The Salaar Village

Chapter: Nine The Lie

i Bux! I am telling you, I will not send my daughter until she is completely fine ”, Maria answered back instantly.

”Maria! I am just asking about her health ”, Ali Bux replied:

”Now! She is fine ”, Maria replied while making face.

While Maria sitting near to Ali Bux. He asked in her ear: ” Are you angry with me? ”

She feels shy and replied: ”No! ”

”Then you tell me, In this world is any one. Whom I love more than my family ”, Ali Bux asked in a loving way.

”Wadera Hanif ”, While making her face Maria replied and moves from there.

When Zainab enters her stepmother puts her hand in front of her and said: ”Where are the gifts? ”

”Are you mean that Rehana Baji calls us for giving gifts ” Zainab replied and moves into the house.

Her brother Rizwan takes food from pots to eat and listens to them.

”Zainab! Do not you know that your tongue becomes sharp after coming from their house ”, Najma replied in her rage.

”My tongue….. ”, Zainab replied:

”Zainab! Did you eat dinner? ”, Rizwan asked:

”Yes! Brother ”, Zainab replied:

”Come and sit with me while eating, I will get your company ”, Rizwan replied:

Zainab comes near to his brother and sits next to him. Najma leaves to her khat in rage.

”Zainab! Why do you argue with Najma? Thats not good for you ”, Rizwan said to Zainab:

”But! Bhai, you see she witch starts fight first ”, Zainab replied:

”I know you both are doing back biting, let your father come I will tell him ”, Najma replied while shouting.

After listening to these words of her both Rizwan and Zainab starts laughing and Zainab said: ”Bhai (brother)! Did not I tell you, She is a witch? She listened to us from afar while we are whispering. ”

”Shhh! She will listen again ”, Rizwan replied in a joking way then both starts laughing.

Before coming of their father, Rizwan and Zainabs father Jamal. They are both asleep.

Jamal comes near to Najma khat and woke her up and said.

Jamal is also the farmer and servant of Wadera Hanif. He is having crossed eye issue. He is a lustful person. He is 56 years old. He is a neighbor of Ali Bux. His first wife was Burkha. Burkha is more aged than Jamal when they married. She has died of cancer.

”Najma! take my food, I am hungry ”, Jamal asked:

”Jamal! Where were you? ”, Najma asked:

”First of all, I will do dinner ”, Jamal replied:

She takes food for him on his khat (four-leg bed which is plaited with dry leaves of dates). He opens the torch on the Nokia mobile. His wife catches a Nokia mobile torch toward his food.

”Jamal! I am saying you, your son Rizwan and daughter Zainab are out of my hands. Nowadays, they are crossing their limits ”, Najma said:

Jamal gives no reaction, he is only busy with his food.

Najma put her scarf on her mouth and start crying, while crying she said: ”Jamal you are both children who misbehaved with me today. I know you will do nothing to them. You love more them than me ”

”Najma! I love you the most. I will talk to them, tomorrow. Okay now show me your smile, smile ”, Jamal said:

The night ends here…

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