The Robomechanic Wanderer

Chapter 3 - Robomechanic\'s gift

”Robo-Rat has been built… ”

Sandy said the moment the process got finished. A smaller version of the rat that attacked Collin previously was standing on the table looking really confused to his owner. Who stood at the other side of the room. ”How did that even happen, and how am I sure he listens to me? Maybe he smells the oil of his fallen brothers and sisters..0

Sandy flied over ”Don worry creations always listen to their owners and are as loyal as they can get. Beside that you didn even kill any rats so theres no way he would smell oil on you… ”

Collin glared ”Thank you asshole.. ” Sandy flied back while saying some words ”your wish is my command. ” Collin sighed and walked over to the rat who jumped at Collin as a sign of happiness. Collin however started pushing him off right away and stood back up right away. Giving yet another glare to Sandy who acted like its minding its own business. After a while the rat looked somewhat down so Collin collected his courage and gave him a pat. Which ended up entirely switching the rats mood and he ran all around the place. ”Alright where is my reward ” Collin asked Sandy knowing well he got a ancient-level building recipe. Sandy flied over.

”Would you like to learn the Dragon Guardian Recipe? ”

[Yes] – [No]

Collin clicked right away on yes without a second thought. ”I am able to build my own dragon at level 0?! This is broken! ”

”Recipe has been added to your recipes list ” Sandy replied

”Start the assembling process! ” Collin said excited

”Host doesn have the required components or the prior requirements. ”

Name: Dragon Guardian

Rarity: Ancient

Required Experience:

Advanced Robomechanic

Additional requirements: Level 10

Desc: The Dragon Guardians were once the trusty guards of the Ancient Dragon King Gathatis. From a young age the most skilled young dragonlings were chosen to be trained to become a dragon guardian. This is a robot recreation from one of those guardians.

Required Components:

Ancient screw: x10

Ancient core: x1

Ancient body(Dragon Guardian): x1

Ancient head(Dragon Guardian): x1

Ancient leg(Dragon Guardian): x2

Ancient arm(Dragon Guardian): x2

Ancient wing(Dragon Guardian): x2

”Never mind.. ” Collin sadly whispered after reading the requirements. ”In that case Sandy is it possible to see the stats of that rat? ”

”Of course generating robo-rat #1s stats… ”

Sandy changed the screen

Robo-Rat #1

Nick: None

Level: 1

Exp to next level: 5

Hp: 5

ATK: 2

DEF: 1

Skills: none

Collins face was clearly disappointed ”well at least it is something ” he looked at the rat and went to pat it. ”We are going to make you a strong rat worthy of being a minion of mine ”

Sandy chuckled and made a beeping noise

”What is it this time? ” Collin said while looking at the screen.

Ordinary quest received.

Kill 3 Rats using your minions


Robomechanics gift


”Robomechanics gift? ” Before Collin could even think what the reward could be he was interrupted from a rat attacking his side. Collin jumped and kicked the rat.

>Dealt 1 hp of damage<

>Rat has 1 def so he received 0 damage<

”Damn it rat go! ”

Collins robo-rat went ahead to attack one of the rats while Collin tried to distract the other two rats

>Robo-Rat dealt 1 damage to Rat<

>Rat #1 attacked you losing 0.5 hp<

>Rat #2 attacked you losing 0.5 hp<

Collin panicked from the voice he kept hearing from Sandy.

”Ahhh Sandy what are my stats! ”

He yelled running circles

Host stats:

Level: 0

Exp to next level: 10

Class: Robomechanic

Class Level: Beginner

HP: 10

DEF: 1.5

ATK: 1

Passive skills: Basic Assembly

Regular skills: None

”Alright it is realistic to stay alive. How is that rat doing? ”

He looked over to his rat who was attacking the other rats.

>Robo-Rat killed Rat #1<

>Robo-Rat received 2 exp<

>Host received 1 exp<

Collin nodded to his rat who went over to help him with the rats following him around.

”Well at least I get some share of the exp from a monster that robo-rat kills. It also seems those rats are weaker then robo-rat. So we have a chance to win this! If only their defense weren so high.. ”

Collin stopped and started kicking both rats attracting their attention. While robo-rat attacked them from behind.

>Rat #2 & #3 attack you for a combined damage of 1 hp<

>Robo-Rat attacks Rat #2 for 1 damage<

>Host loses 1 hp<

>Rat #2 loses 1 hp<

>Host loses 1 hp<

>Rat #2 loses 1 hp and died<

>Robo-rat received 2 exp, host received 1 exp<

>Host loses 0.5 hp<

>Rat #3 loses 1 hp<

>host loses 0.5 hp<

>warning host has 50% hp left!<

>Rat #3 loses 1 hp<

>host loses 0.5 hp<

>Rat #3 loses 1 hp and died<

>Robo-Rat received 2 exp, host received 1 exp<

>Robo-Rat levelled up to level 2!<

”Ooooh! Show stats of robo-rat! ”

Sandys screen changed to show robo-rats stats

Robo-Rat #1

Nick: None

Level: 2

Exp to next level: 10

Hp: 6

ATK: 2

DEF: 1

Skills: none

”Only its hp increased by 1 point.. oh well at least he is able to survive a bit longer. It is still early. More importantly, show me the quest results! ”

Ordinary quest cleared!

> Received 5 RPT

> Received the passive skill Robomechanics Gift!

Robomechanics Gift:

Passive Skill

The host is able to replace his or her minions parts to increase their stats. This has a similiar effect as equipping armor or weapons. Parts can be found in dungeon or boss chests, crafted if the host has the required passive skill or bought in the interdimension shop.

”What is the interdimension shop? ” He asked Sandy curiously

”It is a shop setup by the system where you can use your RTP to buy common items. For rarer items you will need to look for treasures in the dimensions. Or buy it from the interdimension auction, however it hasn launched yet. ”

Collin looked confused and asked Sandy.

”What is the system? ”

Sandy shakes its body

”I don have the permissions to share that with the host ”

Collin scratches his head

”Thats suspicious for sure.. ”

Sandy quickly changed the topic

”Now that this quest is finished I will send you back to the dungeon from earlier. Your friends likely have a class now too if they didn fail their quest and together you can decide what to do next.. ”

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