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“HAHAHA! The most handsome man in Astraea lost!”


As I had predicted, I was called to the Queen’s private room.


I was a little late, having gone to check on the orphanage, and was the last to enter, but as soon as I opened the door I heard Ethan's high-pitched laugh.


Elder Brother Alvin had a bitter look on his face because of it.


“I guess I'll have to go tomorrow, as I'm also the most handsome man in Astraea, right?”

“Wait, it’s still the second day…”

“But Elder Brother, what if something happens again like today? Won’t the people be worried?”


The Queen listened silently to the exchange between the two brothers.


She was probably deciding which one of them was going tomorrow.


Meanwhile, the air between them is getting worse.


Hey, come on, don't start on the royal sibling squabbling and other disturbing things…


The crown prince was set to be Alvin, but some are pushing for Ethan.


Can you guys stop creating some strange sparks?


“Elder Brother Alvin, can you tell us how the earthquake happened?”


Ethan, who had been standing up in the heat of the moment, slumped down on the sofa as I spoke to him.


“We can't make the same mistake, so let us hear it.”

“All right…”


Alvin looked disgruntled, but since he was in front of the Queen, he began to maturely explain the circumstances leading up to the earthquake.


“Today I explained the situation to the saint.”


Although it was through the door, Elder Brother Alvin spoke to her patiently.


She was the saint, and Astraea was willing to protect her.


Then he said that the Saint’s mental state was affecting the country, and that it was raining now.


“Then the Saint opened the door.”

“Oh! She came out!? So was she beautiful?

“So you’re really like that, huh? She looked like she had been crying for a long time because her eyelids were swollen, but she was beautiful.
If she was properly groomed, she would be as beautiful as Mother.”

“If Elder Brother, who is a harsh critic, is like that, then I guess I can count on you! ”What do you think of her body? I prefer a fuller figure, you know?”

“…It’s not bad.”

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“Oh! Now I'm interested!”


…I wonder what was wrong with me…?

I suddenly have the urge to punch Older Brother in the face soooo bad!


He was looking at Mana erotically…That was so wrong!


I'm angry because it was so inappropriate!


How dare you look at a saint like that…! But, It was a little too late for me to tell them to stop it.


Quickly, tell me the rest of the story.
Ethan, shut your mouth for a while.”


It seems that the queen has become numb to the fact that the conversation has veered off in a ridiculous direction.


“The Saint was wondering if the rain was bothering us.
She was relieved when I told her that the people were happy to have rain for the first time in a long time.”


Ahh…the clouds cleared up a bit at this time.


“I see.
She seems to have a saintly ethic.
Maybe if we hold her accountable for the disadvantages caused by the weather, we might be able to move her successfully…”


Mother, were you a demon?


“I asked why is it raining and what is she mourning, then she told me, 『My boyfriend died.』”




was that me, if you don't mind me asking?


“I tried to comfort the saint.
I said she could forget if she found a new love, and that if it were me, I would never leave her side; But when I suggested that…”


『I don't want a new lover! I don't want to forget! Go away! Don't ever appear in front me again!』


“And as soon as the saint broke down crying…”

“There was an earthquake, wasn't there?”

“HAHA! You've been rejected, Older Brother.
It’s my turn now.”

“Damn it…”


Ethan laughed ridiculously loud, but I couldn’t hear it because of the confusion that I’m in right now.


I wondered if that handsome guy I was dating was dead too, but it seems unlikely that Mana's boyfriend would die in a row.


What kind of unfortunate woman was she?


She was not a horror or mystery heroine, right?

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I don't think it's possible, but…she might be sad that I died.


But she was cheating on me, so she shouldn't have any love for me…


AARGGGHH but I’m curious!


I wanted to be sure, so I turned toward Ethan.


I'm sure I'm going to get blasted for telling him this, but I braced myself and talked to him.


“Elder Brother Ethan.”


“Can it be me, who’s going tomorrow?”



See? He was so scary!

He had the look in his eyes that he would kill me! 


How could you treat your own brother like that!?


Ahh, right.


He doesn’t recognize me as his own brother…


Instead of meeting the Saint tomorrow, I had raised the flag that there will be no tomorrow for me, but I managed to use my head to talk my ferocious brother out of this.


“I think a simple man like me would be more likely to talk to the saint without alarm.
I will report back to you the information I have gathered, and I will switch with Elder Brother Ethan the day after tomorrow.”

“What are you talking about? I don't think you're up to it—”

“Well, you have a point.
Edward might be able to talk to her without hesitation.”


The queen opened her mouth to interrupt Ethan's words.


“Also Edward, you did a great job in the aftermath of the earthquake.
I heard about you everywhere.”

“Thank you very much.”


It's nice to get a compliment, but it's more trouble than it's worth.


Look, both of my Elder Brothers were looking at me with a look of intimidation as if to say, “Don't get carried away.”


It had been that way since I was a kid, it was annoying to be honest.


“Edward, you should go tomorrow.”


“Mother! I shou–”

“If you go, there'll be no reason for Edward to go first.”

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“But! This guy is too unreliable!”

“Right after the earthquake, I don't want to provoke the saint too much.
I'd like to give it a few days, but I'd like the rain to stop soon so I can keep trying to persuade her.
In that sense, Edward, who is visually and personality less stimulating, is the right man for the job.”



Mother, I knew you didn't mean to offend me, but you were hurting me without a second thought, you know?


Sorry for being such an uninspiring bore!


Well, I don’t mind.


That was what made me seize this opportunity.


It was not that I missed her.


This was just a confirmation to make a proper closure with my former life.








After that, It was now early in the morning of the day I was assigned to persuade the saint.


“It’s so cold!”


Astraea had a relatively mild climate, but this morning it was unusually cold…


“W-What the heck is this…?”


I opened the curtains, looked out the window, and was shocked by the sight that met my eyes.






What I saw was something white.




It was the first snow I had seen since my reincarnation.


Moreover the snowflakes were already piling up lightly.


“Elder Brother Ethan!”


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As soon as I arrived at the temple, I was led into the reception room where Ethan was.


When I opened the door, I found Brother Ethan with a beautiful woman on each arm with his legs crossed in a pompous manner, even though he was causing all this trouble.


I thought I could hit him because of that.


“Elder Brother…It was snowing outside.
What on earth have you done to the saint?”

“I called her, but she wouldn't come out, so I tried to convince her and said, 'Open this door and I'll show you the joys of a woman.’ What's wrong with that?”




In Japanese terms, it's complete sexual harassment.


It could also be called attempted sexual assault.


Also beautiful women on both sides were a “No” either!


“I'm the one who called you here, you know? You should go and get her out of that room.” 

“All right, I'm in charge of getting her out of there, so I'll do it! But! Please leave, Elder Brother.
Today is my day.
I will keep quiet now that you are here, but if you stay any longer, I will inform Mother.”


Even if I don't report it, I'm sure Mother would already know about it.


As expected, Ethan thought the current snowy situation was bad, so he didn't threaten me as usual.


He clicked his tongue and stood up.


“Tell the saint, ‘I'll be back tomorrow, so dress up and wait for me’.”

“All right, I got it.”


There was no way I was going to tell her that!


In my mind, I cussed grandly like a child, “You idiot~” but I nodded silently because I wanted him to go home like a grown-up.


“Now then…”


For the time being, now that I have gotten rid of the interloper, let's head on to persuade the Saint, shall we?






Small changes:

Older Brother to Elder Brother

Kuga(Mc's alias) to Kūga


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