The Secret Of Garneta

1. Girl\'s routin

”Garneta look at me! Why did you skip school yesterday? ” asked Julin forcing the girl in front of her to explain everything. Supposedly today Julin plans to skip school. But considering that her neighbor did not go to school yesterday, it made her curiosity grow.

Although Garneta displayed a flat face, but who would have thought that her mood was now chaotic. Her heart was beating twice as fast. Fear, thats what she felt when Julins eyes looked at her sharply. Even if she wanted to lie, it was impossible. But if he answered and explained everything he experienced yesterday, it was the same as sending himself to the pit of hell.

Why do I have to meet him in front of the gate, anyway?! Garneta grumbled in her mind.

Yes, Garneta finally arrived at Jubels safe and sound. Its just that her heart is not well right now. If she knew this, it was better that she didn have to get to school quickly. She regretted it, God.

”Ih, look, deh. That girl is so shameless. ”

”Thats Garneta, right? Its so crazy to be a girl.

”Im not mistaken, thats Julin, right? I swear, that girl is a total caper. ”

”Julin is Ambras girlfriend, right? ”

”Wheres the bike? Uh, or what? ”

Garnetas ears were burning right now. Ever since she and Julin stood together in front of the gate, dozens of pairs of eyes had been staring at them. Especially with Julins position looking at her like this, adding to the unflattering sneers always directed at her.

”Ill explain later. Ta- ”

”But what? ”

Garneta took a lazy breath, ”What didn you see?! The kids are looking at me until their eyes fall out, you idiot! My ears are already hot Julin!!! ” she whispered in Julins ear. Garneta didn realize that her attitude made her kiss Julins cheek.

Instead of listening to her and walking away, the guy who wore a black hoodie this morning, who was standing right in front of her, gave a smirk that Garneta found disgusting.

”You don have to smile like that idiot! You
e not handsome, you
e ugly. God forbid, you moron, ” Garneta sneered harshly. One of Garnetas eyebrows rose, and her forehead furrowed deeply. It was unusual for the air polluter to remain silent. Her gut feeling told her that her crazy neighbor was about to do something.

”Whats wrong with you? ”

”YES, DEAR GARNETA! I ALSO LOVE YOU! ” Julin shouted unexpectedly.

Garnetas eyes rounded perfectly. Her lips were wide open, and with her jaw almost falling down. Approximately thats the description of her facial expression now. Too surprised. Oh my! What was her neighbor doing? Why was he making her life even harder?!

”Its not funny Jul, ” Garneta hissed softly. Her tears urgently wanted to come out. Julin, who didn realize the sadness on his friends face, laughed widely. Happy because he managed to be ignorant. A pat on Julins shoulder made him stop laughing. When he turned around, there was Ambra who looked at him with a questioning look.

”Whats wrong with you, honey? ” asked Ambra, confused to find her favorite boyfriend laughing alone. He had just arrived at Jubels because he woke up late.

”Ha? Im right- ]What?! ”

”I what? why are you laughing alone? You
e not sick, are you? ” Ambra checked Julins temperature. Soon he shook his head.

”Not hot, ” he muttered. Julin, meanwhile, was in shock. Her mind wondered where Garneta was who suddenly disappeared in front of her.

”There was Garneta, wasn there? ” Julin asked back. The face that had been smiling cheerfully, changed drastically when Garnetas name was mentioned.

Ambra shook her head briefly, ”Youve been alone here. There is no Garneta, ” she replied.

”Ta- ”

”Never mind, forget it. ”

”Whats wrong with you, hm? Are you angry with Neta? ” asked Julin, who realized something was wrong with her lover. Ambra didn usually behave like that.

”What the hell, no. Lets just go in with me, ” Ambra invited as he intertwined his fingers in Julins big, wide hand. Inevitably Julin agreed to her lovers invitation. Although his mind is currently filled with many question marks.

Is the girl angry with him? Did he go too far earlier? And where is Garneta?


After running away from Julin, Garnetas footsteps led her to a quiet, lonely place that was still in her school area. What else if not the back garden. A place that is very unlikely to be visited by students here. Because of its haunted myth. Disappointed, thats what Garneta felt for Julin. How could he do such a stupid thing. Did he not think about the impact he would get from his behavior.

”ARGHH!!! WHY?! BASTARD! ” screamed Garneta strongly. Her hand slammed firmly into the series tree she was now leaning against, even as she winced in pain.

