Chapter 06: The Former Brother

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At last, Xiao Yanran learned to call him brother and since then, these were the only words she spoke the most.


“Brother… brother…
hungry, hungry.”


“Brother, sleep …sleep.”


“Brother, eat.”



Sometimes, Xiao Yanran had nightmares and couldn’t help but call her brother in the middle of the night.
Lin Yan would immediately get up, and sit beside Xiao Yanran, patting her gently and humming the nursery rhyme he heard from nowhere.


Such a night was experienced several times, but each time, Lin Yan would patiently get up in the middle of dark cold night, humming songs and pat Xiao Yanran to sleep.


Surely, this made him too exhausted. 


Day by day, Lin Yan's body began to look thinner and thinner, the spirit had also become very poor.



Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.


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Xiao Yanran's face finally began to change.


As the previous memory was when she was a baby, she didn't remember much at all.


But, watching the video on the Linglong Treasure Mirror, the memories which were buried deep inside her heart gushed out like a flood.


At that time, although she had no cultivation, they were the warmest days she had ever lived.


Whether it was day or night, as long as she opened her eyes, her brother would appear before her.


“But why did you become like that? Did the supreme bone make your heart change so much?” Mumbling these words to herself, Xiao Yanran's heart ached all of a sudden as if it was pierced by several needles. 



Soon, several years passed quickly.


Lin Yan brought up Xiao Yanran with great difficulty, but as Xiao Yanran grew up a little, their days were obviously much easier and they were no longer struggling with life and death every day as before.


But even so, they often eat the last meal without the next.


Whenever there was not enough food, Lin Yan would let his sister Xiao Yanran eat first. 


Only when Xiao Yanran had eaten enough, he would eat.
However, after Xiao Yanran finished eating, there was nothing left to eat.
So, young Lin Yan would drink cold water to fill his empty stomach.


This happened several times.

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And due to long-term nutritional deficiencies, Lin Yan's body was very thin.


In the past, his height was slightly taller than his peers, chubby, and looked very cute, but as exhausted all his energy to feed Xiao Yanran, he had become thin while his peers were at least half a head taller.


Even Xiao Yanran, gradually exceeded him in height.


“At that time, he was really good to sister Yanran.” Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, even Xiao Mei, who hated the Heavenly Emperor to the bone, couldn't help but sigh at this moment.


But that was all.


Though she saw that the Heavenly Emperor was so warm to Xiao Yanran, the hatred inside her heart didn’t diminish even a little.



Finally, the time passed to the day when Lin Yan took Xiao Yanran into the nearby mountains to pick herbs.


In the past, Lin Yan refused to take Xiao Yanran into the mountains as he was afraid that Xiao Yanran would get hurt.


But today, Xiao Yanran cried and insisted on going together, having no other choice, Lin Yan had to bring his sister.


Well, picking herbs was one of his abilities that Lin Yan just learned in the past two years.


He picked herbs from the mountains and sold them to the stores for money.
This was more profitable than hunting. 


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Although Lin Yan's body was thin, it was very flexible.


In the past, he somehow discovered this part of the mountain which had several herbs.


In just half a day, Lin Yan had already collected herbs inside the huge backet.


Although he knew the places where more precious herbs were there, he had to get deeper into the forest to get them, but Lin Yan was afraid that Xiao Yanran would come with him.


Carrying the huge basket, Lin Yan, together with Xiao Yanran were on their way back home.


From the beginning to the end, Lin Yan was very tired and sweaty, but Xiao Yanran was happily playing on the side and bothering him.


However, Lin Yan was not annoyed, but every time he looked at his sister who was playing on the side, the corners of the mouth would show a smile.


This was also the only time he would smile.



“The Heavenly Emperor really treated Sister Yan Ran really well.” Several people outside the Linglong Mirror Treasure thought secretly in their hearts.


At the same time, they couldn't help but quietly look at Xiao Yanran.


But at this moment, Xiao Yanran's face turned pale, as if she had remembered something terrifying, and even lost her voice: “This was when it happened…”


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Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.


After he finished picking herbs, they had already started walking on the way home.


On their way, Xiao Yanran suddenly pointed to the cliff next to them and asked, “Brother, what is that?”


Lin Yan looked where Xiao Yanran's was pointing and was surprised.
On top of this cliff there was a palm-sized Lingzhi growing.


As Lin Yan had been to the herb store many times, he had a certain understanding of herbs.


At a glance, he could immediately recognize that it was Ganoderma lingzhi.


This made him very happy.
After all, such a Lingzhi could be sold for a huge price and it would be enough for these two siblings to live for several years.


Lin Yan thought of sending Xiao Yanran home first, and then come back to pick the ganoderma lucidum.


But he was afraid that it would be robbed by someone.


Therefore, he could only instruct Xiao Yanran, “Little Sister, I'll go and pick it up.
You stay here and I will come back soon.”


Listening to him, Xiao Yanran nodded her head in a good manner.


Lin Yan put down the huge basket on his back and started to climb the cliff.


-To be continued!

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