Chapter 14 Mysterious Offense and Defense

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“I hate good-looking guys! I hate them! I really hate them!”


Mana shouted the same words.

I'm not sure how many times I've heard it.

I thought of my Elder Brother's face and generally agreed with her, but I also thought of…


I hate good-looking people = I like people who aren't good-looking, which means I'm the one who was in a relationship in a previous life…

It's okay, me.

I may be plain now, but I'm not bad!

I swallowed the words, “Being plain-looking is also a strong point, though”

And with a strong heart, I calmed Mana down.


“I understand.
Oh, are you hungry, by any chance?”

“It's a lie that what's on the inside shows on the outside!”

“Shall I prepare breakfast? Even if it's just drinks….”

“They can be all black inside and still sparkle!”


I stood there for a while, watching Mana mumble and curse, thinking I'd flipped a strange switch…




I panicked when I noticed that the sky had turned dark.

It was not pitch black, but rather reddish-black.

It was a sky that made me feel uneasy when I looked at it.



“…! Eh? What…?”


I called loudly, and Mana immediately looked at me.

The switch seemed to have been turned off, though, because of that the unpleasant feeling in the atmosphere was instantly gone…




I was in a hurry when I realized I had called her the same way I had in my previous life.

I thought about how to cover it up, but Mana seemed to be in a daze, not realizing that I had called her that.

Thankfully, she didn't notice…


I'm relieved she didn't notice and prevented the weather from getting worse.

Even though it didn't rain, the sky was unusually dark.

It was as if the gates of hell had opened or the end of the world had arrived…


What on earth could have triggered such negative emotions in Mana?

I'd like to ask her, but there's a saying that goes, “If you don't touch a deity, it will not curse you.”


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“Hey, since you called me Mana, can I call you Ed too?”


You heard me!?

I almost yelled, but I swallowed just in time.


“Please address me as you see fit, Saint-sama.”


I don't want to call you by your given name like before.


“…Call me Mana like you did before….”

“I'm afraid I can't.”

“You called me just now! What about that fake nobleman who calls me by my first name!?”



Was it the time I reported about the Saint?

Was he closing the gap between them without her realizing it? as expected of the handsome fake noble.


“Is that so?  But my Elder Brother is Elder Brother and I am me.”



She was irritated when I didn't respond, “Well, me too, I guess.”

I can't believe Alvin called you that! Even though I'm angry with him…Ah.


Come to think of it, this kind of thing happened to me in my previous life.

I saw it in a dream recently.

I remembered the first time I called her by her first name and the time we first ki—


“What's wrong? Your face is red…”

“No, it’s not and it’s nothing.”


Anyway, I'm not jealous anymore.


“I will call you Mana-sama, then…”


Yes, I am not jealous.

But, I will call you by your name…!

It wasn't because that impertinent brother was calling you that, but because I was tired of wasting my time with meaningless exchanges.

That's all there was to it!


“You don’t need honorifics.
Ed’s prince, too.”

“Saint-sama's more important.
I'm nothing compared to you.”

“Mou…Well, that’s all right for now.”


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What do you mean “for now?”

I doubt we'll ever call each other by name again as casually as we did in our previous lives.
(TL: Bet)


“More importantly, concerning Mother and Elder Brother's visit—”






As I started talking to get my business done quickly, Mana's stomach growled cutely.

Mana's face turned bright red.

I had already had breakfast, but Mana had not eaten yet because she had locked the maid out of the room.

I chuckled and talked to Mana.
Why the tf do you still call her by her first name?)


“Should I prepare breakfast?”



She was embarrassed to the point of blushing up to her ears and glaring at me.

I suppressed the urge to laugh even harder and began to walk away.

Because there was still a presence near the door, I assumed Yuno and the maid were there.

Maid-san, you’re up!


“…surprise attack!”



I was heading for the door when I felt a shock on my back.

Surprise attack…!?

The only other person in this room besides me was Mana…this traitor!


“Forget about what just happened! I won't let you leave unless you call me Mana!”



…For some reason, I'm now being attacked with a hold from a tackle on my back.




What do you want?

I really don't get it, you know!?

Were you too embarrassed and crazy to act in such a bizarre manner!?

Or did you hit your head without knowing it!?

I then tried to pull Mana off of me, who hugged me on the back while my feet wobbled from the unexpected blow.


“What are you doing…! Ah…”

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I thought I pushed Mana's shoulder, but I pushed the wrong place.

It was not a hard shoulder, but a soft and warm place filled with dreams and romance.




I froze, staring at the two objects pressing against my hand.

I could feel the blood dripping from my veins.

I-I'd really done it…

I wanted to run away like this.

That, however, was not going to happen…


“I-I’m really sorry…!”

“…You pervert…!”


I pulled my hand away and was in a hurry to get down on my knees, but for some reason Mana laughed happily.

Mana would be quietly upset or maybe even cry…! However, she appears to be enjoying it…


“I know this! This is Lucky Sukebe*, right!?” 


“I found it during my studies!”


(TL: Type of fan service where there's accidental nudity, groping, etc.)



What were you studying?


“Hmm…it's not so bad after all…even when we're sticking together…if that's even possible…”



Am I left out in this situation!?

Ignoring my panic that I should apologize, Mana was mumbling something.

I'm completely caught up in Mana's pace, because of that I was also disturbed about it.

We couldn’t go on like this.

I had to give distance between us in my second life


“My apologies.
I will be careful from now on.
However, if you suddenly hug me, I may fall over, so please refrain from the behaviour like you just did.

“Mou~ you are too serious! But you are the same in that way too, aren't you? I wonder why…”



The dark sky suddenly became bright.

The blue sky spread out, and a soft breeze came in through the slightly open window.


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I was stopped and wondered what was going on, but he just smiled at me.


“Do you need something?”

“Edward, ecchi~”


When our gazes met, my face became hot and flushed for some reason.


“I’m very sorry about that, But it was an accident so I hope you will forgive me.”

“I'll forgive you if you call me Mana, fufu.”


She’s teasing me.

Mana's composure made me feel offended for some reason.

I want to get back at her and deal her a major blow in some way.





Mana's eyes sparkled, and then—



“…You’re really stubborn, you know?”


It was a little refreshing to see him disappointed.

I'm not going to let her do whatever she wants in my previous life.


“Well then, I'll prepare before the lovely bug starts chirping again.”



Mana's face flushed once more from the additional teasing.

This should be my win, right?


“Hey, Ed.


I was on my feet, feeling so good I wanted to hum, when I was called over.


“Yes, what is it?”


I turned around to see if she wanted something.

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