The Robomechanic Wanderer

Chapter 8 - Second Portal

As the elevator slowly went down. A loud creaking noise was heard and the elevator itself. Was shaking quite wildly. The trio held tightly onto the rusty bars just so they won fall over on the way down. Even though it wasn needed cause whatever was left of the elevator was filled with minions.

Collin was happy he didn decide to make a robot army right away or the elevator would be needed to go up and down twice for sure. After what felt like hours but in reality was 10 minutes they finally stopped and the rusty gates loudly went open.

At the other side of the elevator there was a long metal corridor with a door at the right side at the end of the corridor. They walked to the door and opened it up. Unlike the gates from earlier this door went open smoothly and looked to be in a good state.

They entered a room with a large screen much like the first room each of them got in when they first entered the portal. Only this time there were three chairs put in place before the screen. The trio went to sit down and after all of them sat the screen turned on.

The speaker went on and a voice was heard. ”Hello everyone and welcome. First of all congratulations on completing the tutorial dungeon. As a free gift I will explain whats new in this
enewed world all of you will live or well try to survive in from now on. ”

The screen changed and showed a map of the Province of Lareyville.

Lareyville city was at the Center and served as the capital from the Lareyville province.

The Lareyville province was the second largest province in the country of Gavil. The two biggest cities in Lareyville beside Lareyville city is greenspar and New Valley. With greenspar in the north-west and New Valley in the southeast against the Felrey Sea. Which has the largest harbour of the country.

It zoomed into Lareyville city, Pictures of Lareyville city wete shown but the only difference is that the skyscrapers. That first stood proud and tall all over the city. Now layed down depressed on each other. Multiple water leakages was spread around the wasted city and a lot of potholes in their roads. Cars were abandoned or nothing remained of them cause they either exploded or were crushed by broken pieces of the skyscrapers all over the former city. On the views alone at least three portals were shown. The next image was even more shocking. A large turtle robot with sharp teeth was seen with at least 5 mutilated bodies in its mouth. Blood was seen around the steel fangs of this beast. Beside the beast also multiple death bodies were spread all over the place. Being licked up by multiple wolf-like robot creatures. Who were clearly smaller then the turtle. It looked like it came straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

Sophie had only a few tears in her eyes because bloody bodies were sadly not something new to her. But it still hurts her looking at the devastation.

Ronald and Collin on the other hand were pale and looked like they were about to puke.

Collin looked away when the computer noticed it quickly switched back to the map and Collin looked back even though he was still disgusted. ”It is not real, it is just made to scare us ” he repeatedly told himself. Not wishing to know that it was real.

Ronald even though of his age still is rather shocked about those images. Because he was lucky enough to never have experienced something like this before.

Shortly after the map zoomed into greenspar. This was less a metropolis and more of a old city that has been around for at least 300 years on this day. But from the images it looked to be nothing more then some old ruins of its former self 300 years ago. It is hard to believe this city was doing well a few days ago. Only the center of the city and a few neighbourhoods in the suburbs are still standing.

On the pictures it was seen that a bunch of people were working together to set up multiple tents while in the distance on the photos in the woods at the background. A creepy smiling large robot was looking over to the people setting up the camp. As if he was looking at his next prey. If you looked closer on the image more humanoid creatures were seen peeking out of the bushes weapons in hand.

Those pictures on the other hand. Simply creeped all three of them out.

Lastly the map switched over to New Valley. This picture was of multiple houses and a rather large apartment complex near the sea. However there wasn a sea to be seen. Only a huge wave way larger then the apartment complex. With a big steel whale on top of it. Even out of the smaller houses were tens of humans running away for their lives with some of their belongings. The trio could feel the despair given off by the people. However the creepiest thing of this all for Collin was. That this scene of the wave once again was a scene perfectly described in his brothers novel on chapter five or so.

A robotic voice started talking once more. ”Like you can see nothing of the previous world is left. From this day forward you will need to go back to the time before civilisation. But don worry the system has already taken control of Mother Nature. Thanks to this the abilities you learn within those dungeons can also be used outside. This is exclusive information I only give you three for being the first group to beat the tutorial. So make use of the next weeks or so before the rest of the world complete their dungeon and finds out about this fact themselves. Humanity might not be as civil anymore by then. ” A devilish giggle was heard.

”But don worry by then we prepared a few safe havens for you poor beings. ” The screen changed back to the map and multiple green circles were drawn. The closest one was in the old center of Lareyville city and another one was around a old monument 30 minutes away from Lareyville city.

The voice continued. ”Those green circles are called safe zones. Like the name suggests in those zones abilities will be disabled this include weapon and armor abilities. On each safezone there is both a interdimension shop and an auction house. I know my minions already shared some information but I will repeat. At the interdimension shops you can buy items and food and water. You can only buy items here. If you wish to sell your belongings you will need to go to the interdimension auction house. Here you can sell items you find in dungeons which you either can use, don use or no longer uses. Of course you might also try to trade with other survivors in person. But don be surprised if they rather put a knife in your stomach and take the items from you.

Collin nodded he still had a gun left that people most likely would throw money to him for.

”At last as a parting gift I will allow you three to choose a location where you wish to get teleported back to. Just point at the spot on the map I will leave here behind. Then farewell and till we meet again ” the computer turned off and it was quiet in the room again.

Only a map of the province of Lareyville was left on the table below the screen. At the same time Collin looked quietly at Sophie and Ronald. Who just like himself was still processing the situation they just ended up in.

After a while Sophie walked over to the map and looked down at it and softly talked.

”Hmm the green areas were safe, the yellow ones a little unsafe, the orange dangerous and the red ones very dangerous. ” Ronald and Collin walked over to the map to take a look.

Collin nodded and looked at Sophie and Ronald. ”It looks like Galley Village is still somewhat safe being a light yellow zone. It is near Lareyville city and near the monument safezone. I think most of the villagers fled to Lareyville city after seeing the monsters appear and the monster then most likely followed them with a few staying behind. It might be abandoned which would make it a good hiding place if what the robot says is true. And in a few days a bunch of survivors go on a witch-hunt to steal the belongings of others. ”

Ronald and Sophie agreed. ”Yeah that sounds like our best chance I am afraid. ” Ronald replied ”if no one has something against it I am in ” Sophie said afterwards. ”Then that is settled ” Collin said as he put his finger on the spot called Galley Village. Once he put his finger on it a blue light appeared surrounding Collin.

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