Lin Yan's state was certainly pitiful.

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For several months in a row, he couldn't even wake up.


If it wasn't for that little fox continuously feeding him with food and water daily, he would have already become a corpse by now.


This little fox of the demon race patiently took care of a human. 

However, she didn't know that the human she had been saving was the existence that would later exterminate the demon race into pieces.


Looking at this scene, the expression of many demon saints outside the Linglong treasure mirror began to change into one of intense range.


Even Ni Huang, the Queen of all demons, who was sitting on the throne, momentarily raised an eyebrow as a murderous aura radiated out from her body and coldly said: “Go and check if this little fox belongs to that clan.
If she is still alive, execute her immediately…”


However, before she finished this sentence, she chucked and then spoke out icily, “Don't execute, instead bring her here and let her see with her own eyes that the people she saved back then still have to die miserably now…
This will be the greatest torture for her.”


“I'll go and capture her right away.” A demon saint turned around and left.visit





Several months had passed inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.


And eventually, Lin Yan, who had been continuously taken care of by the little fox all this time, slowly opened his eyes.


“Huh, you're awake.”


The little fox who was beside Lin Yan instantly noticed his abnormality.


However, Lin Yan glanced at the little fox before him with a somewhat complicated expression.


Although he couldn't move these few months, he was conscious now and then.


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To be honest, even he didn't expect to be saved by a demon race, as it was well known that the demon race and the human race were born to be hostile beings.


After all, the flesh and blood of human cultivators could enhance the power of demon cultivators, while the pellets of these demon cultivators could assist human cultivators in their cultivation.
Also, the bodies of demon cultivators could be used to refine various spiritual treasures.


Of course, when the two sides met, it would certainly lead to the death of one side.


Hence, this little fox was beyond Lin Yan's perception.


“…Thank you.”


His voice was hoarse, but Lin Yan still thanked the little fox.


If it wasn't for this little fox these few months, he would have died already.


“Hmm, why are you thanking me?…
Well, do you want to eat now?”


Unexpectedly, Lin Yan's words made the little fox look confused.


Lin Yan looked at the little fox somewhat speechlessly and suddenly looked around and asked, “You have never left this place, right?”


When the little fox was asked this, she looked frustrated and replied, “This is a forbidden land.
I've been here since I was born, so I can't get out.”


So that's how it was.


However, hearing her words, Lin Yan was a little surprised.


Well, it was no wonder this little fox had no hostility to him, a human.


As she had been living in the forbidden land since she was young, she didn't know the enmity between the human race and the demon race.


“You are so handsome, the best looking one among all the people I've ever seen.” The little fox stared at Lin Yan and suddenly, as if she once again turned into some kinda lustful creature.


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Lin Yan froze for a moment, then shaking his head somewhat speechlessly, he laughed bitterly.


Before the little fox first appeared, he heard the little fox say these words.


It felt like he was relying on his looks to attract this little fox to look after him all this time.


“Are there many people in the desolate Ancient Forbidden Land?” Lin Yan inquired curiously.


The little fox shook her head, “Not many, I've been here for decades, and I've only seen a few …
but they are not as good-looking as you.”


Damn this little fox.


Hearing this, the corner of Lin Yan's lips couldn't help but reveal a smile.


Looking at the appearance of Lin Yan's smiling face, the little fox's face immediately turned a deep shade as she fled towards the distance: “Y-you must be hungry, right?! I'll go get you something to eatttt!!!….”


Watching the little fox from far away, Lin Yan first checked his body condition.


Although most of the wounds on his body had been healed, the Heavenly Spirit Body completely collapsed, the Dharma forms were also gone, and the tendons and veins were shattered entirely, so he could no longer continue to cultivate.


It was a miracle that he survived.


To be honest, even he never expected it to be alive.


But now, Lin Yan heaved a sigh seeing his terrible condition.


Seeing that the little fox hadn't returned yet, he struggled to sit up and barely managed to assume a cultivation posture, wanting to try to condense the spiritual qi into his body.


As long as he could condense the spiritual qi, even if he didn't completely recover, he could still be much healthier than now.


But to his disappointment, he couldn't even sense a trace of spiritual qi.


Although he was greatly disappointed inside his heart, Lin Yan didn't show it slightest on his face.

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Even in such a critical situation, he was calm and collected across his face.


Seeing this, the people before the Linglong Treasure Mirror praised in their hearts again.


However, at this moment, they all kept telling themselves that Lin Yan had not yet become the future Heavenly Emperor but was just a teenager, so it was okay to think like that.


After all, if they were in Lin Yan's shoes, there was absolutely no way they could be so calm.visit





“I caught the fish, now eat it quickly.”


After the little fox left for a while, she reappeared and threw a live fish to Lin Yan.


In front of him, there was a large black fish that was covered in fish scales and constantly jumping.


Lin Yan stared at the little fox as if she was indeed an idiot, “Is this how you always eat fish?”


The little fox blinked her eyes a few times and said, “Is there any other way to eat fish?”


Now, Lin Yan was completely at a loss with this simple and naive little fox.


He thought of getting up, cleaning up the fish, and then setting up a fire to grill it before eating.


But as he attempted to stand up, he immediately fell back to the ground, not having much strength in his body.


Seeing this, the little fox came over and said, “What do you want to do? I can help you.”


Lin Yan grinned and directed the little fox to clean up this fish, scrape the scales and remove the internal organs.

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And finally, let the little fox set a fire.


Although the little fox was not yet able to transform, she was a demon, also a person of the demon clan who could speak after all.


Hence, she could do all this with ease.


Nevertheless, the job of grilling the fish was done by Lin Yan personally as this was meticulous work.
He was afraid the little fox might not do well and grilled the fish into charcoal.


Meanwhile, the little fox watched suspiciously as Lin Yan kept roasting the fish.


She had been eating fish for decades and had never seen anyone eating fish like this.


But as the fragrance of fish gradually floated out, the corner of the little fox's mouth drooled uncontrollably


“So fragrant..!”





Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.


Looking at such a mediocre scene inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, Lin Feng shook his head, looked up at the Queen of the Ten Thousand Demons above, and was about to speak.
However, he suddenly froze.readatnoicetranslations


Because he saw that the Queen, sitting on her throne, was intensely staring at the Linglong Treasure mirror before her.


And at this moment, a trace of crystal liquid also flowed from the corners of her lips.


“Is the Queen drooling?” Lin Feng was completely dumbfounded.


The Queen of Ten Thousand Demons seemed awakened by Lin Feng's gaze, wiping the drool from the corner of her lips without a trace.
She said with an arrogant face, “This Queen…also likes to eat grilled fish.”

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