She was now sitting on the grass with the shade of the trees that grew wild in this park. He was so upset that he had thrown the bag he was carrying earlier.

”Whats wrong with you, Ta!!! ” Garneta growled to herself.

She was bored and didn know what to do. Garneta planned to climb the series tree that she was in the middle of. Do you still remind me? Garneta is an expert at climbing. A wry smile played on her luscious lips. She remembered that the seri fruit had been one of the witnesses to Garnetas happy childhood.

But when she looked up, she was surprised to see a pair of human legs dangling. Suddenly Garneta squealed in fear. What in the world was so scary to her. Don tell me the rumors of a student committing suicide in the back garden were true!

But why did the presence of that creature feel so close to her? Garneta did not dare to open her eyes. She hid her face between her knees.

”Hey. ”

No! Garneta must not be fooled by the demonic voice disguised as a human voice. Remember, Garneta! A demon can disguise itself as anything. Including your ex. Garneta thought.

”So you don want the series? ”

The voice came back a second time. But is it true that the devils voice can be that sweet? Ah, does that mean its that cool? Argh! Anyway, its like that.

”Im not a demon. ”

And when the voice was heard for the third time, then Garneta slowly opened her face and ventured to look at the face of the male voice.


What is this? Garnetas eyes flickered comically. Making sure that what she was looking at was a human. Not an angel.

”Lo- ”

”We meet again. ”

”Who? ”

Garneta froze stiffly when that sentence came out of the mouth of this sexy guy in front of her. He spoke as if he had met her. But if so, where had she met him? And why did his face look so familiar?

Instead of answering, the man she did not know immediately sat down beside her. He held out his hand, which contained several draws, in front of her face.

”Take it, ” he ordered.

”M-thank you. ”

After that there was no more conversation between the two. Both Garneta and the man wearing the alma mater of the Skanepal school were silent. Before he finally spoke up again, ”You really have the heart to dump me here, ” said the handsome boy while chuckling sadly. What was he saying? Garneta dumped him? Thats crazy! He had just seen it earlier.

”Dumped? Since when did I dump you? ” asked Garneta cautiously. She knew she had Dementia, but it seemed highly unlikely that she had ever met let alone dumped this guy.

As far as Garneta could remember, she had only been to the back garden once. When she dumped the cat she had met that night. Not throwing away a man! Thats ridiculous.

”Ha? No. ” the man strangely shook his head. As if what he said earlier was just his rambling words.

e Skanepals son. But why are you here? ” asked Garneta curiously. She had already eaten the serial fruit that the man had given her. It tasted sweet. Just like the person who gave it to her.

The boy smiled slightly, ”Why, can I? ”

”Uh, ” Garneta scratched her itchy temple, ”No. Im just asking, ” she continued. Im just asking, ” she continued. The guy nodded.

”Serial thief. ”

”What? ”

”Im just here to steal a series, ” explained the man. Suddenly, his statement made Garneta hold back her lips, which were twitching with laughter.

”If you want to laugh, just laugh. Its a shame that her beautiful laughter is being held back. ”

”Pftttt Hahahahahaa crazy! You
e so weird, I swear. ”

”Funny, huh? ” asked the man who didn know what he meant.

”No, ” Garneta replied mischievously. Even more so was the look the man gave her.


And now it was Garnetas turn to be dumbfounded by the mans laughter. How sweet his laughter was. His voice also made Garneta want to hear it over and over again. Gosh, what was he thinking?

”Funny, huh? ” said Garneta, imitating his question earlier.

Who would have thought, the guy ruffled her hair gently, ”Funny. Very funny. ”

If any man touched her, or made physical contact with her, she would always get angry. But why this… No? In fact, even Julin, who was her best friend, did not allow her to ruffle her hair.

But this? Garneta was frozen in place.

”Why are you silent? ”

”Uh, ”

”Why are you silent? Are you angry that I messed up her hair? ” Garneta shook her head vigorously.

”No. ”

”O-okay-okay. ”

”Whats your name? ” asked Garneta boldly.

The guy took off his alma mater, which felt intimidating, ”You really don remember, do you? ” he asked.

”We never met, did we? ” said Garneta.

”We have. ”

”When? I think I- ”

”Yesterday. ”

”Ta- ”

”Im Cuandesra, leader of the Eldorado gang. Nice to see you again, Garneta Tambayong. ”

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