(Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

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The Phoenix Fire.


Both Lin Yan and Xiao Bai looked at the flame in front of them and immediately knew its name.


And along with it, information about this flame flashed on the mirror.


The Phoenix flame was the inherited treasure of the Ancient phoenix clan.


No matter what kind of living creature, as long as their flesh was put into the phoenix flame, they would get reborn and transformed into a newborn phoenix.


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(In front of the Linglong Treasure Mirror)



As the information about the phoenix flame floated on the screen, the 

the crowd couldn't stop salivating.

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If it was only to lose some memories to become the Phoenix Inheritor, they were afraid that in the entire Lingxuan Continent, there would be countless people who would choose it without the slightest hesitation.


After all, the temptation of the phoenix body was too great.


As long as you could become a phoenix inheritor, you were destined to become a Saint or even an immortal in the future.


Furthermore, the Phoenix had such a natural talent for Rebirth, making it rare to truly die.


This also meant that, as long as you could have this phoenix flame, no matter who it was, they were destined to become a great powerhouse in the Lingxuan Continent.visit patreon.com/noicetranslations.





While staring at the Linglong Treasure Mirror in front of them, the crowd couldn't stop salivating at the scene unfolding before them.


They also couldn't help but turn their heads to look at the Queen of All Demons with strange expressions on their face.


After all, in the entire Lingxuan continent, there was only one Phoenix today, the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons.


And the Queen of Ten thousand demons rose about the same time as the Heavenly Emperor did.


It was too much for even a coincidence.

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Then suddenly, a crazy thought popped up in their hearts.


“Could it be that this little fox later transformed into the Queen of Ten Thousand Demon?”


The moment this thought appeared, the expressions of the crowd grew weird.


Even those Demon Saints were equally dumbfounded at this moment.


What would they do if their Queen turned out to be this little fox?


Even they don't know the answer.

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Sitting on the flame throne, the Queen of All Demons naturally noticed the strange gazes of the people around her.


With a mere glance, she guessed the thoughts of the crowd.


“Do you think becoming a Phoenix would be so easy?”


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The Queen of All Demons snorted coldly and spoke, “Our Phoenix clan has difficulty inheriting, so we created the Phoenix Fire to inherit the secret technique.
But the secret technique of inheritance is hidden after all.
With the help of the Phoenix Fire, the Phoenix passed down can only be called a pseudo-phoenix born with defects.
This kind of pseudo-phoenix can only reach the realm of the Sage at most and will never be possible to become a true immortal.”


Then, a terrifying aura that belonged to an immortal, and even with a hint of phoenix flames, suddenly burst out from the Queen of All Demon's body.


The Queen of All Demons proudly continued, “The fact that I, the Queen being at my current cultivation Realm is already enough to say that I'm the purest Phoenix, and a pseudo-phoenix inherited with the help of the fire of the Phoenix is not comparable to me.”


However, even after hearing her words, the suspicious look on the faces of the people had not yet receded.


At this moment, someone in the crowd said, “The Queen is right.
I also did read about this in some ancient books.
The pseudo-phoenix can't only break through the immortal cultivation but also have a great limit to the life expectancy.
As the Queen had lived for ten thousand years, we can completely rule out the possibility that she is this kind of pseudo-phoenix.”


Hearing this person speak, the crowd's gaze immediately fell on him.


The person who spoke was an older man with pale white hair but a pair of eyes that seemed filled with wisdom.


“Since it's the Venerable Sage, who knows everything under the heaven, what he's saying must be right.” The Venerable Sage was an extremely famous ancient immortal in the Lingxuan Continent.

It was said that he knew all the matters of the Lingxuan Continent, and now that he had spoken, naturally, most of them believed his words instantly.


Thus, the suspicious expressions on the faces of the people gradually receded.


Meanwhile, the Queen of All Demons coldly snorted in her heart and sat down again on her flaming throne, her eyes radiating annoyance.


This little fox caused the crowd to become suspicious of her.
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(Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)


Lin Yan and the little fox stared at the phoenix flame in front of them.


This made everyone in front of the mirror curious about who would take it.


Although they had learned the disadvantages of this Phoenix Flame inheritance from the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons and the Wisdom Venerable, Lin Yan and that little fox in the mirror didn't know it yet.


So it was still very likely that the two of them couldn't stand the temptation of the phoenix flame and use it to Rebirth into the Phoenix.


“If Lin Yan had absorbed the Phoenix Flame at that time, I'm afraid the future Heavenly Emperor wouldn't have been born.”





Seeing how things were going, the crowd couldn't help but mutter in their hearts.




-To be continued!

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