”The wall has been breached! ”

”Zombies incoming! ”

”Fuck! Theres too many of them! ”

”The wall on the east side also fell! ”

”Fuck! The west side also fell! ”

”Retreat! Go to the southern wall! ”

”The south wall is down! Zombies incoming! ”

”Fuck! ”

In the middle of the night, echoes of different people was heard, as they try to defend their base from the zombie horde. With guns, and different types of melee weapons, the humans clashed with the zombies.

”Your not going to help? ” Asked an Asian man, to another Asian man on his right who had his hair tied into a low ponytail, as they sat on the rooftop of a two story house.

”Whats the point? ” The man sighed, then pointed a finger to every direction. ”North, south, east and west. All sides are surrounded by hundred of thousands, if not millions of zombies. Can we even defend this tiny base of ours from that? ” He asked, as he smiled bitterly.

”Welp! It can be help! Humans will extinct here… ” a blonde man beside them sighed.

”Oh… it seems we
e the last survivors… ” the man in the middle muttered, as he saw the last person beside them was also infected.

”That fast? ” The boy on the left gasped, and the two roll their eyes at him.

”Tingnan mo ang panget ni Charles. ” The man on the left said in filipino language, while pointing at the zombie. ”Deserve! ” He laugh.

”Gago… ” the man on the middle shake his head, while also laughing.

”What did he say? ” The blonde asked.

”Its nothing. ” The man replied, standing up while holding his sword.

”Where are you going? ” The blonde asked.

”I changed my mind. Lets have some fun! ” The man grinned, while the other two also stood up holding their weapons.

The three jumped, and they landed on a trampoline. When the three got down from the trampoline, the blonde man hit the metal beside him, attracting the zombies attentions.

”Lets make a bet. The last one to get infected win. ” The blonde suggested.

e on! ” The two said in unison, then dashed to the zombies.

The three of them managed to last for an hour, before the blonde guy fell, followed by the Asian, leaving the Asian man with a low ponytail alone.

”Mahihinang nilalang… ” the man smiled bitterly.

After thirty-minutes of struggling, the man was finally infected by the zombies.

With that…

The humans on Earth was now just a history, with no one to tell their story.

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