Zimens POV

”… And when I opened my eyes, I found myself here. ” I finished telling my story, and all of them had variety of emotions.

”So I lost the bet… ” Kiel chuckled, and I felt my brows twitched. ”Im just trying to lighten the mood. ” He rolled his eyes, after he saw us looking at him weirdly.

”Base on your story, if ever it was true. We still have two months, before the apocalypse happen. We have the shelter, food, and almost everything we need in our compound… ” Kaiser started analyzing our situation, while we just listen.

”I can ask my dad to install solar panels in our houses, we just need some money so you should ask your father about it. ” He suggested, and I nodded.

”What about our weapons? Kitchen knives? ” Yuan asked.

”Thats why I opened my piggy bank. I have eighty thousands pesos right now, we can ask a blacksmith to forge us a weapon. ” I replied, pointing at the cash in my study table.

”I have some money in my account too. Let me check how much I have. ” Kiel said, taking out his phone.

”You do? ” I asked, raising an eyebrow and I saw him scoffed at me.

”I will also check mine, but don expect too much. ” Kaiser also took out his phone. Yuan allowance is given by cash, so he doesn have an E-money.

”10k. ” Kiel announced his money.

”15k. ” Kaiser announced his after him.

”105k… what will we do with this money? ” I asked, as I have no idea on what to do.

”Buy as many weapons as we can. Its better to have more than you need, than less. ” Said Kaiser.

”We still have a month before the classes start. We can use that month to occupy the rest of our vacant lands, and plant it with additional vegetables, and fruits. Our families will not find something wrong if we did that, and they will be happy because we take the initiative on helping them. ” Kaiser suggested, and we all agreed.

”Why don we just tell our parents? ” Yuan asked.

”Because theres a possibility that Zimens story, are just a dream. We don want our parents to think we
e lunatics, do we? ” Kiel explained, and Yuan nodded.

”Anyway, Zimen and I will go to the other town tomorrow, to buy my school supplies and go to a blacksmith along the way. While the both of you will gather the seeds or saplings we will need, and we will start farming the day after tomorrow. ” Kiel said, and we all nodded.

”I guess, we will be busy for this upcoming days… ” Yuan sighed, looking tired already












”Did you have everything you need? ” My mother asked softly.

”Hmm. ” I nodded.

”My classes will end at lunch, I will be back immediately. ” I kissed my mother on the cheeks, then gave a nod to my father and I left our house.

I walk to our parking lot, and saw Yuan, Kaiser and Kiel waiting for me wearing our uniforms. Our uniforms are only consisted of jeans,white shirt and of course shoes that we like, as they didn required us to wear uniforms, considering those who couldn afford because of the pandemic.

”Who will ride who? ” Kiel asked, starting the engine of his motorcycle.

”Let them choose. ” I replied, doing the same to mine.

”I will ride with brother Kiel, you will ride with brother Zizi. ” Kaiser suggested, and Yuan nodded. After they sat on our motorcycles, we left our home and drive to our school.

A month pass after I regressed, and today is the day the classes will open. I told my parents that I don want to migrate, and they decided not to do. so.

During this past month. We spend our time planting vegetables, and let say we get a little tanned that Kiel didn like.

The weapons we asked the blacksmith to forge us, arrived yesterday and we hid them in Kiels room as his parents doesn enter his room—because of the locks Kiel put on his room— so its the most safest place.

The distance from our house to our school is only twenty minutes by walking, so we arrived immediately since we
e using a vehicle.

”HUMSS-11B classroom is on first floor, left side of the main gate. Find us there if you need something. ” I said, looking at Yuan and Kaiser.

”Grade four classrooms are in the second floor, beside the library . ” Said Yuan.

”Ninth graders are in the third floor, my room is the room beside the stairs on the left side. ” Said Kaiser.

”Go to your classrooms now. Lets meet in the cafeteria during recess. ” I said, and we go to our respective classrooms.

Kiel and I didn take long to reach our classroom, even though we used the second gate. I surveyed the room and found some familiar faces, but I didn greet them as we aren that close. Kiel did the same, and we chose the chair on the back of the room and we sat beside each other.

We waited for a while, before our adviser showed up. He asked us to fall in line, to which we all complied and he brought us to our designated area for the flag ceremony.

It took us ten minutes to finish singing all the anthem, hymns, and the Patriotic oaths, before the school principal showed up.

”Good morning to each and everyone of us! Im your school principal, call me Mr.Villanueva. Even though the other students can join us, since their classes will start after lunch. We hope everyone of you will enjoy your stay here, and make good memories together! ”

After the principal finished his short speech. We all go back to our classrooms, and we wait for our first teacher to arrive.

We didn wait for too long, before our first teacher arrived. She introduced herself and her subject which is Philosophy and she asked us to introduce ourselves. Since the ceremony took almost half of her class we didn finished doing it, so she told us to write our names in a paper and pass it to her.

After she left. The second teacher enter the room and he introduced himself, and his subject which is oral communication. He then asked us to introduce ourselves, and we complied.

After we finished introducing ourselves. He started giving us some information about his subject, since we all agreed we will start our class tomorrow.

After his class ended. Its time for our recess, so Kiel and I got up from our seats and we left the class and walk to the cafeteria. We saw Yuan and Kaiser in the middle of the crowd, and they saw us too so they make their way toward us.

