Chapter 20: The Sage Realm Cultivator and The Immortal Grade Weapon

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Lin Yan escaped from the Jade City.

(TL: Bishui City -> Jade City)

However, with so many cultivators dead at once, the entire Jade City had become a chaotic mess.

And in the midst of this chaos, the space above the Jade City suddenly cracked open, and a man dressed in magnificent robes stepped out of it.

“It’s a Sage Realm Cultivator.”

Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Looking at this man in exquisite clothing, everyone's expressions narrowed.

There was no doubt that only a Saint realm expert would be able to rip through space and appear.

However, they didn’t expect that the Xuantian Sect would actually be so generous to send a Sage Realm cultivator directly.

It was known that the cultivators in the Sage Realm were considered to be giants with real power.

Even the presence of the Early Layer-Sage Realm cultivator was said to be very rare to mortals.

“Lin Yan has dozens of Dharma techniques with him.
And with the combination of these powers, he was able to defeat the cultivator at Dao Attainment Realm.
But if he were to fight a Sage Realm cultivator, it will be much more difficult.”

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“A Sage Realm cultivator can even control the space.
If we add Lin Yan's Heavenly Spirit Body, and the Supreme Bone, he’s still not the Sage Realm’s opponent.”

“Then won't he be in danger this time?”

“How should I put this? Well, it must be that Lin Yan was beaten half to death by this Sage Realm Cultivator, and at the last moment, sister Yanran’s master appeared and saved him.”

Everyone began to discuss one after another.

However, Xiao Yanran remained to be silent.

They were about to see the scene of Lin Yan being crushed by this Sage Realm Cultivator.

If it was in the past, she would definitely feel very relieved.

But now, she could see clearly that Lin Yan had come to this point for her, and was even being chased by the Sage Realm Cultivator because of her.

This made her heart have mixed feelings.

“Anyway, he definitely won't die this time.
I hope the master will show up earlier and save him before he got severely injured .” Xiao Yanran said secretly in her heart.

Even she herself didn’t find that her attitude towards Lin Yan had changed greatly.

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Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

After this Sage Realm Cultivator appeared, he looked down at the Jade City below and snorted coldly.

Then, a force of power stirred out from his body.


The whole Jade City was instantly crushed into dust and disappeared.


The crowd outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror was frozen as they watched this scene.

Were all the Saints Realm Cultivators so reckless in the past?

The Jade City was at least a city with hundreds of thousands of mortals and it was destroyed just like that.

According to the laws of the Heavenly Palace, the cultivators were not allowed to commit mass killings at will.

Was this Saint Realm Cultivator not afraid of the Heavenly Palace's retribution?

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Looking around the crowd's astonished gaze, Teng Gong silently spoke, “In fact, before the Heavenly Emperor succeeded to the throne, the entire Spiritual Continent was like this.
Even the righteous cultivators treated mortals as ants and destroyed cities and countries to pass time.
It was after he succeeded to the throne and became the Heavenly Emperor, these changes were made…”

Teng Gong's voice became lower and lower as he spoke.

Because he knew that people don’t want to hear these words.

Sure enough, hearing the words of Teng Gong, many people around the face revealed a displeased look.

In their opinion, Teng Gong was just saying good things for the Heavenly Emperor.

In the end, it was Lin Feng who smiled and lightened the mood, “This is the only good thing that the Heavenly Emperor has done, we have to distinguish these, and compared to the several evil deeds he has done, this good deed is nothing.”

“Young warrior Lin Feng is right.
In the final analysis, the destruction of Jade City was because the Heavenly Emperor killed disciples of Xuantian Sect, this blood debt should be placed on the Heavenly Emperor.” Someone spoke with a smile.

However, before he could finish his words, Xiao Yanran's cold voice suddenly came out, “If it comes to this, the hundreds of thousands of unjust souls in the Jade City are all because of me, this blood debt, I, Xiao Yanran, will bear it.”

Looking at Xiao Yanran's cold look, Lin Feng hurriedly rounded up and said, “This was a long time ago, and everyone doesn't care so much about it now.”

Nevertheless, there were people who wanted to talk but were interrupted by a sharp voice, “Look, this Sage Realm Cultivator is carrying an immortal grade weapon.

An Immortal grade weapon.

This was the Xuanling Continent’s most top-notch treasure.

Only the true Immortal-level powerhouses were able to refine Immortal Grade Weapons.

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Every immortal-grade weapon possessed many incredible abilities.

At this moment, this Saint Realm Cultivator within the Lingering Treasure Mirror flipped his hand and took out a small flag, and gently waved it.

Then, all kinds of visions appeared around him, even the Jade City that he had just destroyed had reappeared at this moment.

“It’s Time Rewind.”

This was an ability only unique to immortal-grade weapons.

It could make the time in a certain place go back to the past.

With the help of this immortal-grade weapon, the Sage Realm Cultivator quickly saw the scene where Lin Yan killed the Xuantian Clan's disciples.

“Thirteen Dharma techniques, The Heavenly Spirit Body…”

As a Sage Realm Cultivator, he saw through Lin Yan’s details at a glance.

Even though he was a Saint, he was also shocked for a moment by Lin Yan who had the  Heavenly Spirit Body and was able to summon thirteen Dharma Phantasms at once.

But immediately, a surprised smile appeared on his face.

“Haha, I didn't expect that when my tribulation was about to end, I could still come across this kind of opportunity blessed by heaven … After taking over his body, I will definitely succeed to raise my cultivation even further.”

Holding the small flag in his hand, the Sage Realm cultivator dressed in magnificent robes, tore open the space and took a step inside.

-To be continued!

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