Becoming the villainess sounds cliche, but it has happened to me.

I possessed the body of Lidia vestion daughter of the dukes in the novel the prince and saint, that she used to read

its was a romance novel about a prince Arnold Matthew lomprougeem a handsome prince and the daughter of duke Rita Vermont the beautiful female lead

Right now I am 12 years old so its 5 years before the original story begins, and I will make sure to get revenge for the original Lidia, who had a gruesome death in 5 years, the original Lidia is supposed to contract ”Vincenzo ” a terrible disease that destroys the soul, causing terrible pain to the persons body and soul, people who contract it tend to vomit a lot of blood and its even worse when they overstrain their bodies, only 5 people are known to have contracted this disease.

the host of this disease can only live 3 years before, their souls are destroyed, but no one has lasted that long the longest someone had withstood was one year because the pain was so unbearable they committed suicide.

But I won die because the original Lidia is already dead she died at the hand of the prince Arnold, who she was deeply in love with, when she was 19 years old at that moment she was dying she awaken her special power the eye of time, but it was useless her power could only see some minutes into the future and past.

When her soul was about to be destroyed, it impacted mine who died at the same time in a different world, when our souls collided it caused my soul to absorb her soul giving me everything she had, memories, her power, and her will for revenge, this caused the eyes of time to evolve,

thinking about how wonderful it would be for Lidia to have had a helper back then when something in my head talked

Voice: hello master

Mc: who is talking

Voice: it me master the helper you asked for

Mc: I wish for Lidia not for me how come you are with me

Voice: When you absorb Lidias soul, you became Lidia yourself

Mc: that sounds possible, who granted the wish

Voice: the world

Mc: why

Voice: who knows the world does things

that we can understand

Mc: okay what is your name

Voice: I don have one I was created to help you there is almost nothing I don know or cannot do

Mc: can you cure ”Vincenzo, ” I asked

Voice: unfortunately I cannot the world restricts me from that knowledge and made me unable to cure it even if I can get to analyze it. The reason for this I don know the world work in mysterious ways.

Mc: then you are useless, I will still die

Voice: fear, not Masters you absorbed Lidias soul, your body may contract the disease but your soul will not be affected, the pain can be suppressed by me you will only have to deal with the blood vomit

Mc:Good to hear that for an instance I thought I was gonna die

Voice: do not worry master, also due to your achievement of surviving death and staying in the void you have gained another special ability, the power of shadow and darkness

Voice: master your soul has been absorbing the void energy all this time, your magic capacity has increased by a lot.

you are about to be sent back to this world as Lidia

Mc: Good

When I opened my eyes I went to the mirror and confirm that it was indeed the body of Lidia but a 12-year-old Lidia

now its time for revenge

voice are you there

voice: yes master

Lidia: hmmm calling you voice is inconvenient so Ill call you zeal

zeal: as you command master

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