The Robomechanic Wanderer

Chapter 1 - Old Lab

”Sir do you got some coins to spare for a person in need? ” However the passerby yelled some words along the lines of ”leave me alone ” or ”It is your own fault that you got here ”.

As I stood up and got my hat and counted what I collected. I only managed to gain together a euro or five.

”Seems like the common people don care if it is a thirty-year-old or a student. ” Collin sighed and puts it away. As he walked the same way through the alleys, as he usually does.

On his way to what is supposed to be his new home. He looked at the clock and sighed ”If it was possible to turn back time, I would make sure to not repeat the mistakes I have made. ”

He arrived at the shelter and tossed the 5 euros he made to the young lady at the door front. ”Same bed as usual? ” She asked as if she already knew his answer. Followed up with a light nod from Collin and he walked to the mattress he usually sleeps at and fell on it.

”At least the government cares a little bit about the homeless. So that we don end up sleeping under bridges. ” He scratches his head when a man with long red hair and a matching beard walked over and said hi to him. Even though Ronald is many years older than Collin, he still treated him as a brother, and they get along well.

Ronald took the mattress next to Collin and sat down on it. ”Collin, could you tell me. How someone of your age managed to land in this mess? ”. Collin only resisted for a moment, but he knew he could tell Ronald about this matter. After all it is one of the two persons, he considered a friend around here.

”Well believe it or not but it isn exactly my fault… So, my mother and dad got divorced a year or five ago and I never had that good of a relation with my dad. But it only got worse once they went their separate ways. My dad had a new wife and children and wanted to leave what happened between my parents behind. It didn take long before I wasn allowed to visit his house anymore.

Because of this I went to live with my mother we got along well, and she did her best to make life best for me and my older brother. My brother left a year later for unknown reason, and I haven heard of him since. Which was weird cause we consider each other rather good friends. Anyway, shortly after my mother went missing. It took several weeks before they found her, but they only found her body. ”

Ronald gulped and sat next to Collin preparing to comfort him when necessary. Collin continued. ”I was so lost what I had to do with my life and I am still grieving till this day. People sent by the higher ups told me that my mother had a huge debt. They wouldn put the debt under my name, but they did tell me that I could no longer live in the house because they would sell it to earn back part of her debt. ”

Collin started to tear up and without thinking leaned against Ronald who hugged him tightly. ”Poor guy… ” Ronald sighed while comforting Collin. Collin continued after a while. ”I went to ask my dad, or I could stay with him for a while. He hesitated for a bit but ultimately rejected me and went back to his daily life. Acting as if I never existed. ” Collin sat up and took in a deep breath and punched the wall while tears came down his eyes.

”W Why did from all the possible scenarios the worst one come true. ” As Collin cried and Ronald was unsure what to do. Because he obviously haven experienced it before. A young girl around a few years older than Collin but far younger than Ronald. Having her long black hair in a ponytail with a rusty old hair band, walked over and gave Ronald a glare.

This was Sophie she similarly to Collin ended up homeless on a young age. Her reason however, was partly because of her own fault.

She dropped out of high school without a certificate while knowing the consequences and ran away from her home. Trying to start a new life in the province of Lareyville. Where she hopped from one city to the other. Which well failed miserably because there was nowhere she could really stay until she ended up at this shelter.

After a local gang robbed her and forced her to work under them. While not having any experience in the area, she quickly realised. She was nothing more then cannon fodder. Her rather soft and caring personality didn help either, so it didn last long before the group tried to get rid of her.

Luckily, she managed to escape but being in an unknown province without anyone she knows she ended up landing on the streets quickly.

”Why would you even ask about such a sensitive topic, your at least thirty I am sure you have had more life experience then either me or Collin ” she crossed her arms while still glaring at Ronald. She lowered her arms to her hips and looked at them both.

”Either way it is almost 8pm time to go to the foodbank to get something to eat tonight. ” Both Collin and Ronald nodded in agreement. Shortly afterwards the trio followed the old road beside the building they just exited. When suddenly without reason sirens were heard and a burning smell spread thorough the neighbourhood. Smoke started to surround them and Ronald pushed the others with him to the ground. Trying to lay low from the smoke.

”W what is happening?! ” Collin said and started to panic looking around. ”Stay down! ” Ronald yelled. ”A bomb? ” Sophie asked while being alert. Collin Shaked his head ”There is no way we would still be talking if that would be the case… ” Collin observed his surroundings trying to see what the heck was happening outside.

As the smoke slowly cleared up Collin and the others were dumb struck. Behind the thick fading smoke slowly a shape was getting visible. There was a huge steel gate with stairs leading up to it right in front of their eyes. Collin didn have any words. Just now there was an empty old road leading to the foodbank which used to always be there.

Now out of seemingly nowhere a big gate appeared. As Collin was trying to believe this entire situation. The steel gates slowly opened and behind it was what seemed like a portal with a swamp green colour. Collin rubbed his eyes and looked slowly to both Ronald and Sophie who were in a similar state of shock. Collin slowly stood up observing his surroundings to make sure he wasn dreaming. ”Is this reality? ”

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