Zimens POV

”Theres no use on explaining it to them. They wouldn believe you, until they turn into one. ” I said, after ending the call with my parents.

”Did you get their location? ” I asked, looking at Kiel.

”I did. ” He nodded. ”Yuan is with his friends, inside a bathroom when I texted him. While Kaiser is still in his classroom with his classmates and teacher. He already locked the door, so no one will enter or leave the room. ”

”Did Yuan left the bathroom or he didn ? If he didn where is that bathroom? ” I asked.

”Its on the bathroom near their classroom. He said he noticed something wrong when he and his friends entered the bathroom. And when he looked at the window, he saw the chaos outside, so he and his friends entered on one of the cubicle. Theres seven of them there, so they are a cramped, and they can go out because they are afraid of whats happening outside. ” He answered, throwing his bag and mine to Kyle and Jon, and gestured them to put all of the pipes they can put in it.

”We will go to him first then. ” I said, and Kiel agreed. ”You will come with us right? ” I asked looking at the Ana, Kyle, Trisha and Jon.

”We will. ” Ana said, and the other three nodded.

”Good! Lets leave the– ” I couldn finish my words, as I saw the zombies reached our area, while the security officers are stopping them.

”Fuck! They are grade twelve students! They still have two hours before their classes start! What the ** they are doin here so early! ” Kiel cursed.

”Thanks to them, we will have more zombies to deal with. ” I sighed, reaching for another pipe in Kyles back with Kiel doing the same.

”Ana, Trisha, Jon, secure the stairs near the HUMSS-11C. Kyle alarm them on whats goin on, I and Kiel will take this zombies. ” I ordered, and they all move without saying anything.

”And for the rest of you. ” I turn my head in my other classmates. ”If you don want to die. Grab something to defend yourselves. We wouldn mind taking all of you with us, as long as you wouldn be a dead weight to us. ”

All of them run toward Kyle, and they pushed him aside throwing Kyle to the side, and they all entered HUMSS-11C classroom, and closed the door.

”Kyle! ” Ana run toward Kyle, and she helped him to stand up.

”Those **ers! ” Jon gritted his teeth, and was about to follow the others but I stopped him.

”Theres no time for them. The four of you will secure the stairs while we help the security guards on fighting the zombies! ” I said, while Kiel already dashed to help the security guards.

He nodded, and he run toward the stairs with Ana and Trisha supporting Kyle. I then fallowed Kiel, and clashed with the zombies, together with the security officers.

”Fuck theres too many of them! ” I heard one of them cursed.

”Duck! ” I shouted, as I saw a zombie jumped toward her.

The security officer did as what she was told, avoiding the zombie while I killed it after it landed.

”The stairs is clear! ” I heard Jon shouted.

”Retreat to the stairs! ” Kiel ordered, and all of them run toward the fire exit, while I cover their backs.

”Quick! Close the gate! ” I ordered, after I entered.

An officer immediately closed it, but she can lock it as the zombies are stopping her. I and Kiel help her, while the remaining two officer and Jon walk upstairs to defend it if ever we are attack from there.

After a long struggle we finally locked the gate of the stairs. The security officer sat on the stairs, and she started panting. I then saw the zombies broke the door of HUMSS-11C, and screams asking for help was heard.

”Lets help them! ” The officer stood up, while Kiel stopped her.

”We will only die if we help them. Lets forget about them, they should be accountable for their decisions. ” I patted her shoulder, and walk upstairs signaling for Trisha and Ana to follow me.

When we reached the second floor. We saw Jon standing before the gate, with the other two officer nowhere to be found.

”What happened to the others? ” I asked, startling Jon.

”Don worry They
e still alive. ” He replied, pointing at the room beside the stairs.

”Why did they go out? ” The officer asked.

”Because we can all gather here. If we open the gate, the zombies will rush in and we will be corner here. But if theres some help from the outside, they can help us when we open the gate. ” Kiel explained, and the officer nodded.

”Maam… ” I look at her tag to know her name. ”Maam Reyes. ”

”Youll can call me, Lyka. ” She said, and I nodded.

”Ok Lyka. Our friend Kyle over here, had some injury because of the rowdy students earlier. ” I pointed at Kyle beside me. ”You will protect him for the time being, while Ana and Trisha support him. While we boys clear the coast. ”

”Do you understand? ” I asked, and she nodded.

”Jon send a signal that we will open the gate to the other two. Girls take a step back. ” I ordered, and Jon thought for a while before he sent a signal to the others.

”Did you just create that now? ” I heard Kiel asked.

”We didn talked about the signal. ” He replied, and I felt my eyelids twitched.

”I will open the gate. Kiel cover me, and Jon you will be covering us from behind. ” I walk to the gate, and they position themselves.

”Ready? ” I asked, and they nodded.

I focus my strength on my right leg, and kicked the destroying it, sending it to the zombies. I dashed out of the gate, with Kiel follow behind me while Jon stood in front of the stairs.

Zombies started swarming toward us, so we started killing them. The two officers also joined the fun, and the hallway of the second floor is in total chaos.

I saw the officers are struggling against the zombies, so I helped them. ”Go to the gate! Help the others while we make a path! ” I ordered, and the two of them nodded.

Holding a pipe in each hands. I swing it in every direction, and I looked like someone who drink alcohol. But every swing of my pipe knocked out two zombies, and theres no movements of mine that was wasted.

Our plan is to create a path, but it seems that Kiel and I were carried away as the two of us ending up on killing all of the zombies in this area.

”Welp! That was fun. ” Kiel grinned, wiping the blood on his face.