”My goodness! Theres too many students! We can buy anything at all! ” Yuan stomped his feet in frustration.

”Theres only twenty minutes for our recess, and its impossible to buy anything with this crowd in front of us. ” Kiel sighed.

”If I know this will happen, I brought the food my mother packed for me. ” Yuan gritted his teeth.

”Luckily I brought it with me. ” Said Kaiser, and we all turn our head to him.

”You what? ” I asked.

”I brought the food my mother packed for me and Yuan. Its on my bag. ” He repeated, pointing a finger at his bag, and I saw Yuan and Kiels eyes brighten.

We suggested to eat in our classroom, since we couldn do it in the cafeteria. So we go to our classroom, and we share the food together, and the two of them left after we finished eating.

Our schedule is vacant after recess, that my classmates decided to use to get some food in the cafeteria. A boy from our class asked us if we wanted to go, and we agreed since we don have anything to do anyway.

When we reached the cafeteria, theres no one in there, except us. They bought everything they wanted, while me and Kiel bought some candies that we will eat during our next class.

”Are you from here? ” A girl named Trisha from our class asked, as we walk back to our classroom.

”Do you mean if we graduated our junior high here? If you do, yes. ” Kiel replied.

”You did? Why don we know the two you? ” A boy named Jon asked, while I and Kiel deadpanned him.

”I know we didn socialized with you guys. But we
e your classmates back in seventh and eight grade. ” I sighed, and he looked at me in shock.

”Even during online class, were from the same class. ” Kiel added.

”So you mean we attended the same classes before? ” He asked, and we nodded.

”Both of them attended this school, since pre-kinder. ” A girl chimes in.

”Hello Ana. ” Kiel greeted her, and Ana nodded.

”You know them? ” Jon asked.

”Not just me. Kyle also know them. ” Ana nodded, pointing at Kyle on the back.

”We know each other since pre-kinder. ” Said Kyle.

”Anyway. Did you have a buzz cut? ” Kyle asked, as he noticed my short hair.

”Yeah. My father asked me to have the same haircut as him a month ago. ” I sighed, while I heard Kiel snickering behind me.

”Do you know the organic egg? I almost mistook him as one, after we got tanned… ” Kiels voice trailed off, after he remember the thing he hated the most.

”What did you do anyway? I remember Kiel is very proud of his white skin, what did you do to become like that? ” Ana asked.

”We planted some vegetables during our free time, so we
e like this. ” I replied, shrugging my shoulder.

”What a surprise, I didn expect you to do those things. ” Ana said, genuinely surprised.

”Did you hear that? ” Kyle asked, while I frowned.

”Its not me who farted! ” Trisha exclaimed. While Ana, Kiel, and Jon snickered beside her.

”Its not about that. ” Kyle shake his head.

”But we didn hear anything, beside Trishas fart. ” Said Kiel.

”Maybe its my imagination then. ” Kyle sighed.

”How long till our last teacher will arrive? ” Trisha asked.

”Theres still five minutes before her class start. So maybe three, or four minutes. ” Kiel replied.

”First day of class are so boring. ” Trisha sighed.

”We keep introducing ourselves to each other, and that makes me sleepy. ” Jon nodded.

”If I didn know you, I wouldve thought you like to study. But too bad, I saw you during majority of our classes before, and you were only sleeping. ” Kiel snickered. While the others laugh at Jon. While I walk to the window on the corner of the room that was connected to a storehouse, and took out something.

”Whats wrong maam? ” I heard one of my classmates asked.

I turn my head and saw a teacher entered our room, and shes pale. My classmates are just about to help her, when I dashed toward the teacher and smacking her head with the metal pipe I saw in the corner of our room.

My classmates looked at me baffled, while I throw another pipe to Kiel. Then smacked our teacher once more, while all of them continued looking at me.

”W-what are you doing?! ” Asked a boy from our class. While Kiel understood immediately whats going on, and he grabbed the metal pipe.

”Ahhh! Whats going on! ” A girl screamed as she entered our classroom, attracting the attention of the students in our class.

”Whats wrong? ” A girl asked.

”The students turn into lunatic and they bite me! ” The girl answered.

”Look over there! ” Another boy from our class, pointed at the window in the hallway. We all walked toward it, and we saw the chaos outside of our school.

”What the ** is going on? ” Ana muttered.

”Theres no time to explain. Grab something quick! ” Kiel ordered and everyone look at him, while the four with us earlier walk to the corner of the room to find anything they can use.

”Why don you explain it right now?! ” Another boy asked. While I saw the other four came back holding, metal pipes.

”If you can understand it by just one look, then your an idiot. ” Kiel spat, taking out his phone, while I did the same.

”I will call our parents. Call Kaiser and Yuan, and tell them to lock the room they were in, or hide on something until we arrive. ” I ordered, and he nodded.

”Whats wrong Tina? Don scare me! ” A girl asked, and I turn my head to see the girl earlier is turning pale, and her body is shaking violently.

Kyle understood whats goin on. And he smashed the head of Tina repeatedly, killing her before something bad happen.

”I said what the ** is going on?! ” The same boy asked.

”Don you still get it dickhead?! ” Ana grabbed his collar.

e turning into a zombie! ”

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