The Secret Of Garneta

1. Girl\'s routin


The name that had been running through Garnetas mind made the girl who was already dressed in her school uniform scowl in annoyance. She banged her head with both hands, trying to erase the name from her mind. But still, it didn work. She regretted recording that name in her little notebook.

”Arghh!!! Why do I have to meet them, anyway?! ” Garneta grumbled in front of the mirror, not forgetting the lipbalm she had applied to her luscious lips. This morning her lips looked a little pale unlike her usual natural pink color. Because of that Garneta became a little insecure. Even though she is a girl who is ignorant of her appearance. Maybe its congenital menstruation? Garneta thought.

The clock in her hand was already past six, which meant she was a little late. The brave girl hurriedly got out of her room and passed by without caring about her family who were having breakfast in the dining room. Garneta knew for a fact that they were all looking at her with wide-eyed stares. But she didn have time to eat together.

Come on, Garneta didn want to arrive at school when it was already crowded.

”That was Neta Mom? ” asked Garenta innocently. Her mother just nodded. After all, she had memorized the nature of her youngest child.

Nicholas Garenta. Yes, the handsome boy was Garnetas twin brother. But after graduating from elementary school, Garenta decided to study abroad, and lived with his grandmother and grandfather in the land of windmills.

Until now, Garenta has never known what impact Garneta has had since her departure.

”Mom and Daddy are no longer surprised by your sister, ” said Gery, her father.

”Ever since you chose to study abroad, Neta has been cold. Especially since she got that disease. Shes not the child Mama used to be, ” Narai said sadly. Her eyes were glazed over, indicating that she was missing her daughters character.

Garenta who saw that immediately got up from her chair, and immediately ran after Garenta to the front. She had to talk to her younger sister. Luckily Garneta had not yet left for school, she seemed to be waiting for someone. Although hesitant, Garenta finally began to venture closer to her twin sister.

”Let go, ” Garneta said softly as Garentas hands wrapped around her shoulders.

”Whats wrong, anyway? I miss you. I can , ” Garenta replied without ignoring Garnetas sentence which actually offended her a little.

There was no conversation between the two. Only an awkward atmosphere prevailed. Especially Garenta. Who was confused about what to say to his twin sister. It was true what her mother said earlier, Garneta had really changed.

”Do you want to go to school? ” asked Garenta casually. But he didn get an answer, Garneta just didn turn her head.

”Ill take you, okay? ” once again, only the wind answered.

”Why are you staying quiet, Ta? Do you have mouth ulcers? Are you- ”

”Noisy! ” snapped Garneta which made Garenta flinch. He didn expect that his twin would be so rude to him.

Without caring about anything else, Garenta immediately carried Garneta brydal style. Garneta, who was not ready for her twin sisters treatment, immediately struggled to ask to be put down. But it was too late, Garenta had already forced her into the car and locked it.

”Now you tell me Ta! Don keep quiet like this. You know I don like to be ignored! ” joked Garenta irritably. Hearing the grumbling of the handsome man beside her, made Garnetas eyes roll lazily.

”I care so much, ” muttered Garneta which Garenta could still hear.

The car slowly began to move through the crowded streets of Palembang this morning. Traffic jams were everywhere. Garneta sighed countless times. This was what she disliked about going to school in the afternoon.

She could have skipped school today, but that was impossible. She would get a warning letter.

”Are you afraid of being late? Take it easy Ta. You used to be late too, right? You even invited Julin and me to skip school, ” Garenta said with an amused chuckle. Bringing up the past of how naughty Garneta used to be.

Tight. Thats the word that can describe Garnetas current mood. By God, she really missed the old days. She regrets that when she was little she always prayed to grow up quickly. Little Garneta did not know and did not understand that when she grew up everything was no longer the same, including circumstances.

A car that suddenly stopped in the middle of the road woke Garneta up from her reverie. The sad gaze that Garenta gave, Garneta could already guess what it meant.

”Go. ”

Garenta shook his head, ”No. I won go until you say so. ”

Garenta thought his threat would make Garneta open up and talk to him. But it looked like he was wrong. The girl seemed completely unconcerned. Instead, she took out her headset and listened to the song.

”Im talking to Garneta Tambayong! ” snapped Garenta as he forcibly removed the headset.

”If you
e just coming back to disturb my life, its better not to. Im used to being without you, you should know that! ” he said softly but sharply. Garenta couldn deny that his heart ached when that sentence came back. Thats a sign that his twin didn want him around, right?

”G-gue didn mean- ”

”I didn mean to, did I? Trite Gar. ” Garneta smiled bitterly, ”Be honest with me, do you want to go back indo? ” she continued.

”I just want to take care of you Ta. Thats all, nothing more. I don mean anything Garneta. Im your twin, I can possibly have any bad intentions towards you, ” Garenta retorted, not accepting that her neck veins were coming out.

”Take care of me? You said take care of me? ” Garenta nodded definitely.

”IF YOU WANT TO JAGAIN GUE, ITS FROM EARLY ON! ” shouted Garneta emotionally which caused her eyes to turn red and her nose to flare up. Wanting to cry, thats all Garneta wanted.

Garneta, who had no idea what her twin sister was talking about, chose to remain silent and listen to what Garneta had to say next. Feelings of guilt rose up in her mind. There must be something going on with Garneta. Thats why shes acting like this. Garenta thought.

”Walk or do I get off now? ” threatened Garneta not playing games.

Because Garenta was just silent and did nothing, Garneta immediately opened the car door and immediately rushed down. But her wrist was held by Gareneta, ”I don like being touched. Let go of me! ” Garneta snapped as she stomped on Garentas hand that was holding her.

”You better go back now! Im sick of looking at you, ” Garneta scolded cruelly.

”Ta, please… Whats wrong with you? If I did something wrong to you, you told me. If you
e like this, I won know where I went wrong, ” Garenta begged. Her eyes were already glazed over. She was very weak when it came to her twin.

His hearts intention was to bring joy with his presence, but instead the opposite happened. Poor Garenta!

”Hand it over! ”

”Ta… ”

”Get out of my way! I want to pass, asshole, ” Garneta scolded. She didn care about the dozens of pairs of eyes that saw them like this. This incident seemed familiar. But where? Garneta was confused. This was not the first time she had fought with a man on the side of the road.

”Whatever you want to call me a jerk, an asshole, or what. I don care Ta! Now lets get in the car, get in Ta!!! ” Garenta ordered.

”I don need it! I can walk and- ”

”And let you pass out like yesterday? Yes? Don think I don know anything about you. ” Garneta was dumbfounded. How did her twin know about that?

Garneta smiled wryly. She knew who this was from.

”I know you- ”

”That I often race wildly? Yes! That I go out every night, that I get bullied at school, that I avoid everyone. You also want to tell me that I always go out on my ugly bike, right? ” Garneta explained. Now it was Garentas turn to be dumbfounded. What the hell was this? Why did Garneta seem to know what he was going to say?

”You don need to tell me again Gar. I already know, ” she said.

”And I hope I don see you again after this, and if you choose to stay in Indonesia, Ill go. Understand? ”

After that Garneta walked away, leaving Garenta with a million big confusions. Garneta didn know if she would make it to her school safely or not.

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