The Secret Of Garneta

3. My neighbour

”Hey! ” called Garneta casually from behind. Her hands were clasped in front of her chest with a flat face. As flat as the two thugs in front of her now.

”Without being looked for, he came alone. Already won an angel anyway, ” said one of the bald-headed thugs with only one tooth.

Spontaneously it made Garneta laugh out loud without the slightest fear, ”Heres only one tooth left, don be a hardass, ” she teased while sticking out her tongue.

The two thugs looked angry when Garneta casually spoke like that. But soon her face changed again. This time she had to be careful.

Take it easy, Neta. These thugs are just like that, little Garneta thought.

e a girl with no manners, dog! ” scolded another thug. This time his teeth were still intact, but his head looked like a professors.

”Manners, what you say? ” Garneta chuckled and shook her head, ”My parents taught me to be respectful to those older than me, ” she continued, deliberately irritating the two thugs. She would act like a bitchy girl.

”Im old, ” the bald-headed thug replied innocently.

Hearing that answer made Garnetas lips twitch with laughter. But a few seconds later, she finally laughed until she sat limply on the road, ”You realize? ”

”SHIT! You
e looking for death! ” snapped the thug, who did not accept being humiliated by a woman.

”Id rather die. Instead of you looking for illegal money that will later be given to his children. Don you feel sorry huh? ” Garneta replied wisely. Actually, she didn care about the lives of these thugs. Lets just say this was just a pep talk before the fight started.

”Damn! ”

Garneta was getting ready to put on her horse legs. But before she fought, her eyes glanced at the man who was already lying on the ground. She felt guilty when she saw the wounds on his face. If only she had come to his aid sooner.

But… Ah, never mind. It was better for her to help late than never, right?

The battle would start in a moment. Garneta would ensure that these two thugs would meet their demise.

A fight was inevitable. Two against one. The two thugs were relentlessly pulling out all sorts of moves. But none of them hit Garneta. Not even one punch hit her body. Instead, the bodies of the two thugs were battered by Garneta. Don ask about the junior of the two thugs. Just imagining his condition would make any man shudder in horror.


No, it wasn Garneta who shouted. It was a group of men who had just arrived, each carrying a large motorcycle. Suddenly the two thugs ran away in fear. Just as Garneta was about to chase after them, one of the men from the group grabbed her wrist.

”Let go! ” she snapped angrily. It should be noted that she was not a girl who was easily touched. She hated it when anyone came into physical contact with her. Especially if it was a man.

”Ta- ”

”I SAY LET GO! ” shouted Garneta angrily with a red face. She almost kicked him in the stomach if she didn remember that it would only add to the problem.

”Okay-okay. Relax. Who are you? ” the man asked curiously. It was obvious from his face. Garneta remained silent, not saying a word. Her eyes were busy wandering around the group that was busy helping the man she helped earlier. Garneta seemed to know who they all were. A motorcycle gang that was quite famous in her area.

”Hey? Im talking to you, ” said the man again, who didn get any response.

Garnetas eyes widened in shock when she saw one of the group. Oh, my God! This is bad. Don let that person see her here. It would be dangerous for him. No, no! Garneta needed to get out of here as soon as possible. But before she left, she had something to say.

Garneta looked at the man in front of her with sharp eyes. Unbeknownst to Garneta, her gaze was capable of making the mans heart beat twice as fast.

A sardonic smile played on her lips, ”Tell your friend. Men should be strong, not weak. How do you want to protect the one you love, if you
e already exhausted like this? ”

Without another word, she ran as fast as she could. Leaving the man with a single, painful word. She had to leave quickly before everything was revealed. Garneta hoped that she would never forget this incident. But still, it was just a hope for Garneta.

”Garneta, ” the man who was still in place after Garneta left spontaneously turned to the source of the voice, ”That girl, Garneta. Garneta Tambayong. ” a smirk rose on her sexy lips. Fuck where his friend knew the girls name from, the important thing was that he already knew it.

She will remember that name until the universe brings them together again.

Garneta thought, after she left that place, everything would go back to normal. But her prediction was overturned because a cat with white fur kept following her. Her intention to climb the guava tree was dashed. How could she leave such a cute cat? But on the one hand, she couldn possibly invite him in.

”Whats wrong with you? ” she massaged her throbbing forehead. Don let her high blood pressure flare up here. It was enough that she had helped that frail young man who had to sacrifice his routine. But now lo and behold, this cat came at a bad time.

”I don have a rich face. So don expect me to give you whiskas. Hush-hush-hushhh. ” Garneta tried to shoo the cat away even though she didn have the heart. But the cat didn seem to want to move from its spot.

”Oh my God Cat! Im already sleepy. Im tired, Im tired! So don mess with me, ” she screamed in frustration. But wait a minute, isn this the same cat she met earlier? Garneta crouched down and took in every detail of the cats body shape. She shook her head briefly, ”Ah, no. The white cat was a girl. This is a boy, ” she muttered under her breath.

Since it was getting late, the beautiful girl was forced to bring the white cat in with her. Although she had to struggle to carry it while climbing. But tomorrow she had to get rid of it quickly. She could throw it away now. But I guess, sleeping with a cat isn such a bad thing.

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