After purchasing the cake, Lin Yan returned to the Mountain forest.

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However, he saw no sign of Xiao Bai.
Instead, he found letters seemingly carved by Xiao Bai on the side-by tree.

The moment Lin Yan saw the letters, his complexion changed drastically.

He had already vaguely guessed where Xiao Bai had left.

The other day, she threw a tantrum about heading out to the Seven Demon Empire in the Lingxuan Continent, searching for a way to transform.

The Seven Demon Empire was inhabited by almost all of the demons of the Lingxuan continent.

In the whole Lingxuan continent, the Seven Demon Empire was the only place that could explain her condition.

But, as Lin Yan was a human, he certainly wouldn't be allowed to enter the Seven Demon Empire.

So he decisively dissuaded the idea of Xiao Bai wanting to go to the Demon Empire.

Though Xiao Bai looked obedient on the surface, she had her mind set on leaving quietly.

The letter that Xiao Bai left behind said she was going for the Seven Great Demon Empire, searching for a way to transform herself.

She had even instructed Lin Yan to stay there and wait for her to return.

To prevent Lin Yan from worrying, she specifically urged Lin Yan, “Big Stone, Demons will not hurt fellow demons.
So, rest assured and wait for my return.”

Demons wouldn't hurt fellow demons; Only Xiao Bai would believe in such things.

Lin Yan, whose face became unsightly at the moment, immediately got up and launched himself in the direction Xiao Bai had left.

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He wanted to stop Xiao Bai.

It wasn't a difficult task for him to trail her.
But unfortunately, with him living with Xiao Bai for so long, it wasn't just him, but even she knew him well.

As Xiao Bai could easily see through him, his tricks were useless before her.

After just a day of tracking, Lin Yan lost the trace of Xiao Bai.

Although uneasy inside, he had no choice but to head back to the mountain forest where they had parted.
He then built a hut and temporarily lived there, awaiting Xiao Bai's return.advancechaptersareavailable

(Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

Watching this scene, the crowd became heavy-hearted.

It wouldn't be wrong to say they detest the Heavenly Emperor deep inside.

But this kind-hearted little fox with such a pure character, a kind little demon, suffered a misfortune just because she wanted to find a way to transform.

Such a thing sounded way too cruel.

They were well aware that Xiao Bai, who had left, would never return, eventually inciting Lin Yan's fury, leading him to annihilate the entire Seven Demon Empire.

“That isn't right… Although the Heavenly Emperor began to re-cultivate using the Spiritual cultivation path, his Dharma manifestation was destroyed, and he simply couldn't re-condense the Dharma forms ever again.
So, how did he manage to recover his cultivation?” Someone in the crowd questioned curiously.

It immediately made everyone's attention shift from the departing Xiao Bai to Lin Yan.

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Although Lin Yan had taken the path of spiritual cultivation, anyone who took it needed to follow a step-by-step approach; cultivate into Qi Realm, the Dao Entry Realm, and the Dao Attainment Realm before becoming a Saint.

For others, such a cultivation method wasn't much of a problem.

However, for Lin Yan, it was different.

In his previous battle with the Sage clothed in magnificent robes, he had exploded all his forty-nine Dharma forms.

It had almost made him unable to continue condensing his Dharma forms.

Without the Dharma forms, entering the Dao Attainment Realm was impossible, not to mention the Sage realm later.

But again, Lin Yan showed his overwhelming power and even extinguished the mighty Demon Empire.

How could he have done that?

The crowd stared intently at the Linglong Treasure Mirror, wanting to catch some clues.

It might be that the Heavenly Emperor used one of his secret cultivation techniques.

If they could grasp it a little, their strength could take a significant boost.

Even those Demon Saints, at this moment, stretched their necks to stare at the Linglong mirror.

“This is a fortuitous encounter.
Without such an encounter, it is impossible for him to return to the Dao Entry realm, and even more impossible for him to gain the power to exterminate the Demon Empire within such a short time.” Lin Feng stood by the side and muttered to himself.

He still remembered his bet with the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons.

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Until now, Lin Yan had never raised his strength with the help of any fortuitous encounter.
He had been relying on himself to cultivate instead.

It certainly made Lin Feng unhappy.

At this moment, seeing the current situation, Lin Feng believed that Lin Yan wouldn't be able to solve the problem unless he had a fortuitous encounter.

As he thought to himself, Lin Feng's mood instantly lit up.advancechaptersareavailable

(Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

Lin Yan waited for Xiao Bai to return while he diligently cultivated.

He was confident that if something terrible happened to Xiao Bai, he would only be able to save Xiao Bai with absolute power.

These days, he almost cultivated all the time without a break.

His efforts, however, did not bear any fruits.

Like the crowd outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror had predicted, Lin Yan met a bottle-neck when he re-entered the Dao Entry realm.

Whenever he tried to condense a Dharma form, the Spiritual qi that condensed the dharma phase would suddenly stir and dissipate into thin air.

It was the aftermath of him exploding forty-nine Dharma phases in a row.

If it were other cultivators, even if they had blown up only one Dharma form, it would not be easy to sense the spiritual qi to condense the phantasms.

Not to mention Lin Yan, who blew up forty-nine phantoms in one breath.

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“Don't be discouraged… Though I can no longer condense the Dharma forms, I can still look for other ways to improve my strength.”

Lin Yan was not discouraged after several consecutive failed attempts to condense the Dharma forms.

He had changed his cultivation path instead.

He no longer stayed in the same place for cultivation but began to wander around the mountain forest.

When tired, he would lie down directly in the middle of the mountain forest.

When he was thirsty, he drank from the spring in the mountains.

He had gotten engrossed listening to wind and birds in the mountain forest, the leaves fluttering and falling to the ground….

(Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

“What is he doing there?”

“Has he given up on himself?”

Lin Yan's behavior made the crowd look confused.

However, the expressions of a few strong cultivators in the Immortal Realm changed.

“No way, does he want to master that ability at the Innate Realm?!”

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