The Secret Of Garneta

5. A scrapbottle

The luxurious and imposing school building greeted Garneta this morning. It was a very famous high school in the big city where she lived. But alas, people never knew what was really going on behind the tall fence.

”Fuck! Hahaha, ” Garneta hissed as she spat. Her eyes were filled with a wistful twinkle. She would never let those sycophants be happy.

A gentle tap on her right shoulder snapped Garneta out of her reverie. She turned her head, and found the school security guard standing next to her with a look of confusion and fear?

”Why sir? ” asked Garneta in surprise.

Mr. Popon, which was the security guards name, shook his head, ”Its nothing, Neng. I thought it was a ghost posing as a student here, ” he replied, to which Garneta replied with a faint smile.

”Ill open the fence first. ” Without saying much more, Garneta quickly walked away. But her steps were halted by Mr. Popons shout behind her.

”Why? ” Her eyes looked at Mr. Popon anxiously. She was afraid that he would do something unexpected to her. Although Garneta was known as a little girl here, her appearance did not reflect the word little girl at all. She looked like any other student. No glasses, hair in braids, or tompel that fake nerds usually wear.

”There seems to be something moving in Neng Netas bag, ” Mr. Popon said carefully. Afraid of offending the girl in front of him.

Oh, my God. Why did I forget? Garneta grumbled in annoyance.

”Ah, thats it, sir. Its nothing, really. Then Ill go inside first, okay? ” she said quickly and without waiting for a reply from the security guard, Garneta immediately ran away from Mr. Popon with her curiosity.

Her destination now was the back garden. Yes, maybe it was a suitable place for her to dispose of the white cat. It wasn that she didn want to take care of it, but Garneta knew that her mother wouldn allow it.

”Push… You stay here, okay? Im sorry I can take care of you, ” Garneta said softly after taking the cat out of her bag. Its a good thing he didn die from lack of breath!

”Then Ill go first, okay? You be good here. I promise Ill come here often, ” continued Garneta as she stroked the loose cats body. Actually, she didn have the heart to leave him alone. Especially in a deserted place like this. But what else, she was also confused.

After saying goodbye, she left quickly from there. Afraid that there would be other students who saw her. Corridor after corridor he had passed with his small steps. The writing that read 12 IPA 1 made Garneta smile happily. That meant she would soon reach her class. Luckily the school was still quiet. Otherwise, who knows how many stares she would get and of course it would be dominated by hateful and disgusted stares.

”Crazy, ” she muttered quietly after she reached her seat in the corner of the classroom. I don know what his crazy remark meant. She decided to lay her head down on the table with her hands as the base. Sleepiness attacked him this morning because last night he couldn sleep well. I don know why.

”What did Julid say earlier? ” she said confused with her face facing the white painted classroom wall. He thought hard because he thought of what his neighbor said this morning. Is it possible that Julin saw him last night? But why, she only met the white cat. Then after that he went home and fell asleep.

Thats all he read from his notes. But what did he mean this morning? Especially the annoying grin he gave her earlier. God, why did she have to forget what happened last night, and why didn she write down everything she did last night.

”Im so stupid! ” he grumbled in annoyance that he smacked his head lightly.

”Im here, Ta. ” without even turning around, Garneta already knew whose voice it was, ”Turn around first. I haven paid yet, either, ” continued her friend who forced Garneta to turn her head and give Ambra an annoyed look.

”You don have the wrong time? ” Ambra knew it was a jab at her.

”I want to come in the morning Ta. I can wait to learn physics, ” Ambra replied enthusiastically. Garneta rolled her eyes in annoyance. She couldn go a day without hearing about numbers.

”Hm. ” she was just about to go back to sleep. Ambras noisy voice came back.

”Don sleep yet Ta. I want to tell you a story. Ta- ”

”What do you want to tell me? About your favorite number lesson? Im sick of hearing about it! ” Garneta snapped unconsciously. They had been friends for almost two years. Why did Ambra still not get it!

”O-okay Ta. Im sorry, ” Ambra whimpered, feeling guilty for putting her friend in a bad mood.

Garneta massaged her dizzy forehead. She really didn mean to yell at Ambra, ”No. Its my fault. I was wrong. I apologize, ” she said. Ambra nodded in understanding.

