The Salaar Village

Chapter: Seven Memory


This is a fictional story, which is written by myself. This story is completely based on fictitious Characters, Characters names, Places, Behaviors, and scenes.

I will not bear plagiarism. If you do not want copyright on your story please do not steal my story. This story is meant to entertain the readers.

”A book is a gift, you can open it again and again ”.

Sobia sees her sister walking lamely and runs towards her sister.

”What happens to you, Foziya? ”, Sobia asked, worriedly.

” Someone tries to blow me with a car but I fall from the road and I survive and live here with you ”, Foziya said:

”Did you see, who is he? How dare he to touch my sister? Rascal, bastard, Idiot ”, Foziya asked in a rage way.

While listening to these abuses, Foziya made weird faces.

”No! Don worry, I am fine. ”, Foziya said:

”If you have pain, you can go home. I will manage it ”, Sobia said:

”No! I am seriously fine, don worry about me ”, Foziya said:

”Are you sure? ”, Sobia asked:

”Absolutely ”, Foziya said:

”Okay! then I will not help you ”, Sobia said in a joking way.

”Feroz! Here you have met everyone, now I will take you to my favorite person to meet you ”, Bilal said:

”Ami! Where is grandmother? ”, Bilal asked:

Rehana replied: ” She is in her room. ”

”Feroz! come I will introduce you to my grandmother, ” Bilal said:

Bilal takes Feroz to meet his grandmother (Dadi). As he takes to Feroz to his grandmother, instantly he remembers that his car is parked at the gate and faces sunlight, so he sees Akram and through him his car keys and said.

”Akram! Park my car in the shadow ”, Bilal said:

”Sure! small sir (sahaab) ”, Akram said:

After that he takes Feroz to his grandmother, salam(says hello) his Dadi from a little bit far and said.

”Dadi! He is my Friend Feroz ”, Bilal said in loud voice.

”Dadi said: ”what? ”

”He is my friend Feroz ”, Bilal said in a louder voice.

Dadi said: ”Oh! yes yes ”

”Dadi! Give him dua ”, Bilal said:

Bilal pushes Feroz near to grandmother. Dadi gives him dua by patting him on his back approximately fifteen times and Dadi said: ”Feroz! God will you marry that girl whom you love ” after saying Bilal said, ”In Sha Allah ”. ”God gives you ten children ” Bilal again said, ”In Sha Allah ” while laughing.

Feroz tries to catch Bilal but he stands a little far. The Feroz approximately five minutes bending there and Bilal is laughing at him.

Zainab comes to Sobia and said.

”Sobia! Sakina is calling you ”, Zainab said:

After saying Zainab, Sobia sees her sister, and her sister said.

Foziya said: ”you go. ”

Sobia replied to Zainab: ”I am coming. ”

As she leaves for Sakina she comes again to her sister and said.

”Foziya! you go to Baji Rehana, she will tell you what to do ”, Sobia said:

Foziya replied: ”Okey! ”

Sobia moves to Baji Sakina, she was in her room and Foziya moves to Baji Rehana. Akram parked the car in the shadow and puts the suitcases in Bilals room. Here also Bilal and Feroz both will share their room.

After relief, Bilal takes Feroz to his room. Both are talking in the room about that (Dadi) situation.

”Bilal! you knew that what will Dadi do ”, Feroz said:

”Of course! I will know her Better, after all, she is my grandmother ”, Bilal replied while smiling.

Feroz abuse him and left the room and go for the fresh air. As Feroz left the room, Bilal said him to close the door before going, and he close the door. Feroz while roaming he stands in front of Sakinas window. Sobia is doing foot cleansing of Sakina, As Sakina sees out of her window and asked.

”Sobia! Who is he? ”, Sakina asked:

Sobia replied: ”Baji! he is Bilals friend and he come with Bilal for attending your wedding. ”

Sakina sees her friends they are using their phones, Instantly an idea clicks in her mind and says to Sobia.

”Sobia! The boy is handsome ”, Sakina said in a joking way:

After listening to these words of Sakina, Sobia in a shocking way sees her and Sakinas friends Fiza and Liala left their phones and start finding him out of the window but unfortunately, he left from there.

Foziya as reached Baji Rehana, Baji Rehana asked her.

”eh, girl! Who are you? ”, Rehana asked:

Scarcely, Foziya replied: ”I am the eldest daughter of Ali Bux, he sent me here for your help. ”

”You think! in this situation, will you help me out ”, Rehana asked, strictly.

”G (Yes)! Baji Rehana ”, Foziya replied:

”How did you get this hurt ”, Rehana asked:

”Baji! I fall from the road ”, Foziya replied:

”Okey! well, which work will be given to you that you do by sitting ”, Rehana replied:

As she thinks, she remembers that she put dirty clothes on her bed for washing. Baji Rehana shows her room to Foziya in a gesture way and said her to wash that dirty clothes.

Baji Rehana gives her a bucket, surfs Excel to wash the clothes, and shows her a way to washing clothes. There is no washing machine, you have to wash clothes on your hands. Foziya moves towards Baji Rehanas room.

Bilal puts his suitcase on the bed and opens his suitcase. He starts to find clothes to wear. He takes out all clothes from the suitcase and puts down the suitcase on the bed.

He spread his clothes on the bed and he finally chooses clothes to wear and puts these clothes aside on the bed from other clothes. He takes a towel and moves inside the washroom to take a shower.

Foziya enters the room, she sees clothes on the bed and takes these clothes, and moves to wash them. She closes the door of the room before leaving the room.

After five minutes Bilal takes shower then covers himself with a towel and comes out of the washroom. When he comes out and sees the bed, he is shocked. He sees that his bed is fully clean and there are no clothes. He starts searching for his clothes in the room.

Bilals clothes were mistakenly taken by Foziya because Baji Rehanas room was next to Bilals room, so Sobia mistakenly enters Bilals room.

Then he sees Ferozs suitcase and puts it up on the bed. He starts opening the zip of the suitcase.

Feroz enters the room and he sees Bilal is covered with a towel and opening the zip of my suitcase. He directly goes to him and catches his hand. Bilal instantly gives him a look of fear.

”Bilal! what are you doing with my suitcase? ” Feroz asked:

”heh! Nothing, just finding clothes for wearing ”, Bilal said:

”Oh! Why do not you wear your clothes ”, Feroz replied and snatched his own suitcase from Bilals hands.

”You think that If you hide my clothes so I don have clothes to wear ”, Bilal said and tries to snatch the suitcase from Ferozs hands.

”What?! I hide your clothes ”, Feroz replied and starts laughing at Bilal but his hands were still on his suitcase.

”Yes! of course, so don to be unknown. I know you very well. You the one who hides my clothes ”, Bilal replied:

”Feroz! Yaar, give me a suitcase I have to wear clothes. I can not be like this ”, Bilal replied:

”Thats not my matter ”, Feroz replied:

”Feroz! think that If a girl sees me in this situation what will be she think ”, Bilal replied:

”Nothing! Just how sexy you are Bilal? ”, Feroz replied while acting.

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