The Robomechanic Wanderer

Chapter 5 - Proto-Rat

Collin ended up back at the dungeon he first arrived in. Not knowing what is happening outside or how long he has been here he started walking through the corridors once again. ”Hey is that collin over there? ” A similiar voice asked from behind collin. ”Yeah for sure, COLLIN OVER HERE! ”

Collin turned around and he saw both Ronald and Sophie. Sophie was carrying a staff thats about the same size as her while waving with her other hand.

Ronald on the other hand seems to have only got a change of fit. Sophie walked over to the big room where Collin was waiting while he looked at Sophie. ”So eh did you receive a class? ” Sophie nodded. ”No clue what it does though I just finished my quest by beating up the rats with this staff. My class is called magnage. Whatever that may mean, I also got no clue how to use it. ”

The device from Sophie was flying and sighed ”try hitting the floor three times.. ” Sophie nodded and hit the floor three times on the third time all the steel materials in the room which contains buckets, blocks, scrap and other stuff started flying high. Sophie got scared and dropped her staff which ended up making the materials fly to all directs. Three buckets ended up hitting Collin.

>Host lost 1 hp<

>Host lost 1 hp<

>Host lost 1 hp<


Collins heart started beating and he looked around for something to heal. Ronald walked to Collin.

”Oh yeah we ended up finding a few treasures on our way here. And kept some aside for you ”

>You received Small Heal Pot 3x from Ronald<

>You received 5 RTP from Ronald<

>You received common dagger from Ronald<


15 RTP

3 Small Heal Pots

1 Common Dagger

”Thanks a lot! ”

Collin right away drunk one heal pot

>Hosts hp has been fully restored<

He also equipped the common dagger

>ATK increased by 0.5 however due to having the class Robomechanic ATK decreased by 0.3 ATK<

Host stats:

Level: 0

Exp to next level: 7

Class: Robomechanic

Class Level: Beginner

HP: 10

DEF: 1.5

ATK: 1

Passive skills: Basic Assembly, Robomechanics gift

Regular skills: None

”Huh what?! Thats unfair! ” Collin cussed a bit while Sophie and Ronald looked at him being very confused.

A bleep sound was heard from each persons devices.

Sandy turned towards Collin.

>Main Quest received<

>Beat Scrap lab second layer<

>A abomination was made in this lab a long time ago this abomination till this day still roams somewhere in the scrap lab. Find a way to the second layer of the scrap lab<

Another bleep sound was heard

>Because of your friendship with Ronald and Sophie. Would you like to form a party with them for the main quests?<

[Yes] – [No]

Collin looked at Sophie and Ronald who were looking at their own screens and they looked up and gave a quick nod. Collin clicked on yes.

>All invites have been accepting forming a party…<

Main Party:

Collin (Leader) – Epic Robomechanic

Sophie – Epic Magnage

Ronald – Epic Treasure Scout

”Your a treasure scout. What does that class mean Ronald? ” Ronald replied

”Well nothing special. Till now it is mainly easier for me to find treasures in dungeons. If my class levels up there is even a possibility that additional treasures will be added. Or existing ones will be upgraded if I enter a dungeon. What about yours? ”

Collin gave a sign and robo-rat crawled to them. Sophie right away raised her staff. While Collin desperately shaked his arms. Sophie lowered her staff and Collin started to talk. ”Well with my class I can create little guys like this. ” He said while pointing to robo-rat. ”However it seems like in exchange my fighting stats are lower then most people. ” He patted the robo-rat and sat next to him. ”With the use of components I can build new minions like this and I recently found out that I can upgrade them with so-called parts. ” Sophie opened her bag after hearing that and threw a new paw towards Collin. ”Ahh I originally thought this was junk and wanted to look or I can use them as ammo for this magnetic-like magic of mine. But it seems to be one of those upgrade parts of yours. ” Collin smiled when looking at this paw

Uncommon Fighting Paw:

Can be used by those who have the Robomechanics gift. Upgrades the ATK stat of the minion who equips it by 1.

”Would you like to equip it to Robo-rat? ”

Collin once again clicked on yes.

Robo-Rat #1

Nick: None

Level: 2

Exp to next level: 10

HP: 6

ATK: 3

DEF: 1

Skills: None


Uncommon fighting paw x1(up to 4 paws)

”Very well! Lets look for this entry to the second layer shall we? ” Collin asked while looking at Ronald and Sophie. Ronald ended up laughing.

