The Return of the strongest villainess

summon\'s letter and engagement

In a room in the Imperial Palace, a girl suddenly woke up.

The doctor hurried to advise the king that the lady had woken up

King: good afternoon lady Lidia.

Lidia immediately stands up and greets the king

Lidia: greeting to the sun of the empire

King: don worry about that, how are you feeling

Lidia: I am feeling fine your Majesty, you don need to worry about me

The king: the doctor said that you should rest your sickness is a bit complicated so

Lidia:your Majesty please don beat around the bush please tell me the truth

King: hah, your sickness is Vincenzo I think you know what that means right?

Lidia: yes, can you get me some paper and a pen? I need to contact my friend to come and pick me up

King: there is no need for that, you can stay here all the time you want.

Lidia: no need your Majesty I want to enjoy the time little time I have left.

King: if that is your wish I won stop you. do you need me to provide you with some money?

Lidia: thank you for your kindness you Majesty but I have my savings.

After some hours a carriage enter the gates of the Royal Castle

When the carriage stopped a beautiful woman with long black hair in a beautiful dark purple dress hot down and hugged Lidia,

It was Lara, she was so beautiful that the other princes were hypnotized by her beauty.

Lidia: thank you for everything you Majesty

King:don worry its the least I could do after what my idiotic son did to you.

The carriage left and dropped the ladies at one of the chocolate stores from there they escaped from the back door and took another carriage to a mansion in the name of the Ls corporation which was the company she created.

There all of the insignia familia founder members were waiting for her with Jannet

Welcome my lady said Jannet

Its good to have you back said the members, Lidia removed her illusion and showed her true self

There was only one way to describe her

The most beautiful woman in the world

Lidia: from this moment Lidia vestion is dead you shall all call me Chizuki Gremory

(Blood moon demon/devil)

All of you will have the surname Gremory, no lets begin my revenge.

A week later in an underground facility

Jannet:It was time to hit the first target, duke vestion, on the surface he appears to be an upright person but he has several illegal drug stores,

They are located in 5 different locations two to the north of the kingdom, two to the south, and one in the middle.

He has a good relationship with Ernesto vin leader of a small local gang who does the dirty work for him.

Ben: the plan will be divided into three faces.

Face 1 infiltration

Face 2 elimination

Face 3 Destruction

Ben:We will attack the 5 places simultaneously, you will all have 5 minutes to get in and out without being noticed

For this mission, we chose squadron 2 of the assassins league, the shadow group will be divided into 15 groups of four the first 5 groups will be in charge of the infiltration they will find any important document that is there. You will be the alpha group

Alphas group: yes sir!!

Ben:In the second group the Delta squad, you will be in charge of the elimination of all the gang members, don leave a single one alive.

Delta: yes sir!!

Ben:Lastly, the bravo team will be in charge of planting the bombs in the underground facilities to destroy all the drugs stored there.

Bravo: yes sir!

Ben:we will communicate using the telepathy stone transmitter, the attack will begin at exactly 9 pm, now go!

Ernesto POV

It was a normal night we were preparing the drugs that had arrived, everything was proceeding smoothly.

All of a sudden it became all quiet, he had an ominous feeling, he turned around only to see his men on the floor dead he ran with two bodyguards who were with him and were still alive.

As soon as they got out he hear a womans voice say

”Ive been waiting for you ” it was surely a

woman in a white dress and a mask.

I didn hesitate and ordered one of my to attack her.

He threw 5 knifes one after another but the woman easily block them with her hand fan

At that moment I knew I had to run away from there.

I ordered him to continue attacking her, he took a dagger and charged at full speed only to be blocked with one fingernail and grabbed by his neck.

I and my remaining guard run away to the opposite side when we turned to see if the girl was following us, she threw him up and jumped with her hand she pierced his stomach, hold him up and pierce him again with her other hand while floating in the air.

She then oppositely moved her hand and split the body in two, the blood fell on her white dress.

She then landed elegantly on the chimney of a house, that was when we saw her long white sparkling hair, the face was covered with a white mask making her mesmerizing red eyes to be more noticeable her with dress had been completely covered with blood.

In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of me killing my other guard in the process

She touched my forehead with her finger and I fainted.

Jannet POV

Jannet: my lady everything is done here is the evidence the places are about to be destroyed in around 1 minute we should go now.

Chizuki: yes

Jannet: my lady what do we do with that bastard?

Chizuki: leave him be, right now he is under an illusion, when he wakes up he will be the one to tell what happened here and give all the evidence to the king.

Jannet: what kind of illusion? Would that be bad if he saw your hair my lady and I bet your eyes two even if no one knows your face if he describes your characteristic to the king then it would be a problem in the long run when you want to go out?

You are probably the only woman in the kingdom who has white hair and red eyes.

Chizuki: he is under the illusion that he is being persecuted by me he will feel as if he is being persecuted for a day and up to years in one night, looks like you don know me, I have placed a curse on him as soon as he sees the king and completes his job he will deliver a message to the duke and all the noble then die and the curse will make him unable to anything about me.

Janne: its time let go, young lady

After that the guards were dispatched to the five locations, they only encounter one survivor, Ernesto Vin.

That day Ernesto was taken to the king and interrogated and all the nobles that were in the kingdom at that time.

He handed all the evidence of the duke cooperating with him to the king

The king: you are alive so you must have seen who was the one who attack you.

Said the king in a cold voice

yes!! said Ernesto while trembling

King: now tell me who did it, and how it happened.

Ernesto: we were preparing the drugs when suddenly everything became silent when I noticed I saw my men were dead only my two bodyguards were left.

We tried to escape but it was futile, that when it happened everything happened so fast that thing killed one of my bodyguards in seconds when I look into the sky the moon turned red and she appeared

Nobles: she?

Ernesto: she is the devil itself, she is the ”blood moon demon ” and she will come for all of you.

As soon as Ernesto finished speaking he immediately died

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