”Luckily we didn attract the attention of the other zombies. ” I heard a voice from behind me, and I turn my head to see the others walking toward us.

”Are you okay now? ” I asked looking at Kyle.

”Hm. Its just some minor wounds, it just hurt too much earlier that I couldn walk. ” He nodded.

”Good! But just in case, let Trisha help you. ” I said, and both of them nodded.

”The mens bathroom is not far from where we are. Lets move out! ”


Yuan Camiens POV

After I saw the chaos outside. I pushed all of my friends to the cubicle, and locked us there.

I admit I panicked that time, and I didn consider our number, and now we
e suffering. We can feel each others breath, just showing how cramped we are.

Since we are this close. I can hear that one of my friends is crying, unlike the other who was trying to act tough, only to be betrayed by their buckling knees.

”Stop crying Yohan. The campus is big, and theres so many places to hide. Im sure your mother found one. ” I comforted the crying Yohan.

”I-I hope so. ” Yohan replied, after he composed himself.

”How long do we need to wait? We will die because of suffocation. ” Ben asked.

”Don overreact Ben. If we do die here, its because of the shit you just unloaded! ” Kim glared at Ben.

”What can I do?! Im scared! And its not my problem that this stupid school doesn have a flush or water! ” Ben defend himself.

”Hey! Our school have one, maybe theres just some problem! ” Andrew felt offended, because his family own this school.

”Guys stop arguing, or we will attract the zombies. ” Ralph said, but the other didn listen to him, so Lauren smacked their heads.

”You idiots! If you want to die go kill yourselves! We still want to live so don take us with you! ” Lauren scolded them, and the three of them shut their mouths.

”How long till your cousin arrive? ” Lauren asked.

”Lets just wait. ” This is the answer that I can only say, as I don really know when they will arrive.

”Or we go out and meet them. ” Ben suggested, and I saw Kim rolled his eyes.

”Do you think we
e dumb like you? Even Yuan and Lauren, the strongest among us suggested on hiding, and you want to go out there? ” Kim scoffed.

”Then whats the point of us learning martial arts? ” Ben sighed.

The seven of us knew each other since we were young. We grew up together, and attend the school Andrews family own. We also learn martial arts together, with Lauren and I as the strongest in our group.

”We can use those skills later, we just need to wait for now. Theres too many of them for us to handle, so we better hide for now. And you shutting your mouth for a moment will do a lot of help. ” Andrew pinched Ben, who yelped and Kim covered his mouth while Andrew continued pinching Ben. and I saw tears welled up in the corner of Bens eyes.

”Shhhh…I hear some movements outside. ” Ralph stopped them.

Moments later, we heard fighting outside of the bathroom. The sound of the metal hitting something grew louder and louder, signaling the fight is coming near us.

We heard how footsteps rushed to where we are, and how they struggled closing the door. I then heard someone was bitten, and the hope we
e having was gone.

After a while, the fighting stopped. But that didn mean whoever entered the bathroom succeeded, but rather they failed, and now they
e all infected.

”Welp! That goes our hope flying away. ” Andrew muttered, while Kim clicked his tongue in frustration.

”Any plan? ” Ben asked.

”Why don we throw this one outside? ” Kim snapped, and I saw Ben flinched.

”I second that. We can use him as our bait while we ran. What do you think guys? ” Andrew smirked.

”Both of you stop scaring Ben. We can have him pooping again, or we will die. ” Ralph scolded them, but the two only snickered.

”Or we can use those shit of his to scare the zombies. ” Said Kim.

”Thats a good idea! Im sure no one will come near us if we did that. ” Andrew nodded.

”Here goes another one. ” Lauren signaled for all of us to shut up.

The same as earlier, we heard the noises of fighting outside. But unlike earlier, it seems this group is smart. They push the door, while the others defend them, and surveyed the area.

It didn take long for them to succeed on closing the door, and killing all the zombies inside. We then heard a knock on our door, and we all look at each others eyes.

”Yuan? ” I heard a familiar voice asked, and my eyes lit up.

”Brother Zizi Im here! ” I opened the door, and saw brother Zizi and Kiel outside.

”Whats with that smell? ” I saw brother Kiel frowned, while Ben nervously chuckled.

”Someone dropped a bomb in the toilet and we don know who. ” Kim sighed, not wanting the others to bully our friend.

”Oh? Its good that you didn died because of it. ” Brother Kiel chuckled, and I saw Ben breathed a sigh in relief.

”Any news from the police? ” Andrew asked, changing the topic.

”Kiddo. The police station is just literally in front of our school, and they aren here. Whats there that you didn understand? ” I heard a boy behind brothers asked, and I saw Andrew took a step back.

”We are kids, so its natural for us to admire and depend on the police. So don blame us for not understanding the situation, and looking for the police for help. ” Ralph got between of them, while Ben glared at the boy.

”Jon they
e just kids. Don speak to them like that. ” I saw the girl with a long hair smack the head of the mullet boy.

”Ana is right Jon. You shouldn talk to them like that. ” The short hair girl nodded.

”Whatever. ” Jon clicked his tongue.

”Don worry guys. We have some officers here with us. ” Brother Zizi pointed at the three on the door, and they smiled at us.

”Although we
e just college students, and we
e still under training, you can depend on us. ” The girl comforted, and my friends smiled.

”Lets rest here for thirty minutes, then go to the third floor. ” Brother Zizi said, and I saw the three officers frowned.

”Why? ” The boy asked.

”My cousin and his classmates are still there, they locked themselves inside their classroom. So we will help them. ” Brother Kiel answered for brother Zizi, and they nodded.

”We will move in exactly twelve oclock. ”

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