The Robomechanic Wanderer

Chapter 7 - Renewed World

> Main quest ”Secret of the old lab ”

has been cleared<




>Rare Vitality Leg(+2hp)<

>Boar #1 became level 2<

Steel Boar #1

Nick: None

Level: 2

Exp to next level: 50(20/50 collected)

HP: 3.6

ATK: 1.5

DEF: 6

Skills: None

>Host became level 2<

>Host learned active skill ”quick-repair<


Level: 2

Exp to next level: 30(20/30 collected)

HP: 20

ATK: 2

DEF: 2

Passive Skills:

Basic Assembly, Robomechanics gift

Regular Skills:


”Oooh what is this one? Sandy show information about quick repair ”

”Quick-Repair is a skill with a 5 minute cooldown, heals 1.5 hp, can only be used on minions. ”

>Your party member Ronald reached level 2<

>Ronald learned Basic Scan<

>Your party member Sophie reached level 2<

>Sophie learned Small Gyro-shot<

>Your party member Boar #2 reached level 2<

Collin was busy with repairing the destroyed robo-rat. With pain in his heart because it truly emptied his inventory. However Robo-Rat did come back with the same stats as before Proto-rat killed him. Which is at least something. Collin walked over to Sophie and Ronald. Who were trying out their new skills. The big gate at the end of the room opened up and a yellow chest was standing on a pillar. Collin nodded to Ronald and Sophie and the trio walked over to the chest and opened it up.

>Dagger of Experimentation<

>Suitable for scout and thief-like classes<


>ATK +2<

>The user learns the active skill Liquid Stab<

>Liquid Stab<

>Target gets the poison status for 5 seconds<

>While the poison status lasts the target loses 1 hp per second<

Obviously the dagger was given to Ronald because no one else could use it.

>Liquidation gun<

>Suitable for gunslingers and marksmen<


>ATK +5<

”So in this new world there are also classes for guns.. sadly we can do much with it but maybe we can earn some RTP once we find some other life ”

>Lab Robe<

>Suitable for robe-users<


>HP +1<

>DEF +1<

This was given to Sophie cause she was considered a robe-users.

>90 RTP<

This pot was split equal giving everyone 30 RTP in total. But the last thing that was laying on the bottom of the chest is what makes Collin the most excited.

>Ancient Screw x2<

There wasn just one ancient screw. But two rusty screws were laying at the bottom and Collin right away picked it up and gave it to Sandy. Sandy was able to import items within itself and saved it to what was called the inventory. This way the group wasn required to drag big backpacks around the entire time.

”Come here boar! ”

He yelled and his boar came to him right away. He then went ahead and added the vitality leg to the boar.

Steel Boar #1

Nick: None

Level: 2

Exp to next level: 50(20/50 collected)

HP: 5.6

ATK: 1.5

DEF: 6

Skills: None

Collin stood up and went over to Sophie and Ronald. As the trio walked deeper within the treasure room they found some test tubes laying around and large tubes who were able to fit multiple humans.

Those tubes however were broken open with the glass shattered all over the place there were three of those tubes in total. In the corners of the room was an old stone support pillars which looked completely out of place in the lab-like environment that the rest of the room had. The only thing which stood even more out of place was the big rusted elevator at the end of the room. Which clearly was there to bring the trio to a lower level.

”Theres yet another floor? ” Collin sighed while walking closer and taking a look around the elevator. Just to make sure they wouldn die the moment they stepped in the elevator. After double checking they nodded to each other ready to dive deeper down below..

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