This was what Ambra liked about Garneta. The words sorry, please, and thank you always stuck with her. She always said those three things when she felt guilty or asked for help. Unlike most humans who are hindered by prestige. In fact, sorry, please, and thank you are basic manners that everyone should have.

”Alright. What do you want to tell me? ” asked Garneta after the two had made up.

Ambra shook his head, ”No, Ta. I just want to say, youll be here on Sunday night, right? ”

”Sunday night? ” muttered Garneta, a little confused. Oh, come on. Shes so forgetful.

”You must have forgotten. On Sunday night theres a wild race near the gangs headquarters. You and- ”

”Ill be there, Ta. ”

”Ta- ”

”You can relax. My parents are out of town, and Im sure well win, ” Garneta said confidently, and Ambra smiled. Of course she believed what her friend was saying.


The break bell had rung ten minutes ago, and it was with great reluctance that Garneta decided to follow Ambras wishes to eat with her. Ambra was the opposite of Garneta. If Garneta was cute, then Ambra was a popular student. It was her beauty and intelligence that helped Ambra get the title as one of the most wanted girls at Jubels.

”I wish you were yourself Ta. Im pretty sure all the girls here are less popular than you, ” joked Ambra, ”Including myself, ” she continued.

”I don need all that, ” Garneta replied after finishing chewing her food.

”Why? ” Ambra asked curiously. Actually, she already knew the answer. She just wanted to hear it one more time.

”Because… ”


Garnetas foot spontaneously kicked Ambras shin from under the table. Making the master whimper in pain, ”Damn you Ta! ” hissed Ambra but couldn help but laugh.

”Your own fault, ” Garneta taunted. Actually, Garneta had been refraining from punching the eyes of the bastards in the cafeteria one by one. Thats why she chose to take it out on Ambra.

”You idiot! ” Ambra shouted.

”Don make any noise! I don want that shubidudamdam to come here. ” As much as she hated numbers, she also hated the syubidudamdam. Fyi, she was one of the coquettish students who liked to bully him.

”Yes, Mika. Just relax, ” Julin chided from behind the two. Oh, then Garneta understood. Why Ambra was smiling from earlier.

Julin glared mischievously at Garneta, ”Are you looking at cups? Do you really want to be Mika Tambayong? ” Julin said jokingly. Just this morning she had a fight with her neighbor. Even at school, she had to fight again? Garneta was tired, God. Both of her hands were clenched tightly. She was ready to throw a punch at the handsome face they often praised.

”Already Ta, already. My boyfriend doesn need to be, huh? ” Ambra whispered in Garnetas ear. Julin and Ambra had been dating since tenth grade. I don know who shot first, but certainly, everyone also knows that a girl as ambitious as Ambra is Julins pawn.

”Yes ta- ”

”IM COMING! ” the shrill and shrill shout successfully made anyone who heard it cover both ears. For a moment Garneta grabbed her hair that felt like it wanted to fall all over. She hadn finished dealing with Julin, the queen of coquettishness had come to the cafeteria.

What was this? She had already memorized what was going to happen next here.

It was also her fault why she had to go to the upper cafeteria. She regretted it. Fyi, the cafeteria at Jubels was divided into two parts. One on the top floor, which was the closest to her class, and one on the bottom floor. Actually, there is no difference between the two canteens. Its just that the cafeteria upstairs is considered the cafeteria of the rich and popular students. While downstairs, it was more dominated by younger siblings and ordinary students, and Garneta usually preferred to go to the rooftop or just stay in class. But for today… Ah, never mind.

”SHUT UP! ” of course it was Julins voice inviting Angel to a fight.

”WHAT?! ” screeched Angel, not to be outdone.

”YES, WHY?! ”

”DUMP YOU! ” screamed Angel angrily. She stomped his feet on the floor with a cute expression.

”You better get out of here Ta. I don want you to be bullied again, ” Ambra whispered softly. Garneta nodded in understanding.

”Thanks, huh? Ill go first. ”

Garneta quickly ran through the crowd of people who were excited to see Julin and Tinums fight. She almost fell down if no one held her back.


That was the last Angel shout she heard, before leaving the cafeteria completely.

This was how Garneta lived every day at school. Only filled with monotonous things. She wanted so badly to rebel and fight against those who mocked her. But she knew this was not the right time. She was sure that one day, either Angel, or the others would get their comeuppance.

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