The Search Six Sides

Chapter 1 : Presents from Afar

[Time in my phone – 3:57]

I came running from my home to the library I thought Chandler hinted.

I was tired from this sudden sprint and sat down while lightly panting.

The girl who was sitting beside me stared at me when I sat down.

It was understandable as library was mostly empty at that time and I came running and sat down right beside her even without a book.

She didn looked older than me and was a real beauty with a complete poker face.

She even looked rich just by judging her clothes and the necklace she was wearing.

”Um.. H-hey. ”

Hearing my awkward attempt to strike a conversation she continued reading her book while ignoring me.

Right at my Social Anxiety.

I looked at the time in my phone, it just turned 4:00 p.m. and as I expected she started leaving that exact time.

”Chandler sent me here. ”

She looked at me and continued to walk away.

It was weird but the name ”Chandler ” is what made her look towards me.

”I know you are related to Chandlers death, you can stop pretending now. ”

She heard that and then sat down again and said –

”So how much did he commanded you? ”

So now she finally decided to talk with me.

If she said something like who is Chandler or something I would have just returned home because of embarrassment.

”He just asked me to go to the biography section of this library before 4:00 p.m. ”

My birthday and that business tycoon were just a diversion, in truth only time, place and the person ”Someone around your age there ” were the important parts.

”Who are you? ” I asked

”Who do you think I am? ” …

”I think you can only have three roles here – The Killer of Chandler, The partner of Chandler or… The person who like me is a part of Chandlers plan. ”

Can she show even a bit of expression?

”Lets go somewhere else. ” ?

As she said that she pulled me and we started leaving from the library?!!

The library was mostly empty at that time but as she was pulling me out of the library she stopped near someone greeted her and continued.

”I am Irina, nice to meet you. ”

Nice? We are meeting because of Chandlers death.

”Im Shade. ”

”Shade lets go to your house, I don think we should discuss Chandlers plan in a public place. ” !

”Ok, then follow me. ”

I was a little against the idea of taking her to my home but I trusted Chandlers decisions.

I was really nervous throughout the way as she didn spoke a word since, I tried to point things out throughout the way but she didn replied at all.

As the result we didn spoke a word throughout the way and when we reached my home she stopped and ask –

”Where is the dice? ” ?!

I was startled by her sudden question and answered without thinking –

”I hid it in my tables drawer for now. ”

She eased a bit after hearing my reply.

As we entered my house we were greeted by my mother who just returned from her work just before us –

”Shade? You went out for something? … A-And whos this cutie you brought home? ”


”Well she is- ”

”Hello maam Im Irina, Shades girlfriend. ”

What?!! Her introduction was so shocking even my mother froze hearing it!

But thats not all, as she interrupted my sentence she grabbed my arm and gave a gentle smile while lying.

I tried to talk again –

”Irina you- ”

”Im sorry for intruding here all of a sudden, Ill be leaving soon after I and Shade have completed our discussion. ”

Just few minutes ago she lacked expression but now was not that case.

My mother who was startled completely just asks –

”Ok… would you like some snacks? ”

”Im sorry but I would have to leave soon to find a hotel this late. ”

Something is wrong! She plotting something!

”Irina I think we should continue our talk inside. ”

”No wait! What does she mean by finding a hotel?! ”

It was already too late now, Irina gave me a little peek and started making up her story –

”I am currently living with my step father, mother and little sister but I had a little quarrel with my parents and so I was kicked out of my house,

Now I was discussing this issue with Shade as he said he would help me. ”

Did she really lied about me helping her in a teenage girl novel like scenario? Any person who knows me wouldn believe it except…

”Well if you want, you can stay here tonight and can I talk to your parents for a bit? ”

Knew this would happen. My mother is kind person or in my words ”Naive ” she is way to gullible with these sort of things.

”No I can trouble you all that much. ”

”No No, we would be glad to help you, right Shade? ”

I can believe my mother was played right in front of my eyes and I couldn do a thing.

Few minutes after the talk, my mother left home for something most likely to meet Irinas so-called parents.

As we entered my room I grabbed Irinas hands and pushed her against the wall and asked –

”You were plotting all of this from the start right? ”

”Pushing me against the wall? I didn knew you were such a daring person?

There is no way a normal person would be able to act to this level.

” Answer me… Irina. ”

”What are you saying? I thought it would make you happy If I started dating you here and now and if I lied wouldn you have pointed it out in front of your mother? ”

”You… You are chased by the same person who killed Chandler right? ”

That was the only reason I can think of why she would want to stay here.

”Maybe or maybe not, I don know, I don even know who killed Chandler. ” ?

Her statement was very doubtful but seeing her confidence I backed off.

”So now let me ask you a question Shade, after knowing the culprits identity what will you do to him? ” Irina asked.

”That is, of course Ill send him to police or something. ”

”With no evidence? ”

”There is one. ”

”So, you are going to say that Chandler knew he was going to die and told you that? ” …

”I can still do something. ”

”What exactly do you think a 16 year old can do? ”

”If law can judge him then Ill judge him myself. ”

”So will you kill him? I guess not ” !

She casually suggests to kill someone… but how does she know?

After an hour or so my mother returned with my father who must have been dragged in this by her.

As soon as they came they went to talk with Irina and came out after a while.

I didn wanted to confront anyone so I skipped dinner and waited in my room.

Later Irina entered my room, I already knew she would come to talk to me.

I was ready for this final battle to decide whether or not she will answer it

”Hello Shade were you waiting? ”

”No problem I just want my answers. ”

”Yes ”

”There is something supernatural things going on here right? ”

”How? ”

Irina already prepared her fake family before even meeting me and all she knew was instructions from Chandler.

There is no way he will commit suicide but why will he die even after knowing the time and reason of his death.

”I don think you visited the library daily and sat at that spot but I was sent Chandlers letter yesterday and not today!

What are the chances that Noelle forgot to give me the letter yesterday and delayed me a day? ”

It all sounds unbelievable and messed up but once in a while Chandler always asked me about the existence of supernatural things, I always answered no to which he used to reply-

”There may be. ”

Irina just stood there silently and gave me a little smirk, then she walked near my table and took out the gifted black dice from the drawer.

”You and Chandler sure are Special, you guys don even need your Relics to win. ”

Relics? What is she talking about?

”Shade I want to reveal everything to you but it won be possible today. ”

Saying that she pulled a keychain out of her pocket and slowly walked to me,

I had no idea what that keychain was, but for some reasons it sent shivers throughout my body just by being present in front it, I have felt this feeling before, though I don remember when.

As she came close to me, she raised her hand holding the little keychain, the feeling of shivers kept increasing the closer it was of me and before I knew it, my right hand was already holding her hand with keychain.

My mind started to lose consciousness, my breathing turned heavy and I felt like my bodys weight increased tenfold,

As I lost my sight the only thing I can see was Irinas face and then that face vanished to nothingness in the end.

”I hope this will somewhat answer your question. ”

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