All the people outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror could see that Lin Yan’s purpose was to flee into the Ancient Forbidden Land.

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Of course, the Sage who had chased him all the way over had also sensed it long ago.

“Trying to escape into the Ancient Forbidden Land, dream on.”

By now, this Sage's gaze towards Lin Yan was already filled with resentment.

Initially, he had regarded Lin Yan as his chance to ascend to the heavens, and couldn’t let Lin Yan flee at all.

However, just right in front of his eyes, this chance was getting destroyed little by little.

Feeling the bitterness and remorse, Sage's face twisted a little.

“…Four Mountain Flag.”

The immortal weapon flag once again appeared in Sage's hand,

He then waved the flag, and suddenly four huge mountain manifestations appeared in the sky.

But before these manifestations could fully take up their form, Lin Yan suddenly turned around and showed a mocking smile at the Sage.

And turned both of his thumbs down at the Sage.

Although the Sage didn't know what Lin Yan's gestures exactly meant, however, he could guess that Lin Yan mocking him.

“You bastard, monster… die for me!”

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The Sage then roared one after another in fury.

Instead, what responded to the Sage was a surge of power that was countless times stronger than before.



“…He blew up all the remaining Dharma forms.”

Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Watching this, the crowd turned silent.

Lin Yan's actions made their scalp tingle a bit.

After all, this was too ruthless.

They thought that he could manage to escape, but at this last moment, Lin Yan actually sacrificed his final Dharma form to blow it.

Just to ruthlessly counterattack this Sage.

“No, it's not just to counterattack, now that he doesn't have the Heavenly Spirit Body and the  Supreme Bone, without doing this, he won't be able to block the Immortal Weapon’s attack.”

Letting out a soft sigh, someone in the crowd said this.

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But these words made the surrounding crowd even more silent.

If the Heavenly Emperor was still as ruthless as then, they were afraid that it would be impossible for them to fight their way up to the Nine Heavens Palace.



The power of the outburst was close to ten Dharma forms.

Surely, this powerful impact forced the Sage backward.

And Lin Yan himself moved like a meteorite, holding his sister in his arms, and fell into the Ancient forbidden land ahead.

The moment the two entered the boundaries of the Ancient Forbidden Land, the duo faded.

The Sage, who was somewhat messed up by Lin Yan, also came to the world’s end at this moment but halted his moments.

“Damn it, damn it all!…!

He began to curse repeatedly, yet he didn’t dare to step forward.

Even if a Sage like him went into The Ancient Forbidden Land, he would surely die at least nine lifetimes.

If Lin Yan hadn't blown up all his Dharma forms, even the Heavenly Spirit Body had not collapsed, the Sage might have taken the risk to go in.

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However, if he entered now, and even if he captured Lin Yan, it wouldn't yield him any benefits.

Of course, after thinking about all this, the Sage refused to take any more risks.


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Inside the Ancient Forbidden Land.

Lin Yan and Xiao Yanran's bodies were falling down to the ground.

At this moment, the terrifying aura of the Ancient Forbidden Land was revealed.

The two were clearly falling to the ground, but the chaotic spatial qi around them made them continuously jump back and forth through various spaces.

Thankfully, the saint behind them seemed to lost sight of them, and Lin Yan had also almost reached his limit.

He was so weak that he just held Xiao Yanran in his arms and let the power stirring around him push them around.

The two of them are like a boat in the sea and couldn’t control themselves at all, and could only go with the flow.


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He didn't know how long it took for them but at last, they fall down to the ground.

However, the great momentum almost made Lin Yan's eyes blacken by the fall and he almost lost consciousness directly.

Regardless, he still gritted his teeth and shielded Xiao Yanran in his arms to death.

The place where they fell down was in the middle of a mountain rock with strange rocks.

Well, the good thing was that although this place looks desolate, it seemed to be a very safe place.

“Sister, sister…” Lin Yan let go of Xiao Yanran in his arms and tried to wake him up.

It seemed like the after-effects of the battle with the Sage kept began to show up at this moment.

Lin Yan's sight began to get dim and his words turned weak.
He felt that he might pass out at any time.

So he wanted to wake up his sister before he passed out.

Just as Lin Yan kept calling out softly to Xiao Yanran, a strange figure slowly appeared beside them.

“Master.” Xiao Yanran who was outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, at this moment, her eyes widened at once.

She had finally waited for this figure that she was familiar with.

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