The Search Six Sides

Prologue : My Fantasy

[24th April 2022, Today the rival of hundreds of business tycoons Mr. Rob died an unnatural death in a business trip, police department suspects the famous Mysterious Serial Killer]

(Shades Monologue)

A murder? Not to mention in our city.

I can sense something weird is happening in our city… no probably in the world!

…Who am I kidding.

”A Popular Person dying in our City. ” Well thats the most interesting thing that can happen in our everyday lives.

This is going to be the hot topic for discussion in our school tommorow… Should I learn more about him? Oh we are in holidays and I doubt anyone will talk to me though.

I have a unique name ”Shade Lucifer ”, a 16 year old, not a very normal guy according to myself. Average in Sports, Top in Academics, Smarter than anyone Ive known and completely Suck in Social Life.

I wonder if situation like zombie apocalypse or world changing into some sort of paranormal thing will ever happen?

I wonder how will I survive if it does, I can surely survive by using my brain but I don know if I can handle it physically, more importantly I think people would most likely kill me rather than any walking dead or monster.

The way Im living is way to boring, not associating with people, staying home all day and avoiding troublesome situations… And am I doing something to change it? No, not at all, because I freaking Love it this way.

Even now, Im scrolling

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