”We already found the entry a long time ago follow me. ” He casually told Collin. The trio went to a small room at the back of the floor and there was a hole in the corner of the room with a ladder going down. Ronald went down first followed up by Sophie and lastly Collin. Ronald took up the leader ship role. ”Alright Ill explore the left corridor, Collin can you send robo-rat to explore the right corridor? Sophie you protect Collin while we are investigating. ”

They all nodded and Collin send robo-rat to explore the right corridor. Robo-rat crawled through the corridor and carefully explored the many rooms and corridors on the right side of the layer. He found a small chest and managed to hold it in its snout. Which because of the size of the robo-rats easily fitted. He made his way back to the room where Collin and Sophie were. Collin noticed and grabbed the chest out of its snout and gave the rat another pat. Before opening curiously the chest to see what it contains.

Host collected the following from the Steel Boar Kit:

Steel Boar recipe: x1

Magical screw: x5

Common core: x1

Common reinforced body(Boar): x1

Common head(Boar): x1

Common leg(Boar): x4

”Oooh a new minion recipe?! ” Collins eyes shined

”Would you like to learn the recipe? ”

Sandy asked

”Of course ” Collin replied

”You have enough components to assembly a steel boar. It will take approximately 1.5 hour. ”

”Yeah sure lets do this. ”

Collin looked for a place where he could sit to work on the robot he first screwed open the body and through all the wires he put down the cold core with a bit of mysterious energy left in the middle and attached the wires perfectly to it. As if he has been doing this for many years. He put the lid back in placed and locked it up. He flips the body and puts the legs in the four legholes and puts the magic screws on it and flipped it back on the normal side. Where he puts the head on top and he started chanting some unknown words. When the eyes of the boar slowly opened and he puts his head down. Greeting his new master. ”Sandy show his stats ” sandy flied over ”understood! ”

Steel Boar #1

Rarity: Common

Nick: None

Level: 1

Exp to next level: 30

Hp: 3

ATK: 1.2

DEF: 5

Skills: none


A true protector his outstanding defense makes up for his lack in the other stats. Also takes longer to level up then most minions.

”So it is seriously a microscale tank almost. ” Collin said when looking at the silver-coloured boar standing before him with rusty tusks.

Sophie was impressed and looked excitingly to the boar. As if she was a child looking at her new toy. People always thought weird of Sophie when she told them. The boar was her favourite animal. She looked at Collin ”Can I have one too? ” She asked him. ”Good question, hey Sandy is it possible to gift a minion to a ally? ” Sandy nodded ”as long you have the required components you can build a minion for a different person. In the future it can even be used as a business! ”

Collin nodded ”if you can get the materials I will build one for you. ” Beside that the boar is Sophies favourite animal it also fits as a good companion for a mage like her. For Ronald would a ranged minion be. For the team as a whole the boar was a great addition. Cause with the teams classes they were in dire need of a tank-like member. Who can take up the hits.

As Sophie left to look for materials for a second boar. Collin went ahead and looked for a few robo-rats to level up his team. After a while he found a group of five. He send boar to distract them. Because of the boars ridiculous defense the rats weren able to land a hit on him while the robo-rat slowly took the hp away from each rat.

>Rat #1 loses 1 hp and died<

>Robo-Rat received 2 exp, Boar received 1 exp, Host received 1 exp, Other party member received 0.5 exp<

>Robo-Rat reached level 3<

Robo-Rat #1

Nick: None

Level: 3

Exp to next level: 25

HP: 6

ATK: 3

DEF: 1.5

Skills: None



”There we go that looks better then what he received previous level. I need 3 more exp before I become level 1 and don let me get started on steel boar. ” As Collin was about to leave he heard shouting ”COLLIN! SOPHIE! COME HERE! ” Ronald yelled. Collin right away went back to the first room and saw Ronald waiting. Sophie also came back with a bunch of components in her hands and handed it over to Collin. Collin sat down and started building the boar for Sophie.

While listening to what Ronald has to say. ”So eh while exploring this layer I found a huge door at the end of the corridors. I think that might lead to the exit. I think thats how we eat the area according to the main mission. ” Collin shaked his head ”did it look huge and intimidating with some decorations around it? ”

Ronald nodded confused. ”I see thats the boss room for sure ” he sighed he knows it well from the few rpgs he played back in the day. ”If your all rested and healed up lets go to the door. This being the tutorial area it probably isn too hard. ” Collin said shrugging. Sophie and Ronald agreed to rest a bit while Collin finishes off the steel boar for Sophie. Afterwards they would head to the boss room to beat the main quest.

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