The Salaar Village

Chapter: Four Meet & Greet


This is a fictional story, which is written by myself. This story is completely based on fictitious Characters, Characters names, Places, Behaviors, and scenes.

I will not bear plagiarism. If you do not want copyright on your story please do not steal my story. This story is meant to entertain the readers.

”A book is a gift, you can open it again and again ”.

The chapter begins with a beautiful sunrise and the spread of light mist in the atmosphere. Birds are chirping everywhere and greenery is everywhere as far as the eye can see.

Its 6:00 am, Everybody is sleeping, and Rehana wakes up. Akram comes to Waderas home to take milk cans, which he will give to the cowman to take out milk from a cow for Waderas family. Akram sees that everyone is sleeping, so he decides to leave but Rehana calls him from the back.

”Akram! ”, Rehana called:

Akram looks behind and he sees Rehana.

”Akram! wait ”, Rehana said:

Akram comes near to the kitchen which is built of concrete. Waderas house is also built of concrete. She takes two big steel milk cans from the big wooden trunk and she gives these cans to Akram. He takes these cans to the cow ranch and gives them to the cowman to fill them.

As her father allows her to go to marriage. Today, Sobia first time woke up early and make tea for their family.

Its 7:00 am, and Feroz is sleeping on the bed. Feroz is unknown about what will gonna happen to him.

”Hey! what are you guys doing? Why are you tying my hands? ”, Feroz asked:

Razak and Bilal tie Feroz with rope and put him into Bilals Carola Toyota in the beautiful color black. This is his car. After he do many requests to his father, his father buys him a car. Razak is also a class fellow of both of them.

Razak dislikes Feroz a little bit because Feroz flirts with Razaks one-sided love according to him but she is the one who flirts with Feroz. Bilal chooses Razak for help because he knows that, Razak is the only person who will help him. Razak is a kind hearted man.

”Razak!, I warn you do not do this. You will pay for it ”, Feroz warned:

Bilal holds Feroz from the head side and Razak holds him from the leg side, which was a little bit harmful to Razak because Feroz hit him by the leg.

After that Bilal and Razak both, tie his feet and as well as put pieces of clothes in his mouth. They take him down to the hostel. Everyone is seeing them and laughs at them. After putting Feroz in the car.

”Razak! Yaar thanks ”, Bilal said:

”Now by saying this will you embarrass your friend? ”, Razak replied:

”Hey, Razak! will you come with us to my sisters marriage ”, Bilal asked:

” Sorry! I can help you more than this ”, Razak replied:

Razak turned to the hostel and moved towards the hostel.

”Razak! bye, bye ”, Bilal replied:

Bilal sits in the car and they move to their destination.

Foziya awakens, she washes her face and comes to the kitchen. She sees his father taking tea which is made by Sobia and her mother is sitting next to him.

while smiling Foziya asked: ”Sobia!, Whats going on? Today you are in the morning and make a tea, unbelievable. ”

Sobia passes a smile to Foziya.

”Sobia! may I ask you a question? ”, Foziya said, curiously.

”Yeah! sure ”, Sobia replied:

”Sobia! what did you get to being others servant? ”, Foziya asked:

”you mean about Sakina, Am I right ”, Sobia asked:

Foziya replied her yes while shaking her head.

” I think, she gives me a lot of gifts which we can not afford In this life ”, Sobia replied:

Foziya asks for tea. She gives her without any argument. After taking tea Foziya takes her grass-hook and extra scarf little silk and harsh in touch.

As Foziya is moving to the door, father asked: ”Where are you going Foziya? ”

”Abu! In our crops, there is still reap is left so I am going for clear it ”, Foziya replied:

”Don worry, you
e mother will do it later. You go with Sobia to help Waderani Rehana ”, Ali Bux replied:

”Abu! I will finish it at 10 am and after finishing I will reach the waderas house. ” Foziya replied:

”Foziya! do as I said? ” Ali Bux replied, harshly.

Foziya replied: ”Sure! Abu ”

”Foziya! you go I will do it later ”, Maria replied:

Foziya put down her grass-hook. Sobia takes her into the room and both are dressed pretty. Foziya wears shalwar kameez made up of silk with little chicken embroidery on the chest and Sobia wears a dress, which is given by Sakina. Which is still have its shine, Kurti trouser with beautiful embroidery.

