followed him from behind, opened its big mouth, seemingly ready to swallow Lin Yan in one gulp.

Thankfully, the several traps that Lin Yan laid out, at this moment have been triggered.

Firewood knives, axes, stones, and even sulfur powder and many other things pounded on the demon snake.

However, the horror of the innate demon snake obviously exceeded Lin Yan's estimation.

Faced with these attacks, the demon snake just opened its mouth and swept all these things away.

“The technique …I'm afraid that this demon snake is only one step away from breaking through the Innate Realm.”

Lin Yan couldn’t see the cultivation level of this demon snake, but the people before the Linglong Treasure Mirror, with their profound cultivation, could see the demon snake's true cultivation with a single glance.

This was a demon snake that was about to break through the Innate Stage.

Such a demon snake that was just away from entering the innate Realm had two advantages.

It’s not only physically stronger but even gain an ability to use some simple techniques.

With Lin Yan's cultivation level of the ninth level of Qi Refinement together with the help of the Heavenly Spirt Body, facing a demon snake at the Innate Realm would still be challenging.

But now he was facing a demon snake that was about to break through the Innate Realm, the gap between the two was so huge that even the Heavenly Saint Body couldn’t make up for it.


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Inside the dimly lit cave, the demon snake stared at Lin Yan playfully.

It had already started to develop spiritual intelligence and had plenty of time to play with the mole in front of it for a while.

“There are still four hours left.”

The snake demon could wait, but Lin Yan couldn’t.

So, he grabbed the axe and took the initiative to rush toward the snake demon.

The thick snake tail of the demon snake swept across violently to sweep Lin Yan away.

However, Lin Yan took this opportunity and ruthlessly slashed his axe at the demon snake.


A clear and crisp sound was heard.

Sadly, the axe didn't manage to cut through the snake scales of the demon snake.
Instead, Lin Yan was directly knocked out by the demon snake's blow and hit the rock wall on the side.

It was at this moment the effect of the Heavenly Spirit Body began to play.

Although Lin Yan was bruised all over his body, he still stood up.

He directly threw away the axe from his hands, and started using his bare hands and fists, he once again approached the demon snake.

Like before, the demon snake's tail swept across again, trying to sweep Lin Yan away.

But this time, Lin Yan directly held its snake tail and refused to let it go no matter how the demon snake waved its tail.

He even followed the demon snake's body and crawled towards the demon snake's head.

The demon snake spat out a cloud of poisonous fog from its mouth and sprayed at Lin Yan.

He was enveloped by the poisonous fog, even though Lin Yan had the Heavenly Spirt Body, he still felt dizzy.

In desperation, he opened his mouth, and recklessly bit down on the demon snake.

He continued using his hands vigorously and desperately began to tear the snake scales on the demon snake.

Such a crazy move actually tore off a few pieces of the scales of the demon snake.

The painful demon snake's body kept twisting, and it no longer had any intention to play.
Its large head fiercely moved toward Lin Yan and bit him.

In the dimly lit cave, one man and one snake, all like crazy demons, entangled with each other, desperately trying to kill each other.



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Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

At this moment, the whole place turned silent.

Each of one them present here had experienced countless battles.
For them, fighting, and killing would have been commonplace.

But at this moment, looking at this single man fighting a demon snake inside the Ling long treasure mirror, they couldn’t help but have a kind of weird feeling.

Obviously, the two sides of the fight were low cultivation, and absolutely not worth mentioning.

But the two of them, like crazy demons, fought with almost all means, this made the people think as if it was the end of the world.

Under the sky, watching the cruelest fight, Xiao Yanran, who had been looking cold looked at Lin Yan's desperate appearance in the Linglong Treasure Mirror, her iceberg-like face finally changed.

“At the Ninth layer of Qi Refinement, the chances of winning against an innate demon snake is too low, even with the Heavenly Spirit Body the result is the same.”

“If the Heavenly Emperor had started cultivating earlier, in three days, he might have been able to break through to the Innate Heaven.”

“It's not his fault, he has never touched cultivation, and he doesn't know that he has the Heavenly Spirit Body.”

“If he didn't know he had the Heavenly Spirit Body, he wouldn't have been able to practice and get into the Qi Refinement Realm.”



Amidst the muttering voices of the crowd, the scene inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror changed again.

Out of nowhere, Lin Yan's body suddenly burst out with a ray of light, which was fused with the Heavenly Spirit Body on his body together with a shadow.

This shadow was one foot tall and appeared extremely sacred, even emitting a compelling aura.

“It’s Dharma technique! A Dharma technique that can only be condensed by a Dao Entry-Realm cultivator.” This sudden development caused many people to almost gasp.

Lin Yan was only in the Qi Refinement Realm and already condensed the dharma technique.

This kind of talent for cultivation made people stupified.

Using a Dao Entry-Realm technique to face an innate demon snake was simply bullying.

Lin Yan just waved his hand casually, and the previously unbeatable demon snake was immediately torn into two and died a horrible death on the spot.

After this, Lin Yan’s strength also seemed to be completely exhausted, and fell to the ground.

The Dharma glow enveloping his body slowly receded and turned back into a light, which slowly merged back into Lin Yan's chest.

The place where light merged could be clearly seen and it turned out to be a bone with a faint radiance that left a unique pattern on Lin Yan's chest.

Surprisingly, the site of the pattern was quite overwhelming.


And without a doubt, it was The Supreme Bone.


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