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Uninvited Guest

”Chandler died in an accident four days ago! ”

A statement I never wanted to hear in my entire life!

Chandler.. a person who was my role model and the only friend I trusted has… died.

This was the first time in a while I felt weak and helpless. I was overwhelmed by my emotions, and the time spent over years with Chandler flashed before my eyes in seconds.

It took me a minute to get back to my senses and gather the courage to read the rest of the letter.

The letter was written by Camille, Chandlers sister. The full letter read that four days ago Chandler died in an accident and before dying he prepared some gifts for my birthday, which he couldn send.

Now his family wants me to receive these unsent presents as his last remaining will…

I didn wanted waste time anymore so later that day I went to Chandlers house.

Chandlers house, a place that was like a stress relieving spot for me, filled with energy and joy looked like a grim place today.

The more I got close, the more it felt like entering an illegal area.

I felt tight in my chest but I finally gathered the strength and rang the door bell…

The one who opened the door was Camille, Camille had always been a cheerful girl with a joyful personality but that wasn the case for today.

I wasn the only one who couldn handle Chandlers news, even after four days Camille was looking pale and lacked energy.

The moment Camille saw me a smile appeared on her face.

”Shade! You came! ”

”Of course ”

Seeing Camilles reaction I felt a little ease.

Their house was currently empty which I already predicted because of their parents regular absence but I could easily see the signs that someone visited few minutes or hours before me.

I talked with Camille for a while about the accident and left soon after receiving the presents.

When I came Camille looked extremely sad but after talking to me she could at least smile while seeing me off.

Chandler was at a bus station waiting for his bus when a car hit him, the car later crashed at a street light and the cars driver now has amnesia and cannot elaborate the scene of accident anymore.

I returned home and gently placed the presents down.

There were two boxes wrapped up, I sat down on my bed and opened them.

The first box that I opened had a few letters, a file and a little box containing a… Black Dice?

A weirdly clean dice without any board or pieces, what is this dice supposed to do?

I then tried to open the second box but it was… locked? Did they forgot to give me the key for it?

I didn thought much about it and started reading the letter –

”Hey Shade, Happy Birthday!

I hope you like the dice I sent for you, Im sorry that Im asking for a favour today but can you help me with an article on How a persons luck is important for succeeding. If you want a tiny bit of help try reading the biography of the new business tycoon Edward Thompson.

Well if you still can find any material just ask people of your age in biography section, they may know about that book.

Thanks Shade I may not be free until 3 p.m. but better do it before 4 p.m. by today. ”

Without a doubt I can say that Chandler has designed a task for me by judging those specific mentions.

I had known him for almost half a decade and he had always liked giving me trick questions and tasks which would require a lot of thinking.

Even after his death he has left another mystery for me to solve.

After reading his letter I was overwhelmed by emotions and decided to save the second letter for later.

I then proceeded to open file filled with documents.

At first I thought that it would contain some sort of hint for the task mentioned in the letter, Chandler always liked to give small hints separately to guide the solver to right path.

But my thoughts changed as soon as I read the contents of the documents, the documents had articles and stories of disturbing topics like – vehicular manslaughter, dissociative amnesia disorder and a commotion caused by late arrival of recent public transport.

Is this a prank from Chandler to stop thinking about cliches? Or maybe a hint that would later be useful? I don know.

Since I couldn figure it out by this much information I moved on to read the second letter which is the last accessible item left among the gifts.

”20th April, 2022

4:00 p.m.

Hello Shade, if you don want the dice throw it in a corner of your house but make sure no one finds that you threw my present,

All the Best Shade! ”

20th April, it hurts me to think he made all of this a day before his death.

Throw that dice? Why would I do that? Is this a hint?

Now am I supposed to wait for next month so that I can solve it? Or did he even completed the task?

I laid down on my bed trying to remember my memories with Chandler…!

”How did I miss that! ”

I couldn lay down in the bed anymore, since I realised a very disturbing thing!

If I take Camilles word to estimate when Chandler died, it would be around 4:00 p.m.

According to letter Chandler died 4 days ago which is 21st of April but since Noelle handed me the letter a day after it arrived, today then… Chandler died on 20th April 4:00 p.m. the exact time mentioned in the letter!

”WAIT! NO! The Documents! ”

Vehicular Manslaughter, Late arrival of public transport and Amnesia… these are all terms which can be related to Chandlers death.

Its not a coincidence anymore if what Im thinking is right then…

”Chandler knew about how and when he will Die! ”

Then the hints from the first letter ”3-4 p.m. ” thats the time I have to go to a library.

It was currently 3:43 p.m. so I threw the Dice in my tables drawer and left my house.

”I hope I will make it in time! ”

As I said this I felt intense shivers all over my body, I was running late so I didn paid any attention to it… but that moment was the changing point of my LIFE.

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