Foziyas dress color is a blue type and Sobias dress color is a light pinkish type. Sobia has some makeup products, which were given by Sakina to her. Sobia applies makeup on Foziya. She puts kajal in her big almond-type eyes, her skin color is vanilla type, and small straight nose.

Sobia puts kajal in her hooded eyes, her skin color is sand and her nose is straight and small. Now, both are ready to go.

As they come out of the room, father praises both of them and gives them hundred rupees fifty, fifty to each. Zainab calls Sobia, and everyones attention goes there. Foziya picks up her grass-hook and hides it in herself. They move to Waderas house.

”Zainab! How did you agree with your stepmother? ”, Sobia asked:

”Greedys desire and greediness never ends ”, Zainab replied with a weird smile:

Zainab uses these words for her stepmother because she dislikes her. Zainabs stepmother takes half of Zainabs brothers earnings and she also takes Zainabs gifts which are given by Sakina.

Zainabs stepmother always provokes Zainabs father against Zainab and Rizwan. Her stepmother does not let do Rizwans marriage because of her half of the money in Rizwans earnings.

Rizwan is the brother of Zainab after her mothers death, Rizwan is the person who cares about Zainab the most. He is her elder brother. He is approximately thirty-two years old.

Zainab and Sobia start laughing while laughing Sobia sees behind her and she saw that her sister is running.

”Foziya! Where are you going? ”, Sobia shouted:

”I am going to reap your crops from unnecessary grass. ”, Foziya said:

”Oh! thank you, sister. Wait, wait but what will I say to Abu. ”, Sobia said:

”Which you always do sister. ”, Foziya said:

”But on one condition, If I take you fifty rupees ”, Sobia said:

”Sobia! She is gone. ”, Zainab said:

”Hahaha! I am just putting my condition. ”, Sobia said:

”So! you will eat her money. ”, Zainab asked:

”Yes Of course! I asked her money on condition. ”, Sobia replied:

”But! she did not listen to your word. ”, Zainab said:

”So, what? She is my sister, I spend her money or not that is my concern. What is your problem? why are you asking questions again and again? ”, Sobia said:

While listening to Sobia, Zainab gestures to her that they reach waderas house.

”What is? ”, Sobia said:

”We reached. ”, Zainab said while making faces.

In waderas house still, everyone is sleeping. Except for Wadera Hanif, Sahib and his wife Sana, and Rehana Baji (Big sister or Mistress).

Wadera Hanif is laying on his khat ( four legs bed, which is plaited by dates dry leaves) and using a mobile. Sahib, his wife, and Baji Rehana are discussing marriage necessities.

Sobia and Zainab come into the house while down their eyes. When they both go through the side from Wadera Hanif, they both cover their faces and salam him, and reach the Baji Rehana. Akram also reaches with full-filled milk cans.

Rehana Baji calls Zainab and Sobia. They both come with down eyes to her.

”Zainab! go and make a tea for us ”, Rehana said:

Zainab replied: ”G(yes) Baji ”

Zainab goes for making tea, She tries hard to pick up the milk can but she can because the can is very heavy, so she asked help from Akram to take the can into the kitchen.

During helping Akram asked questions from her while seeing in her eyes but she doesn give him a look. Akram is a strict person but when he sees Zainab, he even does not know what he is doing.

”Foziya! did not come with you ”, Akram asked:

”She said, she will come later ”, Zainab replied showing a lack of interest.

”And you Sobia go and wake up Adan, Sakina, and her friends and also winds up the bed ”, Rehana said:

”G (yes) Baji ”, Sobia said:

Wadera Sahib calls Akram and Akram comes, standing near to Sahib, and down his eyes. Sahib calls him to tell him about marriage things that they need and Sahib gives him money to buy those things.

While Sobia moves to her work, Rehana calls her again and said that also shifts the grandmother inside the room.

”Yaar Bilal! now open my rope ”, Feroz said:

”No! If you try for running, so ”, Bilal replied:

”No! I will not and where will I run, its half an hour passed, so why will I run now ”, Feroz replied:

”I don believe you ”, Bilal said:

”Ahh!, Bilal, this rope is hurting my wrists ”, Feroz replied:

”Have you done your acting or something left? ”, Bilal asked:

”Yaar! damned you, seriously, my hands are hurting, open it ”, Feroz said with irritation.

”Okey! okay relaxed, I am opening it ”, Bilal replied:

Bilal stops the car on the side of the road and opens the rope from Ferozs hands. He sees him for a few seconds but he stays quiet than Bilal again starts the car and moves towards their destination.

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