The Return of the strongest villainess

summon\'s letter and engagement

Lidia POV

I rescued a girl called Jannet now she is working for me. I added a curse on her with the shadow power for safety measure, I also gave her a good amount of gold coins and send her out to recruit people who would seem useful

Lidia: now zeal is there a way to get rid of this acne also I will need to train this body so that when the time comes the ”Vincenzo ” will not have that huge impact on my body.

Zeal:for the acne, there is a way, for your body, there is a way you can use the dragon bones and mix them with adamantine or a piece of meteorite and use a secret technique to fuse it with your body and organs if you do it if you fight against one of the two Dragon gods you won be that greatly injured.

But right now I don suggest using it

Lidia: wow that sounds useful but is there a side effect it to sounds too good to be true

Zeal: well youll have to endure a lot of pain and the reason I don recommend it is that it will cause you to stop aging, if you use it now you might die or live with the body of a child all your life

Lidia: good to know that, so now tell me how to cure the acne

Lidia POV

With zeals help, I made a new product that cures acne almost instantly which I modified for it to cure acne in 2 weeks and open a company of course duke did not know about this

zeal also helped me to make shampoo, and soap which I began to mass produce with the help of the people Jannet brought with her, and all of them were place cursed marks with my shadow power.

Everything was going smooth until one day my brother or to say it better my half brother oh yes didn I tell you I am an illegitimate child, well anyway he came into my room to bully so I kicked him in his

After that, the duke hit mi until all my back was full of cuts and bleeding all over the place

Zeal: master you should have defended that bastard is very weak, right now Ill heal you don worry I will make it so that there is no scar left

Lidia: wait, heal it but leave the scars

Zeal:are you sure

Lidia: yes

Time passed by she was engaged to the crown prince, of course, the crown prince didn like her and always insulted her well after all she was using magic to look full of acne and her hair to cover her eyes. Also, the crown prince was already in love with the female lead

She began to create companies with the money she had left and earn, with zeal helping her she created a new brand of wines and new clothing, she also opened a pastries shop and chocolate shop, and she also bought an independent land where all factories were built she also managed to grow sugar cane and produce salt. everything was placed inside a huge mountain in the territory she bought

All of her works were orphans that Jannet brought who accepted the curse that Lidia placed on them

began to work for her and with the curse mark there was no risk of someone betraying her

Everything was going fine the prince continued mistreated her which was wonderful because if she proposed to break the engagement he would accept

the duke and her half-brother often beat her which she counted each time she was hit.

With her products, her power expanded to the 5 kingdoms on the continent of course she was secretly pulling the strings from the shadows.

Also with jannets help, she founded the assassin league which were all fully trained and were experts

Lastly ben the expert stategist incharge of the location of casinos deals the factories management,han the

Excpert businessman controls the money in and out of the underworld, lara the investigator incharge of managing the information of every palce ,

even the palace can prevent it

lastly jin and jan the experts in weapon and infiltration, and their leader Lidia,

they were a mafia known as the insignia famila, nothing of them was know only that thank to them kidnapping and stealing had stopped and it consisted of orphans.

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