Normally, humans are already asleep above ten oclock at night or who want to stay up late at twelve oclock at night. Whether its due to fatigue from work, school, or doing daily activities that drain a lot of energy. But that didn seem to apply to the crazy girl who was currently trying to get down from the guava tree that grew right next to her balcony.

One, two, three, and, yes!

Finally, both of her long legs were on the ground. No, she wasn a ghost floating in the air. She was Garneta, a half-normal human.

”Good job Garneta, ” she said proudly of her success and clever idea while patting her palms to clean the remaining dirt.

It couldn be helped. Otherwise, she wouldn have been able to leave the house. The main door and the back door were definitely locked, and that was the root of the problem. He couldn find the whereabouts of the damn key. Well, who else would be out at night but her?

But Garneta wasn out of ideas. She remembered that, next to her balcony, there was a guava tree that she had planted when she was a little girl. It was a good thing she wasn a spoiled girl. This is Garneta! A girl who can do whatever she wants.

Before she went out for a walk, she had to make sure no one saw her. It was late at night, of course people would be resting from the days activities. But still, who knows ones movements, right?

”Hufttt. Alhamdulillah, no one saw it, except Allah, ” she muttered with a sigh of relief.

Her beautiful eyes looked up at the sky which tonight was filled with stars, the moon, and other celestial bodies that could not be seen from the naked eye. Slowly her lips smiled to form a beautiful crescent moon.

It was times like these that she could experience her own version of heaven. Nothing makes Garneta happier than looking up at the sky and taking a walk at night.

Dementia, commonly known as senile dementia, which she has been suffering from for the past year has completely changed her life. Garneta never wanted and did not want this disease. But God had said otherwise. She will never be able to carve a beautiful memory in her life. She would still forget, no matter how beautiful or painful the memories were.

Before she knew it, tears were flowing freely down her thin cheeks. Why God, why her? Garneta used to love math and numbers. But since the damn disease came, she could no longer do that. Even if she didn write about this habit on the little note she kept on her study table, she would surely forget.

At first, Garneta couldn accept this. But gradually, Garneta tried to understand the destiny that God had for her. Garneta believes that there is wisdom behind all of this.

One example is when she got into a fight with her classmate. In less than five minutes, Garneta would be friends again. Or when she experienced something bad, like tripping on the road.

And there are many more incidents that Garneta has forgotten. Its not her will, please understand.

”Meoww… ” the sound of her favorite animal brought Garneta out of her reverie.

The girl immediately looked down to see the cat that was now meowing loudly. It had white fur and a big belly. Successfully making herself anxious!

”Hi cat. Whats wrong? ” asked Garneta gently as she wiped away her rough tears. She frowned in wonder, why was this cat rebelling in her arms? But it seemed like the cat wanted to show her something. Alright, Garneta would let it go.

”Whats wrong with you? ” she asked once again, and sure enough, the cat seemed to be walking straight to take Garneta somewhere. Although initially hesitant, Garneta finally followed the Cats trail from behind.

She came to a small, narrow alley. Garneta seemed to think for a while, it seemed like she had never been here. Or was it just that she had forgotten about this place? Ah, of course the second option was more convincing.

Just as she was about to pick up the cat. The cat was already running away from her. Was the cat just trying to prank her? Or was it just trying to get her to play? If she knew she wouldn find anything, it was better for her to keep walking straight.

”Okay Neta. You can get emotional. Just understand, he probably wants to play, ” she said patiently. But just as she was about to walk again, the sound of someone calling for help entered her eardrums. It seemed to be from the end of the alley.

”Is it true? ” she muttered confusedly to herself. Because Garneta was afraid that this was just her illusion. Lately she really likes to hallucinate. Congenital from that damn disease. But it didn seem to be. The voice was getting bigger. Garneta had to make sure of that. Her curiosity was greater than her fear.

Her hand quickly reached into the pocket of the hoodie she was wearing, intending to grab her cell phone or the flashlight she usually carried, ”Damn! How could I forget, anyway?! ” he was upset because he couldn find those two things. He had to walk carefully through the narrow alley. What if there was a snake? What if it was actually the sound of a psychopath on the prowl?

She shook her head vigorously. Trying to get rid of all the negative thoughts that attacked him, ”I must have read too many novels. Thats why I don think about it, ” she said trying to get rid of the strange thoughts.

The girl went to the end of the alley to answer her curiosity. Even though it was dark and narrow, she was sure there must be an end to this alley.

Garnetas heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest when she saw what was happening not far from where she was standing. A man was fighting with two burly thugs. Garneta knew from his movements that the man would lose. Even though she was a girl, she could master some martial arts.

A smirk rose on her lips. Garneta stretched her muscles as she watched an event that anyone who saw it would run away from. But not her. It looked like tonight would be a night to remember for the tomboyish girl.

”Not bad for sharpening my martial arts, ” she muttered proudly as she rolled up the hoodie on her arm. And not long after, sure enough, the man was already lying weak and helpless. Garneta wanted to laugh out loud at the look of victory on the faces of the two thugs.

”Get ready! ” she said before galloping over to the two thugs.

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