Lidia: from what I remember Lidia had an average appearance so no wonder the prince didn like her.

Lidia POV

The only thing that made her stand out was her white hair. She didn have a hot body and her face looked plain her eyes were an intense red but her face had acne so people would laugh at her even her brother.

No wonder she began to act the way she did

Lidia: first I need to find a way to generate income, something that does not involve my family, if I remember correctly there should be a cave with a treasure, it used to belong to a dragon if I can get my hands on it money won be a problem in the future.

If I remember correctly it was located to the north on a mountain, the problem is that it would take an entire day to reach it they would notice my disappearance and it could cause a problem.

Zeal: [Notice] master I would recommend for you to go at night time if you use the power of shadows you can reach within two hours

Lidia:great! Good job zeal lets do that

Timeskip 9 pm

Lidia: zeal what do I need to do?

Zeal: its a technique called shadow movement, you use magic and fuse yourself with your shadow, and you can travel to any place you want and its very fast it can also be useful for assassination.

Lidia: I guess shadow power is very useful, is there anyone apart from me that can use the shadow and darkness power? I mean just thinking someone can kill a person without the victim noticing it I wouldn want someone to use it on me

Zeal: be at ease master you are the only one who can, first you need to die and your soul needs to survive the void, secondly even if someone can survive he/she needs to know about shadow powers and I not even dragons have this knowledge, third only one person is allowed to gain the ability to use it every millennium, and fourth they need to control and stabilize it you met some of the conditions and I help you complete the rest.

2 hours later

Lidia POV

We reach the cave and encounter a huge amount of gold coins and some holy gold coins I used the power of my shadow to store the money there, we returned to the dikes mansion and I slept as if nothing happened

The night I went hunting for people who would be of use to me

Jannet POV

I was an orphan, I had nowhere to until he appeared he told me that he would help me find the place where I belong.

I trusted him, only to be betrayed that basted he sold me to a noble and now Im in a cage on my way to that nobles mansion had already given up on my life until she appeared.

It was in an instant all of the people guarding the cage fell to the ground

A masked person approached me from the look I could tell it was a child even younger than me yet she killed them without blinking an eye

She approached me and told me work for me, it was the voice of a girl I looked up only to see her red beautiful eyes that mesmerized me and accepted that is how my story with the young miss began

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