The Robomechanic Wanderer

Chapter 8 - Second Portal

rping. Which made Collin confused, as he turned to Sophie while they were strolling along the dirt path. ”Isn it weird that the birds are still around while the humans mostly left. Aren they afraid of giant robots? ”

Sophie shrugged it off ”No clue, maybe birds just have more courage then humans. ” Collin looked at the tree, as if trying to see the birds in it

As he continued talking with Sophie. ”Have you found any other living souls in the village? ” Sophie shaked her head ”Nah everything is abandoned most houses are also left behind. I saw a table served for breakfast. It is quite eerie if you walk there. Beside that just some bodies from unfortunate souls who didn make it. Mostly at the edge of the village. ” She casually said while playing with a large leaf she found on the ground.

Collin shaked his head. ”I have no clue or thats good thing or a bad thing ” ”It is good for us, but not so good for the confirmation of what the state of the world is right now ” she replied to Collin.

After a while they arrived near the stairs and until their relieve Ronald was inspecting the portal and waved them welcome.

”Ahh our sleeping beauty woke up. ” Ronald laughed while pointing at the portal. ”The portal seems to be deactivated at the current moment. Maybe it gets activated in the future.. ”

The trio froze for a moment when they thought they heard something. ”Uhh maybe it is time to g- ” before Ronald could finish his sentence a loud rumbling that sounds like a bunch of empty cans flying in a breeze. On top of the bunch of large trees in front, a head of a snake was seen hissing while staring directly at the trio.

”RUN! ” Ronald yelled, and as he yelled the trio sprinted as quickly as they could. Going along the path that lead them to the portal on their way, they saw a bunch of birds flying away. Sophie calmly replied ”well looks like the birds are also scared of giant robots ” she said while shrugging.

After running for a good 5 minutes it was once again quiet while the group leaned against the trees while taking in some heavy breaths. And Collin shaked his head ”I think we will wait a bit longer before trying to enter that portal.. ” afterwards Collin lead the way to the big house he found earlier.

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